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great film
meckl14 April 2013
I was lucky enough to see this film at the Maryland International Film Festival in Hagerstown MD. I am not sure how it qualified as international - maybe because it was filmed in Canada?? In any case this is a sweet story of a man who is trying to find his way in the world. He doesn't fit in because of his autism and being sheltered by his grandparents. Watching him progress through the movie was inspiring. I laughed quite a bit and even shed a tear near the end. I am not familiar with the actor who plays Luke but he did an incredible job. I wasn't expecting to see Seth Green and Cary Elwes in an independent movie at an international film fest but they both did a great job. Seth Greens character is a little hard to take at first because he is unkind to the lead. The movie has a great story that makes you feel better after you see. I recommend seeing it if you have the chance. It was mentioned at the festival that the film may get picked up for distribution which would be great. Very deserving.
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Great movie
rikardo197921 April 2013
I'm not good in writing the reviews and actually this is my first so I do not go to write anything extra. To be honest when we found about this movie we didn't expect much from it. But what a nice surprise when we started to watch ... All I can say is that this was one of the best movies I've seen for past few months. We have really enjoyed every minute of it from start to end. The story blend perfectly all together, the fun, life, drama,... I don't understand why the movies like this are not better presented? To attract more people, to get more people to watch the pieces like this? This movie should get better promo... This is definitely worth to watch
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Lou Pucci, a star is born...
largopiano118 April 2013
Just finished watching this flick for the 2nd time and "Luke" and was still captivated.

I immediately got all the movies I could find with Lou in them and due to bad parts in bad movies he would always remain a bit part actor in flop movies...How Hollywood ignored this movie and Lou's performance is beyond me...

Could compare this flick to "Forrest Gump" have a box of tissues at hand.

I know I'll be watching this a 3rd time soon.

There's so much crap out there and its a mystery how some get financing The supporting cast does well to set the stage for Luke...

Good writing, editing, etc make this a very watchable flick...

SO, if you get the chance, pick of this flick and'll be glad you did.
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You make your own happiness.
Dan Morris17 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
If you have ever yearned to be 'normal', you will identify with The Story of Luke.

I spent time with kids who were autistic and affected by cerebral palsy when I was in the scouts, and I found that they taught me more about what it means to be a person, and to be happy with who I am, and to take joy out of the smaller things in life than I was ever able to teach them about camping or tying damn knots. This film resurfaced so many of these small but critically important lessons about being myself that I learnt from these gentle people at that time.

Abandoned by his fearful mother at an early age, Luke's sheltered world is thrown into a spin when his carers, his grandparents, pass away over a cruelly short period of time. It dawns upon him that he should become a man. His moment comes when he realises that to do so is as simple as deciding that things should be thus. It is the quiet dignity he displays as he reassures first himself, and then those around him that he is actually capable of, and also responsible for, making his own happiness in life, which is an inspiration for us all. He decides that he simply needs to "get his sh*t together", and does just that. Brilliantly.

I loved this movie. It would take a very jaded soul to not find joy in this story.

Please support movies with heart. Please watch The Story of Luke.
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The Story of Luke (2012) Review
Abandoned by his mother at a young age, and dropped off at his grandparents, Luke (Lou Taylor Pucci) is just like any other young man. He enjoys watching television, and is very good at certain hobbies. His aunt is eventually jealous of how just how good of a cook Luke is. Luke dreams of one day working a job, and living on his own. Just like any other young man, he also really wants to screw. But the difference is, Luke is still quite unsure what screwing means exactly.

The Story of Luke is unique to what you may expect from a comedy style, coming of age, tale. It is not about someone living through teenage years, or early twenties that keeps messing up, looking for mates to screw or generally making poor choices. Instead, it takes focus on a person who the world expects nothing from. Luke does not believe this is the case however, as he feels he does have an impact to make on the world, and just wants to be like everyone else.

The struggle of this young man to find a job, be able to live on his own, and to screw is going to be a lot more challenging for him. How so? Luke has autism. When his grandmother dies, and his grandfather (Kenneth Walsh) is eventually put in a home, Luke is forced to move in with his relatives Paul (Carry Elwes) and Cindy (Kristen Bauer). Before his grandfather passes away, he gives Luke some inspirational words of advice.

Get a job, live on your own, and screw. This sets Luke on a journey into becoming a proper man, boosting his confidence and being able to feel comfortable in his own skin. When he does find a job, you'll be introduced to his supervisor, played by Seth Green. You'll witness his first crush on a receptionist, played by Sabryn Rock. You'll even witness Luke muster up enough strength to come face to face with his mother for the first time in years.

This film was finished and over before I even knew it. I was so lost and invested into his journey that it left me wanting more. With that said, those words can mean either a positive or negative thing for a movie. The negative would be that the film did not deliver enough, and left it without a proper conclusion. On the contrary, the positive would be that the film was so good that you just did not it to be over. The Story of Luke was entertaining from beginning to end, and falls into the positive version of wanting more.

However, the ending may not satisfy everyone. It was realistic and far from fairy tale, but not unfulfilled. His journey was worth the ride, and it still concluded on a strong note. Many critics called this heart warming, and I am inclined to agree with them. It made you care about Luke. I actually cringed and felt bad when people said crude words to our struggling protagonist.

