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Season 1

2 May 2009
Wrong Song
When Nick writes a love song for a girl he likes, his brothers try to convince him that he's moving to fast. Meanwhile, after something leaves the boys stripped of their stage costumes, Stella finds a way to stop it from happening again.
9 May 2009
Groovy Movies
The boys plan an awesome surprise for their mom's birthday. While making part of it the home movies are ruined. To make it up to their mom the boys decide to surprise her with new home movies.
16 May 2009
Pizza Girl
The Lucas brothers fall head over hills for the pizza girl, Maria, and after racking up a huge bill they are banned from ordering again. In attempt to keep order in the house, they abide by the scared book of Jonas to not all try to go after Maria.
17 May 2009
Keeping It Real
Mom sees signs that success is going to her sons' heads and thinks it's time they start acting like the regular boys they ought to be. Joe, Kevin and Nick try their best to fulfill her wishes but crazed fans don't make it easy for them.
7 Jun. 2009
Band's Best Friend
The Lucas Brothers' childhood friend, called Carl, visit them and manipulate their popularity in his advantage. Also, Stella is furious because Macy bought a chip that looked like Joe from a JONAS collector, with the money she had lent her.
14 Jun. 2009
Chasing the Dream
Jonas needs to record their new album. When the backup singer gets sick last minute they need to find a replacement. Kevin says macie can do it not knowing that she can't sing. He has to find a way to tell her that she can't sing on the track without hurting her feelings.
21 Jun. 2009
Fashion Victim
Joe may be jealous of Stella's new date.
28 Jun. 2009
That Ding You Do
Joe joins the school's orchestra to impress his crush, Angelina. Meanwhile, Stella and Macy make a bet over their obsessions.
5 Jul. 2009
Complete Repeat
Nick experiences writer's block as part of a really bad day. When he falls asleep, he dreams of writing a great song but can't remember it once he wakes up, so Joe and Kevin try to re-create Nick's bad day to so that he will be able to dream his great song again.
2 Aug. 2009
Love Sick
Joe's brothers tease him about having a date when he plans to go to a fashion show with Stella. He cancels the date and others, then feels he must go on the next one, despite a bad cold.
9 Aug. 2009
Three Musketeers
The brothers and Stella audition successfully for the school play, but Joe backs out. It turns out he'll sing in front of thousands, but can't act in front of a small audience.
16 Aug. 2009
Frantic Romantic
Joe is being stalked by a starlet called Fiona Skye, who wants to use the Jonas Brothers' fame to further her career. His brothers and friends try to help him get rid of her.
23 Aug. 2009
Joe's class mate Abby is punished for an accident at school when the fire alarm was set off, and Joe is upset because he was involved too, and is determined to put things right.
6 Sep. 2009
Karaoke Surprise
Stella becomes jealous of Macy spending time with Joe not knowing they're actually planning a surprise party for her.
20 Sep. 2009
Home Not Alone
The boys are left home alone so frankie decides to throw a party. Meanwhile stella becomes leader of Macy's Jonas fan club.
27 Sep. 2009
Forgetting Stella's Birthday
Kevin, Joe and Nick are left home alone for the very first time.
11 Oct. 2009
The Tale of the Haunted Firehouse
Nick goes missing while Kevin, Joe, Nick and Stella search the firehouse for a ghost.
7 Nov. 2009
Double Date
Stella and Joe go on a double date with other people and constantly try to outdo each other.
6 Dec. 2009
Cold Shoulder
The president of a JONAS fan club becomes an exchange student at school.
24 Jan. 2010
Beauty and the Beat
Kevin, Joe and Nick are judging the Miss Most Amazing Teen competition that Stella enters.
14 Mar. 2010
Exam Jam
Joe and Stella come to terms with being apart; Nick needs help with his geometry.

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