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Blood stains can be seen on Eli's shirt as he leaves the saloon after his fight with Carnegie's henchmen. When we next see him wearing the shirt, the stains have vanished.
After Solara drives away from the convoy truck wreckage, she's seen pulling up to the house; the armoring over the driver-side door window is seen, but moments later when she pulls up to Eli on the road, the window isn't armored. Once they're driving again, the armor is back.
After locking Solara into the spring cave and securing the door behind him, Eli talks to her through the door. The sunlight on that door changes between shots.
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Factual errors 

Eli and Solara spend the night in one of two cooling towers. These are completely closed down to the ground. A real cooling tower is open at the bottom to let the air go in.
A wind-up record player would run at 78 rpm - too fast for a 70s disco single and way too fast for a 70s LP. Also, the needle would almost certainly gouge the record rather than follow the vibrations in the groove.

Plot holes 

After serving Eli his dinner and water Claudia left the room and the door was locked behind her. But a few scenes later when Solara enters Eli's room to offer her body, she just walks in without unlocking the door.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.


In the final scene between Carnegie and Claudia, Gary Oldman's forehead goes from grimy to clean to grimy again between shots.

Factual errors 

In the ending shot, Solara uses Eli's iPod, by pushing different points on the track wheel. However, as we saw before, it's a 3rd generation type - the so called "clickwheel" was only introduced in the 4th generation.

Factual errors 

The complete content of the Bible in braille can't fit in a volume the size of the book Eli carries in the movie. Actually, just one of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John) in braille is usually a book that is about 1 or 1 1/2 inches wider, 2 inches taller and 1 inch thicker than the book Eli carries. The whole Bible in braille could get to 39 volumes (books) which would make a stack 6'6 feet high.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

Near the final scene of the film, Eli's fully copied Bible is added to shelf of other religious texts. However a copy of the TNK (Tanakh), better known as the Hebrew Bible is already shelved. The Hebrew Bible is basically the same as the Christian Old Testament, with the book order changed. However, the Tanakh and the New King James Version (Eli's version) have enough differences in the translation of certain passages to distinguish each other, so a Tanakh and a NKJV Old Testament are not redundant.

Revealing mistakes 

When Solara begins her journey home she's walking straight into the sun but there is no shadow behind her.

Revealing mistakes 

The printed pages coming off the Alcatraz press at the end are complete with textual notations and cross-references of the type and style found in modern study Bibles, and these are something that would not have been present in the Braille version, therefore they could not have been memorized and recalled verbatim along with the entire text, even if it were possible to do so.

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