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29 out of 37 people found the following review useful:

What a clunker

Author: ospf10 from United States
21 November 2007

Talk about a clunker of a movie. I've never seen more stiff actors in my life. Or should I say, no acting. Pathetic representation of a truly top notch cartoon/anime. This movie does nothing to keep with the spirit of the characters. I lifeless bunch of hacks. Ben Tennyson is supposed to be 10 years old, not to mention pretty darn athletic on the skate board, bike, climbing, what-not. This kid plays him like a second rate goof ball.

The characters Don't even match the physical likeness of the cartoon characters. Not unless Ben grew a foot over night. Ben is supposed to be younger and much shorter then Gwen. In the movie he looks to be older and is about 3 inches taller. As for Lee Majors, what a crappy representation of Grandpa. Looks like he's half crippled from arthritis the entire time. And what gives with the beard? Whatever happened to Gwen's "charm" magic? What happened to Grandpa being able to handle himself in a fight? Lee Majors played grandpa like, well, an old grandpa.

The fight scenes were right out 60's era B movies. Looks like everyone wanted to make sure the "kids" didn't get hurt.

I really could go on and on, but, I think you get the point. For all the build up, this movie was a BAD

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19 out of 26 people found the following review useful:

Go go Omnitrix Rangers!

Author: bdgl-1 from United States
3 February 2008

I am a HUGE fan of the Ben 10 series, and I also consider myself a fairly open-minded viewer. But this movie was just plain AWFUL! I grew up in the generation of kids that sat transfixed by shows like the multi-nauseating Power Ranger franchise, and I have to say, this movie's return to that style of filming was NOT for the better. Their multiple-level diffusion from the shows many aspects of continuity also didn't help.

1) They selected a completely separate realm of voice actors for the aliens, none of which sounded in any manner like the voices we became used to in the cartoon. Would it have been such a hard thing to have requested the same people to voice the aliens in the movie? 2) What the hell was up with the break up of character continuity with Ben's parents? In the series, his dad was an ENGINEER for Christ's sake, who the hell is this hippie-dippy jackass?! And his mother, not that she was ever broached in the series (to my knowledge), jeez could you have made her any less likable? 3) The fight scenes with Eon's endless supply of disposable enemy drones was TERRIBLY CHOREOGRAPHED! Scene shots that center on them leaping through the air in over-dramatized jumping attacks, their grasp of "movie-style jujitsu", the only thing that Power Rangers had that Ben 10 didn't was lame spaghetti-western style impact sounds (biff, whack, thud, zap).

4) Huh . . . nice how they cautiously avoided any of the more popular alien forms.

5) Lee frigging Majors . . . dammit. I like Lee Majors, don't get me wrong, but why the hell would anyone think he would make a passable Grandpa Max Tennyson? Max is supposed to be a paunchy, easy to smile, almost Santa Clause like man (as proved by Mister Jingles). Lee Majors is a grizzled, emotional cut-off. Why not have him played by Adam West or William Shatner, if you wanted an 'Out of work' old man who couldn't act like anything but a worn old action hero? The only reason lee Majors was even used was because of the response that his name would incite, because you don't have to know who Lee Majors is, to have that subliminal "ping" in the back of your head tell you that he's been in TV for eons.

I was so disappointed when I saw this movie; I'd been so excited when they started showing teasers months in advance, but this was one of those movies that was hyped up and couldn't stand under the weight of its director's over-zealous self-promotion.

To the director: Step Down, turn in your megaphone, and the next time you consider taking on the task of bringing an animated series into the real world, try asking someone who isn't a frigging idiot what would make the movie really good. Your kiss-up writers suck. Better to pass on the 'Happy Ending' massage and hire a GOOD writer, and poll your audience to see what they do and do not like about the series.

And just in case I hadn't made myself clear. This movie, DO NOT LIKE!

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12 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

A risky movie that ultimately ends up a "bad idea"

Author: ( from IL
25 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off let me say I am a BIG Ben 10 fan and in being one, I actually had some hope for this movie. Despite how obviously bad the concept sounded I was still interested, unfortunately, the movie turned out exactly as it sounded: a bad idea. Sometimes the special effects were okay, other times it just looked sloppy. The idea of a live Ben 10 movie is one that should NOT be handled by CN ever.

