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When Pat is tailgating at the Eagles game Comcast's Xfinity Live can be seen in the background, but it was not built until 2012.
Based on the Eagles' games mentioned in the film, it takes place in 2008. However, a fan can be seen wearing a jersey of Nnamdi Asomugha, who didn't join the team until 2011.
At the Eagles game a fan can be seen wearing a Michael Vick jersey. Vick was not signed to the team in 2008.
As Pat Jr is being driven to Lincoln Financial Field by Pat Sr before a 2008 Eagles/Giants game, a few quick shots of the crowd entering the parking lot and stadium are shown. One fan is shown from the back wearing a green, Asomugha #24 jersey which wouldn't have been made until 2011, when free agent Nnamdi Asomugha signed with the Eagles.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

Right at the end when Danny is speaking to Pat's mum about putting the food in breadcrumbs and garlic the camera angle changes and his mouth isn't moving but you can still hear him talking.
When Veronica is boasting about having a portal in every room, enabling them to plug in an iPod and play music in every room, she questions everyone saying, "Who doesn't have an iPod?" As she says this, Pat's voice can be heard saying, "Well, I don't have an iPod. I don't even have a phone." Seconds later when she has finished asking the question, Pat says it again.

Character error 

When Tiffany throws Pat's book and newspaper outside before one of their dance rehearsals, they refer to the book as Lord of the Flies, but the cover is that of The Great Gatsby.
When Danny first enters the dance studio, he is wearing a jacket. Danny leaves without the jacket.
When Pat and Tiffany meet at Veronica's dinner, they discuss medications. The medication trazodone, a common antidepressant, is pronounced "TRAZ oh done," not "TRAY zoh done."


During the dance scene Pat's shirt goes from untucked to tucked while they dance.
When Pat returns home at the beginning of the movie and he and his dad are standing and talking, his pendant necklace disappears between shots.
At the last dance practice, Pat sits down with his tennis shoes taped with duct tape. The very next scene is Tiffany taping up Pat's shoes, that didn't have tape on them.
When Pat and Tiffany are discussing Nikki's reply letter in Tiffany's apartment, Pat's necklace medallion changes position several times. It alternates from under his collar, over it and then on the back of his collar when he walks away from her.
When Pat is reading the letter from Nikki, his necklace jumps between the inside and outside of his sweatshirt.
There are two Cadillacs at the house, an older black one and a newer silver one. When Pat's dad is driving him to the football game, an exterior shot shows them in the newer silver one. When they are shown talking inside the car they are in the older black one.
When Pat first goes to his therapists office and freaks out about the music playing he looks for speakers behind the magazine rack, but when the therapist comes out there are two in-ceiling speakers sitting on the reception desk that weren't there when he came in and we never see him remove them...
At the hotel dance scene, before the dance, Pat and Tiffany are walking and holding hands. When they get to the top of the stairs they have switched sides, holding the opposite hands of each other.
During one of the Eagles games early in the movie, it is said the Eagles are beating the Seahawks 27-10. Later in the movie as Jennifer Lawrence is reciting all of the good results since she and Bradley Cooper have been together, she mentions the Eagles beat the Seahawks 14-7. The Eagles actually won that game 26-7.
Upon meeting Pat for the first time after he comes home, various characters comment on how he's lost a lot of weight. However, the old photograph of him in his parents' home shows him looking the same way like he does throughout the movie, only clean shaved.
When Pat is reading the typed note from Nikki in the dance studio the pendant on his necklace is in front of him. When he walks away and the camera changes angles it is on the back of his neck.
When Pat is talking to Pat Sr. about taking the envelope, it is snowing outside. When Pat leaves to go to Tiffany's house, there is no snow on the ground.
When Pat's family is having an argument about betting on the Cowboys game, Tiffany is holding a beer, but from another camera angle you can see her without anything in her hands.
When Danny leaves the dance studios Pat walks about a meter in front of Tiffany to say goodbye. In the next shot he is standing right next to her again.
When Pat first comes home, his dad pulls the necklace out from under the collar of his shirt. In the next few moments the necklace disappears and reappears repeatedly.
When Pat talks to Nikki at the end and Tiffany leaves the hotel, she is wearing black leggings, but she was still wearing the white dance suit when she stormed off.
When Tiffany is running out of the hotel, she is wearing both of her shoes. However, when she reaches outside, one of her shoes is in her hand and she then proceeds to put it back on.
When Tiffany goes to the bar at the dancing contest she asks the bartender for a vodka, she brings the glass to her mouth but you can see that there is not ice inside. In the next shot the glass is full with ice.
At Veronica's dinner you see in the door behind Veronica the reflection of Pat. He's sitting backwards with his arms crossed. When the camera turns to Pat, he's sitting forward with fork and knife in his hands.
On Halloween night, Tiffany starts screaming when she and Pat are arguing in the street. The cop stops to see what the commotion is and then Tiffany leaves while Pat is still talking to the cop. Up to that point, Tiffany's hair was parted on the side in front and pinned up in back. When Pat catches up with her, her hair is now parted in the middle and mostly down in the back.
When Tiffany is giving Pat a tour of her apartment she says that she's thinking of putting in a ballet bar. The bar is already there.

Crew or equipment visible 

When Pat and Tiffany are waltzing, a cameraman's legs are clearly visible for a couple seconds between them.

Errors in geography 

During the Halloween jogging scene, the background foliage is green, instead of the correct autumn colors.
The Llanerch Diner is in Upper Darby, PA - about 10 miles from their homes in Ridley Park. It's unlikely Pat and Tiffany would have walked there for their date.
When Tiffany runs out of the Llanerch Diner and Pat chases after her, the scene changes to what appears to be the town of Lansdowne, PA, 2 1/2 miles from the diner. There is no "downtown" area around that diner.

Factual errors 

On the night after the Giants game, the characters argue about betting on the final game of the season against the Cowboys. One of the characters mentions that the point spread is one-and-a-half, although this takes place seven weeks before the Cowboys game and there would be no point spread yet.
The Eagles' games mentioned during the film took place during the 2008 season, but they take place out of the order in which they actually occurred.


The closing credits acknowledge the Budweiser products of Anheuser-Busch brewery, but the company is misspelled to read "Annheuser."

Plot holes 

On the night of the Giants/Eagles game, Tiffany comments that Pat would not have gotten in a fight if he had been with her. But she had no way to know Pat had been in a fight as Pat admitted he had not called her, and no one in the room mentioned the fight.
When Pat runs up to Ronnie in front of his house Ronnie is surprised to see him; surprised that he's out of the hospital. Yet he and Veronica have already discussed inviting him for dinner.

Revealing mistakes 

When Pat is walking Tiffany across the street after they left dinner, the number on his Philadelphia Eagles jersey is reversed, indicating the shot was flipped.
When everyone is at the football game and they are all enjoying the game and celebrating, they are jumping up and down. In this process they are holding cups, so even with the slightest bit of liquid would spill everywhere, revealing that there is no drinks in the cups.
When Pat goes to see his psychiatrist for the first time and recounts what happens with his wife and it flashbacks to the "incident" when Pat is walking up the stairs and hears his wedding song. He sees underwear, and pieces of clothing and he says he looks at the DVD player and it's playing a CD. When actually the song is playing on a CD player not a DVD player.

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