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Scott Adkins's character, King Amphitryon, is seen at two different ages in the film - younger and older - and Adkins created two different looks for the character. He said that he wanted to look extremely "lean and ripped" for the younger scenes - showing highly defined eight-pack abs in a shirtless scene - as compared to very "muscular and bulky" for the older scenes - where he just had to show his biceps in sleeveless costumes. He said for the younger scenes, he ate very carefully and trained a lot to achieve the ultra-cut look but for the older scenes, he trained just as hard but ate what he wanted because the focus was on size and not muscle definition and he did not have a shirtless scene anymore.
This is the second Greek Myth movie to star Kellen Lutz. The first was "Immortals" where Lutz portrayed Hercules' uncle, Poseidon.
Director Renny Harlin mandated that all the male actors shave their legs along with their torsos because the film was being shot natively in 3D and he said that hair stuck out when you shot with stereoscopic cameras.
Kellan Lutz said that because he was shirtless through much of the movie, he could constantly do push-ups and ab-crunches on set before takes without fear of sweating into his costumes and staining them. He said it allowed him to look pumped on camera greatly enhancing his looks and he ended up doing more than a thousand push-ups and ab-crunches every day on set for the duration of the shoot.
Renny Harlin said that he chose Scott Adkins for the role of King Amphitryon because of "his acting skills, his incredible physical ability and his incredible physique". He said that King Amphitryon "had to be the biggest badass the audience had ever seen and only Scott Adkins fit that bill".
Kellan Lutz said that his co-star Scott Adkins had the body of a god and that his physique was so great that it looked green-screened, and "did not make his Hercules character look too well".
Kellan Lutz was praised and quizzed about his physical transformation for the role of Hercules and the length of time it took to transform himself when in fact Lutz was cast just 2 weeks before principal photography began. So the physique that you see in the film is more or less his regular physique. He credited his active life-style for allowing him to portray the role of Hercules at such a short notice because other actors would have required months to acquire the proper physique required for the character.
Hebe, in Greek mythology is actually the Goddess of Eternal Youth and the daughter of Zeus and Hera. Considering that Hercules is the son of Zeus, that would actually make the two love birds half siblings.
Jukka Hilden from the Finnish stunt group The Dudesons played a character named Creon in the film, but the story arc he was in was cut from the film.
When Kellan Lutz first landed the role, he said that physique-wise he wanted to get really big to portray Hercules. But director Renny Harlin told him not to get any bigger as he found it very stereotypical for Hercules to be "a pile of meat", he instead instructed Lutz to "get his abs to pop out more" as he thought it would be a great effect in 3D. So Kellan Lutz adopted a special Paleo (caveman) diet for the role ensuring that no fat accumulated on his body and that his abs visibly popped throughout principal photography.
Due to the heavy armor worn by his character throughout the film Johnathon Schaech was bitterly disappointed that he was unable appear shirtless in the film, he had been following a punishing bodybuilding and dieting regime to prepare for the role.
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Not one Greek name amongst the actors in the entire cast list.
Scott Adkins admitted that his younger King Amphitryon look was in part an homage to Gerard Butler's iconic look as King Leonidas in 300 (2006). The major difference was that Adkins wore armor for most of the film while Butler did not.

A scene was added early in the film where Adkins appears wearing just a loincloth, to more closely appropriately the 300 look. His fighting style was also similarly ruthless and offensive like Butler's in 300. These similarities did not go unnoticed by film critics and audiences and many remarked on the similarities between Adkins and Butler in look, character and even performance.
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Gaia Weiss' first name is the greek word for "earth" while her last name translates "white" from German.
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Director Cameo 

Renny Harlin: Officer Linus, one of King Amphitryon's soldiers.


The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

One of two films about Hercules released in 2014; the latter starred Dwayne Johnson and unlike The Legend of Hercules, it was a moderate box-office success and critical reception was far more positive.
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