The acting was exceptional. Lou Taylor Pucci did his homework, and conducted himself in a manner a person with Autism would. I have a cousin who has it, and I witnessed a few similar, and key traits. It is no surprise that he was both nominated and won awards for this role. Seth Green is entertaining in his role, and so is Luke's family. No one brought this down with bad delivery of the greatly written dialogue, and everyone put significant effort into it.

The comedy elements in this film worked. It is respective, and does not make Autism a laughing stock in any way. The humour is well placed, and you'll be laughing with Luke, not at him. If you are in the mood for a character-driven, feel-good, film with immensely talented actors or actresses, look no further. Director Alonso Mayo worked with people suffering from Autism and Asperger Syndrome, and he used his knowledge to construct a powerful and motivating film that deserves your attention.

Watch it ASAP
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Best movie I've seen in a long time
gameover070714 June 2014
I have a serious bone to pick with the review entitled "Swing for the Fence, Hit a Single". This movie is top shelf precisely because it does not contain contrived performances from Dustin Hoffman or Sean Penn. No card counting, no mesmerizing mathematical tricks, no contrived slurred speech from Penn impatiently waiting for his next exorbitant paycheck. Despite the miserable rating assigned by its' author "The Story of Luke" has received higher ratings than "I am Sam".

The acting is precise, yet understated. Lou Taylor Pucci's performance is perfection. Seth Green does what he does best. Cary Elwes is, well, Cary Elwes. I strongly recommend this movie, you will not regret it.
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not so bad
akasaka35 November 2012
I got surprised that the rate of this movie is below 6.

It was not so bad actually.

The actor of title role was playing good.

His way of speaking made me uncomfortable. because it made me feel the character's, Luke's anxiety.

I felt as if it was real.

The story is not so new. its old fashion theme. but it was as well-made as Perks of being a wallflower.

But after his geeky colleague appeared, it got boring a little bit.

in total, it was not so bad.
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A man doesn't whine, he figures out what to do and does it.
TxMike28 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is a real gem of a movie, very funny but also very real. We found it on Netflix streaming movies.

Lou Taylor Pucci is 25-yr-old Luke who has one of the forms of autism. He is very bright but also very socially awkward, partly because his grandmother took him out of special school to home school him, and wanted him to take his time, getting a high school diploma in his 20s.

His mother had abandoned him to her parents, his grandparents, when he was a young boy. But now, with grandma deceased and grandpa exhibiting signs of early dementia, Luke is forced to go with his Uncle Paul's family.

Cary Elwes is very appropriate as Uncle Paul, married to Kristin Bauer van Straten as Aunt Cindy. They have two teenagers, Cousin Brad and Cousin Megan. But aunt and uncle aren't getting along too well, partly because she is such a beotch, and Luke overhears them fussing about him having to live there. So Luke decides he will just have to get a job so that he can be self-sufficient.

All this creates many interesting situations and Luke proves that he is very adaptable. He takes the advice seriously, a man doesn't whine he figures out what needs to be done and he does it. He learns the fine art of saying things that will make other people more receptive, and after some trial period lands a job.

I can't say enough about how well Pucci creates the character of Luke, always playing him just right, not for sympathy but in recognition of his unique talents and perspectives. A fine entertaining movie.

Filmed in Sault St Marie Michigan and Canada.
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Autism without limits
xlsguru6 June 2014
The story takes a true perspective of an autistic mind highlighting the benefits of those with it. Society dictates the limits of those on the spectrum and this film discards those limitations replacing them with a new "lens" to view our limitations as challenges to overcome.

The leading actor portrays one side of the autism spectrum very well. Facial expressions or body language was typical of those on spectrum. The simplified view of complicated matters were researched well and written with tact.

While the story line is slow at first, it picks up and is worth the wait. Seth Green plays the role of supervisor on the autism spectrum with his typical comedy highlighting some of the humorous behaviors typical of those on the high functioning end.

Overall, this story gives a realistic view into one of the autistic worlds that affects so many now.
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It takes one to know one
alicecbr3 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I am awash in a family of people with ADD and ADHD, as the Seth Green character was. Autistic people intrigue me, because we are supposedly somewhere on that spectrum. I was a gifted child and software engineer for 35 years, and still have no filter. So this movie taught me a little about 'being normal', something I've always wondered about. I needed Seth Green to explain to me how to be or ape being neurologically normal: to pretend interest when you aren't, to look into someone's eyes but not too long so as not to appear weird, to use stupid" small talk to buffer the conversation, etc, etc. I never knew any of this stuff. Had I learned to be tactful, to couch my true feelings in the little white lies of which society is made, then maybe I wouldn't have had 3 husbands and 3 divorces. This movie is essential watching for people like me, male or female. Your heart bleeds, as you realize 'normalcy' with its hypocrisies and cruelties will never be his. His pitiful rotten mom will perhaps never be able to be anywhere near his mother . But his aunt sure turned herself around and I really loved that part. So much of what is insightful about this movies revolves around Luke's blatant honesty, his utter guilelessness. I think so much of this screenplay must have been written by someone who knew intimately an autistic person. Will my grandson ever be able to stay married, have a 'normal' adulthood, whatever that is? Will Adderall/methyl phenydrate and these other horrid drugs be what his life will comprise? God, I hope not, but movies like this kinda help us learn to ape whatever it is we need to get along in the workaday world. Wanna make a lot of money? Become a socialization coach for people like Luke and myself. Daddy took Dale Carnegies courses to help him; autistic folks should be able to have similar training. The support he got from this great, non perfect family of his thrilled me What a movie!!!! And who the Hell wants to be normal, anyhow?
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