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New York Comic Con 2011: Horror in the Halls of the Javits Center: The Walking Dead, Ghost Rider, Resident Evil, and More!

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By this time next week the 2011 New York Comic Con will be wrapping up for another year, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves -- there are panels to see and toys to buy first! Here's a look at the horror highlights along with a few other genre-related appearances that should be of interest to our readers.

Thursday, October 13th, is void of horror (might be a good shopping day) so this list just covers the 14th-16th. It is, of course, subject to change so if you're going, keep your eyes on the official New York Comic Con website.

Friday, October 14th

10:30 am - 11:30 am

Once Upon a Time Exclusive Screening and Panel

American Airlines Theater, 1A06

Calling all “Lost” fans – join creators and executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (“Lost” and “Tron: Legacy”) as they introduce you to the magical story of two
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Zombie Apocalypse Shows its First Viral Teaser Here!

Today is a good day to be a zombie fan folks, as The Asylum and director Nick Lyon (Species: The Awakening) have debuted the first teaser trailer for Zombie Apocalypse. There are make-up effects, pitched battles and actress Taryn Manning in a shower scene, all in under two minutes. The clip shows solid production values and The Asylum, from the promotional material, seems to be backing a winner here based on the story and the cast. Also starring are Ving Rhames (Dawn of the Dead), Gary Weeks (Deadland), Johnny Pacar (The Dead Undead) and Lesley-Ann Brandt (InSight).

This title will debut on television first through the SyFy Network. The first air date is October 29th at 9:00pm and this is just two weeks after the premiere of "The Walking Dead." Perhaps there is a competitive air afoot. Then, not much later, The Asylum will release this title on DVD December 27th.
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The Last Stand aka Zombie Apocalypse Shows Ving Rhames Against the Rotting Hordes

The Asylum is currently producing an apocalyptic world of zombies with actors Ving Rhames (Dawn of the Dead), Taryn Manning (The Speed of Thought) and Gary Weeks (Deadland). This latest from this mockbuster production company is called The Last Stand or simply Zombie Apocalypse. Fans of the post-apocalyptic zombie thriller can have a look at several photos for this feature below, which shows actor Ving Rhames golfing with zombies and other photos show the zombie make-up effects. This title is slated for a Fall release on DVD.

The Asylum is notorious for creating lower budgeted features based closely on upcoming blockbusters. For instance, they created Battle of Los Angeles to release close to the multi-million dollar feature

Battle: Los Angeles. They created Transmorphers to satirize or capitalize on the success of Transformers. Now, they seem poised to strike at the looming success of World War Z, starring Brad Pitt. Or,
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The Top Five Best Independent Horror Films of 2010 are Here!

Each year horror sites, newspapers, magazines and other forms of media like to compile these silly "Best of," or "Worst of" lists. Here at 28Dla, we like to follow the crowds, but in a different way. This year's lists will consist of various categories including "Top Five Indie Horror Films," "Top Five Major Horror Release," "Top Five Foreign Horror," "Worst Horror Films of 2010," and "Most Anticipated Horror Films of 2011." These lists will be a little more focused. So, let us start with this first list titled "Top Five Indie Horror Films."

Now, this is a year where close to fifty independent films were reviewed on this site. There was the pain of Danny Dyer's Basement from Revolver Entertainment to highlights like Die-Ner, Get It? and the over-the-top and disturbing Harpoon: Whale Watching Massacre. This list will give you the "Best of" in this competitive genre, as this reviewer has seen the gamut.
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"Lost and Found" Footage and Other Discoveries This Week on DVD

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"America Lost & Found: The Bbs Story" (1968-1972)

Released by Criterion Collection

A set of seven films that's as diverse and wild as the era in which they were born, Criterion's reassembly of Bbs Studios' run from 1968 through 1972 boasts influential hits like "Easy Rider," "Five Easy Pieces" and "King of Marvin Gardens" and obscurities like Jack Nicholson's directorial debut "Drive, He Said" and Henry Jaglom's "A Safe Place" that have never been on DVD before. New interviews, vintage documentaries and much more from directors Bob Rafelson, Peter Bogdanovich (whose "Last Picture Show" is also included), Nicholson and the late Dennis Hopper highlight a collection that doubles as a history of when there was a changing of the guard in American cinema.

"Countdown to Zero" (2010)

Directed by Lucy Walker

Released by Magnolia Home Entertainment

This "scareumentary," as our own Alison Willmore termed it in her review, reunites Participant Media and
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Deadland and Searching for Meaning in the Ashes: A Movie Review

Director: Damon O'Steen.

Writer: Gary Weeks.

Deadland is a film being distributed by Lightning Entertainment on DVD November 23rd. The trailer for the show has already been posted (here) on 28Dla and this is an independent film that has won many awards for excellence. This recognition is deserved, as writer Gary Weeks pulls double-duty by being the central writer and main character. This post-apocalyptic, gripping story of what happens after the fallout of World War III, shows that love still matters and that following your heart, while often punishing, reaps great rewards.

The film's central story follows character Sean (Weeks) through a battered landscape and through a whole heap of trouble to find his lost wife, Jane (Emily-Grace Murray). Now, after a pre-emptive nuclear strike from North Korea, the United States is reduced to thirteen provinces. In these provinces are loosely banded military organizations, who are fighting off a lingering plague.
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Lightning Entertainment is Set to Release the Post-apocalyptic Deadland on DVD November 23rd

Deadland Movie PosterDeadland is an independent film from Deadeye films, which has won at least sixteen awards. Award highlights include Best Feature at several film festivals, Best Director, Best Actor (Gary Weeks), and many more. The film has received praise in reviews as well and now the film will move from the film festival circuit to DVD and video-on-demand November 23rd. Lightning Entertainment will host the distribution, with DVD extras below.

The film begins with a nuclear strike and the beginning of World War III. Sometimes, with film, it is fun to contemplate the origins of a story, when answers are not obviously apparent. So who would attack the Us? Would it be China, who the Us is in debt to for trillions of dollars? Would it be Russia, who is now twenty-five years behind the Us in technology and science, or a nuclear emerging Iran? China makes the most sense,
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Nbff 09: Review of Pa flick Deadland

Year: 2008

Directors: Damon O'Steen

Writers: Gary Weeks

IMDb: link

Trailer: link

Review by: cyberhal

Rating: 4.8 out of 10

[Coverage from the Newport Beach Film Festival]

We’ve been following the progress of the post apocalyptic action movie Deadland for a while now, so I was well chuffed to meet the writer, Gary Weeks, a few minutes before the movie started. He was kind enough to spend a few minutes with me to discuss his latest flick.

Cyberhal: what was the inspiration for your movie?

Gary Weeks: I wondered what the world would be like if you took away our access to cell phones and the internet? What would happen if we left all that stuff behind, and everything else that goes with it? What would we need to survive? How would we live? What would we desire? I’m a romantic, so I think that for the main character in my story (Sean) the answer is love.
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