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[Media] - "Outpost 37" First trailer

IFC Midnight has just debuted the trailer for their upcoming sci-fi thriller "Alien Outpost", starring Adrian Paul ("Highlander", "Eyeborgs"), Rick Ravanello ("The Cave", "Hart's War"), Reiley McClendon ("Pearl Harbor", "The Flyboys"), Douglas Tait ("Star Trek", "Zathura"), Joe Reegan ("The Crazies", "Jeepers Creepers 2") and Matthew Holmes ("True Blood", "Salem"). Directed by Jabbar Raisani, the visual effects supervisor on HBO's hit series "Game Of Thrones", "Alien Outpost" will hit select theaters on January 30.Alien Outpost follows two documentary cameramen embedded in an army unit in the most hostile place on earth, an outpost surrounded by the last remaining alien fighters (Heavies) of an invading attack force. The world may have forgotten about the Outposts, but the Heavies...
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Experience Future Terror with the Alien Outpost Trailer

IFC Midnight has just debuted the trailer for their upcoming sci-fi thriller Alien Outpost, starring Adrian Paul (“Highlander, Eyeborgs), Rick Ravanello (The Cave, Hart’s War), Reiley McClendon (Pearl Harbor, The Flyboys), Douglas Tait (Star Trek, Zathura), Joe Reegan (The Crazies, Jeepers Creepers) and Matthew Holmes (“True Blood,” “Salem”). Check it out in the player below! Directed by Jabbar Raisani, the visual…

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Adrian Paul: The Highlander that never lost his head

A box of sour nerds, a glass of lumpy Nesquik and a sedentary evening of all the low-budget Sci-Fi that Sky One had to offer. A classic late-90s night in. For much of the mid-20s generation, Buffy, Relic Hunter and Dark Skies were all part of a staple diet, or maybe just an amuse bouche for the 6 o’clock Simpsons. But of all the fantasy series classics, it was Highlander was the one that left so many palates divided. Back in those carefree days of 1997, there were two schools of awkward pre-teens, those who followed Highlander, and those who tolerated it after the closing credits of Quantum Leap.

Even if you were part of the latter, the one thing you will remember is Adrian Paul, with his wet look hair and errie resemblance to a young Sean Connery. To the horror of Lambert fanboys across the board, Paul,
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What to Buy this Week: DVD and Blu-ray releases for June 13th

It’s another jam-packed week of DVD and Blu-ray releases, here’s the rundown of what’s available to buy from today, June 20th 2011.

Pick Of The Week:

Savage Streets (DVD)

Brenda’s got a switchblade and she knows how to use it… See Linda Blair (The Exorcist) take bloody revenge on a gang of low down dirty street punks in Savage Streets, a brutal journey into rape, violence, switchblades and bear traps. When Brenda (Blair) and her all-girl gang of tough talking chicks, The Satins, refuse to party with a car full of local drug pushers called The Scars, the girls think nothing of it, but they didn’t reckon on the bruised ego of Jake and his feral pack of no good thugs. Targeting Brenda’s deaf sister, they invade the school and savage her, leaving her on the critical list. Now Brenda must scour the streets in
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Eyeborgs Spy UK DVD on June 20th

Technophobes the world over are proven right in Richard Clabaugh’s futuristic sci-fi/horror/action flick Eyeborgs, and UK audiences will get to see just how right they are later this month when the film hits DVD courtesy of Momentum Pictures. In the meantime check out the full release details and trailer!

When an army of mobile, AI-driven security cameras created by the government to monitor all communications in the wake of a terrorist attack prove they’re sporting more than just lenses, the only man capable of stopping them is TV’s "Highlander" himself, Adrian Paul. When the machines and resistance wage war, there can be only one winner – and those of you in the UK will get to find out who that is on June 20th.


In the wake of another devastating terrorist attack, the United States government passes the Freedom of Observation Act, a law requiring
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Look out! The Eyeborgs are coming to DVD...

Killer Surveillance Cameras! Yep, that's the gist of it. Longer term Twitch readers may remember Richard Clabaugh's indie sci-fi pic Eyeborgs from as far back as 2007. Well, after a brief trip to Sci-Fi London in 2010, his surveillance robot action-thriller finally makes it to DVD in the UK this month. As you may have picked up from the truly wonderful title, Eyeborgs is resolutely B-movie territory and appears to be all the better for it. "In the wake of another devastating terrorist attack, the United States government passes the "Freedom of Observation Act, a law requiring all communications and surveillance cameras to be constantly monitored for national security. Helping to enforce the new law are the Eyeborgs, mobile surveillance robots that can track suspicious persons...
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Killer Walking CCTV Cameras!! Danny Trejo!!! Eyeborgs Is Coming For You…

Danny Trejo is the king of trash cinema: and the man with the most grizzled face on modern screens skates the fertile ground between B-Movie greats and downright D-quality garbage on a regular basis. And as if to prove the point, he is about to strut his stuff in Eyeborgs, an independent sci-fi horror that bills itself as a mesh of the techno-anxiety of I, Robot and Enemy of the State and the creature horrors of Gremlins and Critters.

I’ve just been sent the trailer, and I couldn’t resist sharing it. So look beyond the leap, and feast your eyes on some seriously imbalanced film-making.

Here’s the frankly bonkers synopsis for what promises to be a definite filmic curio:

In the wake of another devastating terrorist attack, the United States government passes the “Freedom of Observation Act, a law requiring all communications and surveillance cameras to be constantly monitored for national security.
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“Eyeborgs” Are On You!

