The Book of Eli (2010) Poster

Plot Keywords

book water
blind african american protagonist
killing an animal reference to johnny cash
year 2043 2040s
showdown mixed martial arts
hand to hand combat combat
sword hero
one against many one man army
gunfight sword fight
commitment blockbuster
human nature sacrifice
martial arts small town
shot in the belly dictation
memorization san francisco california
king james bible limping
aerial shot armored car
explosion gatling gun
rocket propelled grenade caravan
bullhorn phonograph
cannibal cemetery
reading campfire
vulture pulling hair
pump action shotgun sniper
prayer of thanks saying grace
holding hands carnage
persian cat axe
bloody nose burn scar
oprah magazine goggles
bell shantytown
crater collapsed bridge
highway bridge silhouette
zippo lighter tunnel
shopping cart sphynx cat
traveling on foot falling leaves
reference to william shakespeare slow motion scene
traveler bible quote
coincidence cross country trip
cross country on the road
roadtrip road trip
cat hissing muslim
survival double barreled shotgun
desperation husband wife relationship
tea falling from height
falling off a roof armored truck
man punching a woman destroyed bridge
forest infected wound
library bar fight
bar canteen
hope backpack
rat shampoo
prayer murder
shot in the forehead threatened with a knife
journey rpg
attempted rape held at gunpoint
blind man blind woman
mother daughter relationship deception
death of protagonist grave
trap falling through the floor
strangulation skeleton
corpse blood splatter
blood prostitution
bare chested male scars on back
ipod cat
faith impalement
stabbed in the chest severed head
stabbed to death shot in the back
shot to death shot in the chest
shot in the crotch west coast
wearing sunglasses inside shot with an arrow
san francisco bay rowboat
man with dark glasses illiteracy
gas mask eating cat
cannibalism braille
violence shot in the leg
shot in the head severed hand
religion handgun
grenade decapitation
christian christianity
bible shotgun
shootout rocket launcher
product placement old dark house
no opening credits motorcycle
machine gun machete
hand grenade golden gate bridge
exploding car desert
chainsaw bow and arrow
bomb blindness
alcatraz post apocalypse
character name in title surprise ending

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