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Is 'Ronnie' Replacing 'Sara?'
ccthemovieman-114 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
A minister is a former sex offender and nutcase. Gee, what's new in Hollywood? Does Hollywood every portray an honest, hardworking, God-like minister (or priest)? Of course not. Here we are again with the bad guy being a pastor. This guy also is a registered sex offender! Come on. Give me a break. I don't know who the actor is who played him but he looks and sounds a lot like Chris Rock. I'm not even to comment further of the typical bias against clergy shown on TV and in the movies, but this episode is a good example of it.

On another note, are we seeing "Sara Sidle's" replacement? It's getting obvious that Jorja Fox's role here is going to end.....a real shame. We have a new CSI and she's played by the stunningly-pretty Jessica Lucas, a young Canadian actress. She plays "Ronnie." She's new and idealistic and is given a few constructive lectures by Sara, who obviously is getting cynical about the job.

In real life, Sara wouldn't even be working; she would be taking time off from her horrible recent ordeal in which she almost died. Yet, here she is, working on another case - the second crime story in this episode, and it's not an uplifting one, that's for sure.
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