For a network that created its own show and made a movie about it, they sure didn't seem to know what they were doing. I'm a detailed person so expect this to be a long review. First off, the actors for this were not exactly the best. Pretty much everyone was weak, anemic, and a poor example of their cartoon counterparts.

Graham Phillips genuinely seemed like he was trying to "be Ben". The one liners, the attitude, he really seemed like he was trying to be a good Ben but he ultimately sucked at it. He didn't give any life or the "shine" Ben had in the show and the fact they actually made him forget who the Plumbers were is an insult.

Ben's no genius but he's not THAT stupid, I felt that was a bad portrayal of his character. Now for Gwen, the WORST CHARACTER ever! Haley Ramm may look like Gwen with that red hair, but she practically breezed through this film. She put on a pathetic, non existent, weakling attempt at "acting" and was practically emotionless.

None of her sass between her cousin existed, her magic powers didn't show up, they had her trademark outfit on for like 3 MINUTES! Which really upset me because I liked her outfit from the show and felt it fit her well. And most annoyingly, she ruined a perfectly well written climax for Gwen's character.

Towards the end of the movie, Gwen makes this big speech and I loved seeing her character enter those emotional moments in the show but this kid just totally breezed all emotions away with a dry performance. The only and I mean ONLY one character from the show who fit dead on was Lee Majors as Grandpa Max.

If a big budget movie comes around, I hope he's cast again because he was excellent. He got the voice, the attitude, and the warmth of Grandpa down to a tee. Now for the new characters: Eon and Ben;s parents. Eon (the movie's villain) was the only neat new thing they brought in, he was a neat character.

His design was cool to look at, I liked his voice, and he was quite compelling as a sort of honorable villain who cared more about his people then himself and despite still being a bastard, he had more going for him then most of Ben's usual villains. However, Ben's parents proved to be one of the biggest let downs.

The show NEVER showed them or said their names and to see them like this, feels like a weak attempt to give them faces. They are played down to cliché hippie, "emotional growth" parents who don't seem like Ben at all. I was hoping for a bigger surprise considering Ben's parents have been a total mystery, and this just felt like a lame attempt.

The whole town being Plumbers I felt was a stupid thing. It ruined the mystique of the Plumbers by making it seem this is so "destiny" like having Ben's hometown being the last refuge of the Plumbers. I felt it was a weak attempt to try and tie Ben's future with his hometown very unnecessary.

The story itself was average, it was all right and they had some neat new tricks by having Eon reveal secrets about the watch (although quite confusing ones). But even the big "weapon" the "hands of Armageddon", not only sounded stupid but was stupid, it felt like a cheap plot device with little thought behind its existence or use.

The movie tries to make it sound more important by giving us lame tie ins to famous landmarks and incidents (grand canyon, Chicago fire etc). Finally, we reach the aliens. All of them looked pretty good actually despite how few they appeared. Wild Mutt probably looked the worst, it looked like his body was CGI but his mouth was regular animation.

Diamondhead was probably the best looking and sounding, Gray Matter looked great but sounded like some sort of mentally challenged clown then his usual cool smart sounding voice. The movie's music scored well, it all sounded like the shows themes and sounds so at least they got one thing right.

But the biggest problem with this movie with me is: its a new story. CN originally said this movie doesn't connect to the show at all, yet the movie clearly takes place AFTER the summer Ben started on so in a sense, after the show. They mention things from the series to make it seem like its connected.

Yet the idea of making a NEW story proved to be too stupid an idea. Because this is a low budget CN original movie, they have would have been better off doing a LIVE retelling of when Ben first found the Omnitrix rather then creating a whole new story with new characters, villains, and plot devices to the show.

Not to mention actually having someone die with a decaying skeleton was a surprise for this kind of film. In the end, "Ben 10: Race against time" clearly bit off more then it can chew and didn't think this through. A few nice ideas and a great live Grandpa Max don't excuse 90 minutes of poor planning, crap acting, and a sloppy story which inevitably reminds me of what Carl said in "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" after they surgically turned him to a woman: "You're right.....this was a very bad idea".