  • Fangoria
Big Brother has been watching us in various guises and through various methods, in various media, for decades now. And as time has marched on since George Orwell first wrote 1984, reality has been catching up to his science fiction, most notably over the last decade. Staying a step ahead is director Richard Clabaugh’s Eyeborgs—but, he cautions, it’s not that big a step.
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Mysterious Electronic Eyeballs with Mechanical Legs? It’s Gotta Be Eyeborgs!

Sometimes it’s good to be a fan of direct-to-video science fiction action movies, especially if they feature disembodied electronic eyes and Danny Trejo. “Eyeborgs”, a film about Big Brother-style surveillance drones that may or may not be controlled by a murderous lunatic on a power trip, is scheduled to observe retail shelves on July 6th, courtesy of Image Entertainment. “Highlander” fanatics will no doubt be extremely interested in seeing former heartthrob Adrian Paul do his cinematic thing, while yours truly will be thoroughly enamored with the Eyeborgs themselves. Watch the trailer and behold the power if you dare.
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Trailer: Danny Trejo And Adrian Paul Fight Eyeborgs

At its best, science fiction combines the fun of fantasy with subtle, though-provoking social commentary. At its worst, someone throws a bunch of CGI at a wall and makes clumsy, obvious allegories to modern problems. Eyeborgs seems to fit into the latter category. The film stars Machete.s Danny Trejo and Highlander.s Adrian Paul in the story of a near future where robot cameras have run amok. Their world is infested with these cameras walking around on little feet. They seem innocent enough, until they start shocking people like R2D2 and subsequently transform into robot killing machines, as if they.ve just been touched by the Allspark. The first trailer for Eyeborgs has arrived online and it.s so ridiculous you really have to see it. The movie doesn.t have a theatrical release date, and I wouldn.t expect one. This has direct to DVD written all
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Eyeborgs Finally Eyeing a DVD Release Date

I swear I didn't think this day was ever going to come. I remember first reporting on the Adrian Paul/Danny Trejo killer robot flick Eyeborgs back in 2005, and ever since we would go long periods of time before hearing anything new. Five years later Eyeborgs will finally be coming home to a DVD player near you this summer.

In the near future as fear of terrorism escalates, privacy is a luxury of the past. Now, in people’s homes, on the streets, in the workplace, everyone is constantly being watched by mobile robotic cameras known as “Eyeborgs.” But are the cameras just watching ... or are they up to something else? As an increasing number of people die in bizarre ways, federal agent Gunner Reynolds (Adrian Paul, TV’s "Highlander") is determined to find out after he realizes that a camera has recorded an event much differently than he recalls.
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Adrian Paul vs. Robotic Eye Killing Machine Whatchamacallits

They can see you — and they can kill you! Now doesn’t that sound better than the movie’s official tagline: “Your Government is Watching Out For You”? I think so. But then again, I’m typing this while eating a taco, so who cares, right? Take a look at “Eyeborgs” from Crimson Wolf Productions. What’s that saying? In the land of the blind, the one-eye cyborg will choke you to death. Or something. Eyeborgs tells the story of a near future where mobile robotic surveillance cameras known as “Eyeborgs” constantly watch everyone for possible criminal activity. Adrian Paul stars as Robert J. “Gunner” Reynolds, an agent for the Department of Homeland Security whose testimony before a Senate committee triggered the creation of the Eyeborgs. He believes in the system and has come to depend on the robots as a vital tool in the war on terror. But Gunner
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Sfl 09: Review of Eyeborgs

Year: 2009

Directors: Richard Clabaugh

Writers: Richard Clabaugh & Fran Clabaugh

IMDb: link

Trailer: link

Review by: Ben Austwick

Rating: 8 out of 10

The London Sci-Fi Film Festival opened in grand style with two Imperial Stormtroopers flanking the entrance to the lavish Piccadilly Circus Apollo, and trays of canapes and beverages doing the rounds while we reclined with Playstation 3s. But enough of the high life! It's films you're here for and films you'll get.

The festival opened with the world premier of Richard Clabaugh's “Eyeborgs”, a satirical sci-fi romp that tackles government surveillance, War on Terror paranoia and good old-fashioned technofear head-on. In a future USA where terrorist atrocities have ushered in autonomous, roaming surveillance robots with police powers – the titular eyeborgs - the President's unassuming rock singer nephew finds himself at the centre of a conspiracy that hinges on the evidence of the camera vs that of the human eye.
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Danny Trejo Battles The Evil Robot Eye!  It’s A New Trailer For Eyeborgs!

It’s been a good while since we last heard from director Richard Clabaugh and his cult tale of surveillance run amok but work continues to progress on his cult scifi picture Eyeborgs and we’ve got the first look at a brand new trailer to prove it. Danny Trejo and Adrian Paul star in this story of surveillance robots turned weapons that looks like solid, cult fun.

In response to terrorism, the Us government sanctions the use of free-roaming robotic creatures to monitor every-day life. Initially the “Eyeborgs” discourage crime and are accepted by the general public. But a series of sinister events begin to unfold, bringing the robots’ allegiance into question. Adrian Paul plays a Homeland Security agent who begins investigating a simple crime but realizes he’s only at the tip of an ominous iceberg. The film has some topical relevance with ongoing battles against ‘terror’ overseas
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New Eyeborgs teaser on-line

Director Richard Clabaugh sent word that a new teaser for his movie Eyeborgs has gone on-line; you can see it below. This clip contains a few new glimpses of the titular creatures not seen in the previous trailer (which you can watch at the bottom of this page).

Scripted by Richard and Fran Clabaugh, Eyeborgs stars Adrian Paul, Megan Blake, Luke Eberl and Danny Trejo and centers on a new government security program involving robotic creatures that are essentially ambulatory security cameras. Needless to say, these critters that are intended to protect us wind up becoming a new threat. The movie has its official website here (though right now it’s just hosting that trailer) and a MySpace page here.
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