Silver Linings Playbook (2012) Poster

Plot Keywords

restraining order problem
friend bipolar disorder
philadelphia eagles best friend
home medication
bookie friendship
institutionalization letter
beating sex
mental institution house
ex wife wager
profanity baltimore maryland
ex teacher foul mouth
mother son relationship argument
yelling sign
dance practice reference to stevie wonder
crowd memories
nervous breakdown positivity
falling in love wedding ring
two in a shower family life
forged letter love interest
dancing trouble
neighborhood female nudity
dance competition sidewalk
rage hostility
reference to benjamin franklin bet
female rear nudity christmas
insult reflection in a mirror
superstition punched in the face
conflict garbage bag
father son relationship dance contest
psychiatrist unfaithfulness
neighbor mental breakdown
philadelphia pennsylvania reference to ernest hemingway
anger halloween
widow out of control
character repeating someone else's dialogue indiscretion
necklace based on comic
stadium obsessive compulsive personality disorder
tailgating female principal
fear audio begins before video
black humor electronic music score
caught having sex tailgate party
reading a letter laughing
written by director psychological drama
surprise revelation
reference to metallica sex in a shower
bittersweet unconventional romance
infidelity confession
humor loss of control
car police
color in title difficulties
joy mental illness
therapist sadness
violence fight
character's point of view camera shot man with glasses
street adultery
fury diner
money talking about sex
watching tv running
mental patient husband wife relationship
jogging nudity
lens flare no opening credits
fighting police officer
embarrassment latin dancing
school desire
discussion ipod
jogging in a street reference to arnold schwarzenegger
reference to william shakespeare ballroom dance contest
depression football game
sister sister relationship attraction
love car driving
wrath plastic bag
staring flashback
conversation secret
woman with glasses male female friendship
audience crying
talking while driving smiling
mirror song
sports betting brother brother relationship
release from a mental institution dance studio
face slap reading a book
based on novel based on book

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