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14 out of 23 people found the following review useful:

It is what it is.

Author: whitbj98 from United States
22 November 2007

I think the movie was pretty good for cartoon network budget. Other TV movies are far worse than this one is said to be. The acting is just as good as any Disney or NICK live action show. It was just as good as saved by the bell. Not like anyone was expecting emmys or anything for this. I watched it with my kids who were greatly entertained. A 6 year old and an 8 year old. They liked it and watched it twice. So apparently the movie did its job and entertained kids and helped fuel the imagination. Let's face it, if you are 15 or older and still watching cartoons and complaining about them, you need a life or you have found yourself getting older and should try some other entertainment other than cartoons.

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8 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

Wow... Simply Wow

Author: Yoshi6666 from United States
2 December 2007

Okay, I didn't like the show that much, mainly because I don't have the time to really watch it, but I was so excited to see the movie, because I want to be an animator (hopefully special FX guy) and so I wanted to see the action happen. Well, I was kinda out of luck on that part. Let's see, the characters didn't match up with the original, the kid playing Ben was perfect, but Gwen looked SOOOO fake. And Grandpa... wow, simply amazing on how he doesn't look like of the original. The acting was just as bad as Re-Animated, I mean, seriously (wait, this was worse), and the heroes looked fake as crap. The furry monster looked like he had been put on paper, cut out, and just pasted on a film. Could they have done any worse? Wait, don't answer that.

The script could have been improved SO much. The ideas are so over-used, and the humor... well, there wasn't any. And like the part of Zoom, when something SO amazing happens, like when a monster turns into a little boy, the crowd just goes "ahhhhh....", instead of "AAAHHHH...", they just look like its normal.


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9 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

It's Hero Time!

Author: simmon4-1 (SIMMON4@PEOPLEPC.COM) from United States
25 November 2007

You've watched the show, it's Ben 10 in his first live action movie from cartoon network! In this movie i thought that the plot was pretty good, the acting was kinda cheesy in parts, the music rocked, and the aliens (some of them) were awesome! on the aliens part they weren't really all that bad. Heatblast was a little short looking and his moves were not really captured the greatest, but the flames on him were sweet. Greymatter was captured just like the show, except for his voice which sounded like some crazy malevolent villain. Why couldn't they have just used the voices in the show? Diamondhead was personally my favorite in the movie! He was shown perfectly from the show, and talked like him too. The radiant crystal glow thing on him was the coolest! Lastly, Wildmutt was really cool looking when he was fighting, but up next to another character looked like kinda bad graphics. Though overall I liked it! I just hope they will include the other 6 aliens out of the original ten if they make a sequel to it.

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

If the real Ben saw this, he would be mad

Author: bluhmfamily from United States
29 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hello IMDb this is bluhmfamily and it's time to review Ben 10: Race against Time, WAIT, did I say Ben 10: Race against Time? Alright I'll review this!! I was young in 2007 and loved the show Ben 10 so much, I was waiting for a preview for a live movie. When I saw the preview for this movie, I shouted and cried in joy. At first I thought it was a live movie about Ben getting the Omnitrix and Vilgax wanting it and all that junk.

But then I saw it was called "Ben 10: Race against Time", I was confused.

Alright to the movie begins with the night life of Bellwoodd, suddenly a guy named Eon appears and blows up lots of stuff. Suddenly, Heatblast shows up (who looks very,very,very,very fake). Heatblast tells Eon that he should leave, suddenly the sheriff shows up, Eon then calls his minions down. WAIT WAIT WAIT, minions, REALLY!, they look like something you would find in a Power Rangers episode! Heatblast then battles Eon's minions like he's a toy.

Heatblast then burns Eon, why can't that be the end of this dang movie! Heablast then flies away, after landing, Heatblast suddenly turns back to Ben, who looks nothing like himself. We see the Rustbucket pull up and Gwen and Max step out of it. Gwen tells Ben that Heatblast totally burned up Bellwoodd. Max says that Ben needs to get home before his parents wake up and that he has school the next day. Rewind the movie and see that the clock says 2:50 AM. And I thought that in 2008 we see the final episode of Ben 10 air; I guess the episode was non-cannon.

After riding to MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!!, Ben also tries to re-live his old life but fails at it.

Next we see Ben's parents for the first time ("Goodbye and Good Riddance" is non-cannon). And I have to admit, the movie was moving smoothly until Ben's parents, Carol and Sandra come in! They just suddenly make the movie really bad.

After a worthless scene with Max, Ben goes to a diner that should be Mr. Smmothy (a restraint from Ben 10: Alien Force). Ben transforms into Greymatter to hack the restraint's machines because Cash and J.T, and a bunch of girls wreck his life again.

Ben later finds out that Eon is still alive, Max tells Ben and Gwen that Eon was the first alien the Plumbers ever captured. The three go to the place were Eon was kept (It must have been before the Null Void was created), they go to the place and find out that Eon destroyed the place long ago. Max tells Ben and Gwen that Eon is after the Hands of Armygedon to unleash his people from Chronia to invade Earth.

They find the "Hands" back in Bellwood, later Eon hacks the Omnitrix and makes it stop working and pointlessly chases Ben around the street.

Later, Max tells Ben that Eon will need the Omnitrix to power the "Hands". The next day, Ben is alone in the gym until Eon finds him.

Ben transforms to Diamondhead and shortly battles him. Later, Ben and Gwen are in the park until Max shows up and finds out that Ben and Gwen are trying to let Eon find them.

The Rustbucket is destroyed and not even Upgrade can repair it. OH BOY! Time to make the Rustbucket II, the RV we don't see until Ben 10: Alien Force! Max fights like a really old grandpa and lets Eon capture him along with Ben and Gwen.

Ben wakes up and finds out that Eon needs to Omnitrix to turn Ben into a younger clone of Eon since the "Hands" can only be worked with a young Chronian. Ben transforms into Eon, not Beneon, or Bentime, or Bon, the alien is just called Eon! After a stressful scene, Eon transforms back to Ben and the real Eon freezes time and throws Ben across the room. Ben transforms to Wildmutt and uses Gwen to toss Eon into the "Hands". Gwen and Wildmutt make it to the talent show and they all live happily ever after.

This movie plainly ruined the Ben 10 show, the show suddenly became bad because of this movie! I give Ben 10: Race against Time a 3 out of 10 because it's poor, stupid, pointless, no trace of connection with the show, the Omnitrix aliens poor CGI graphics, and the poor acting.

But the universe of Ben 10 still has one last hope of fixing the series. That fixer is called "Ben 10: Alien Force"

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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

O Kay

Author: www-jats from Australia
19 January 2010

I think the movie was pretty good for cartoon network budget. Other TV movies are far worse than this one is said to be. The acting is just as good as any Disney or NICK live action show. It was just as good as saved by the bell. Not like anyone was expecting Emmy's or anything for this. I watched it with my kids who were greatly entertained. A 6 year old and an 8 year old. They liked it and watched it twice. So apparently the movie did its job and entertained kids and helped fuel the imagination. Let's face it, if you are 15 or older and still watching cartoons and complaining about them, you need a life or you have found yourself getting older and should try some other entertainment other than cartoons

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12 out of 22 people found the following review useful:

Ben 10 Race Against Time Review

Author: rockraiders from Florida, United States
24 November 2007

Well to put it all together it was an amazing movie. yes it was a b rate movie but it was still a very good movie.

Acting- Very good all the actors acted there parts and at the same time put there own characteristics into them.

Story- Good story, nice script.

CGI- i wont lie could have been a bit better but in the end very good for this film and for the budget.

Music- Amazing fit every sequence of this film. Even the redone punk version of the theme song was AMAZING!!!!

Very Good Movie Overall,Children Will Love It. Im 18 and i loved it.

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why all the hate

Author: finaldishonored
22 May 2017

I loved it ben 10 was at its best during these years it was funny with the ice cream and the teachers the talent show ben and Gwen were at their best the struggle between ben and his parents was done well so I give it an 8 out of 10 enjoy it you should give it a shot the CG is pretty good

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