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Tough Season-Endings For The CI Male Leads
ccthemovieman-114 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Boy, the last two weeks of this sixth season of Law and Order: Criminal Intent were not kind to the male leads. Last week, "Det. Robert Goren" (Vincent D'Onofrio) has his mother die and this week "Det. Mike Logan," smitten with a nice lady who lives in his apartment building finds her dead on the night of his second date, an apparent suicide victim. Not happy days for these two guys.

The main story in this one, however, is not "Holly Lauren/Kathy Shaw" (Kelli Williams), Mike's hopeful new love interest, but a young woman who turns cop-killer and has been missing for over five years, pulling scam after scam. When her latest boyfriend, a police recruit and a local hero, figures out she's not a nice girl, he winds up shot to death. "Logan" and partner "Det. Megan Wheeler" (Julianne Nicholson), with an assist from "Det. Alexandra Eames" (Kathyrn Erbe), track down this missing woman, "Belle Duffy," played chillingly by Brooke Tarsley.

Overall, it was an interesting episode but I'm sorry to see these shows end on a such depressing notes. Hopefully, both "Goren" and "Logan" will be back and have more upbeat things happen to them in their personal lives during the seventh season.
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Law & Order-Criminal Intent: Renewal
Scarecrow-8813 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Detective Mike Logan(Chris Noth)strikes up a brief but poignant friendship, which seemed to be a potential romance on the horizon, ending abruptly when he finds that the reason she didn't show up for a scheduled drink-and-date was that the girl had committed suicide. For someone just in the episode for fifteen minutes tops, Kelli Williams leaves quite an impression and one never doubts why Noth would pursue her case so diligently when all evidence points to her leaping off the roof to the pavement below. As Logan digs deeper, he discovers she was raped by her ex-husband, a real louse who had followed her from Chicago. Meanwhile, Logan abandons a case he and Wheeler(Julianne Nicholson)were working on in regards to a female con artist known for taking advantage of multiple men, easy pickings for someone highly skilled at manipulation. Having killed a police recruit who had just made the papers for preventing an armed robbery, this girl will be a target on the streets. Captain Danny Ross(Eric Bogosian)assigns Wheeler Eames(Katheryn Erbe)as a replacement for Logan and they are able to convince the mother of "Belle Duffy"(Brooke Tansley, the girl under a stolen name, lifted from a missing girl)to get her daughter to come out of hiding. We see the heated tensions between Logan and homicide detectives who weren't motivated to look beyond the case of Holly Lauren(Williams)as anything but a suicide. RENEWAL is a good episode for Noth who shows how one night with a person can change you forever. Holly changed her name and was hoping for a brand new, fresh start in New York, going out of her way to chat it up with Logan. Oddly enough, the second case(which normally would absorb the entire episode)plays second fiddle to the Holly Lauren story and feels strangely uninspired. However, as CRIMINAL INTENT had been doing for the past few years during this time, female psychopath(who used hypodermics to inject poisons in unlucky victims)Nicole Wallace's name is mentioned(Goren's nemesis)as one studied by Duffy for a term paper. At any rate, we see the heavy toll Holly's loss has on Logan who dedicated his heart and soul to her case, even if it doesn't result in an arrest as he'd hoped.
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She'd rather jump than go on a second date with you
paolo ceccacci28 September 2017
A police recruit of Chinese descent (Telly Leung) managed to arrest a perp during a robbery, saving customers' life. He was ready to get a recognition by police but his body was found in the trunk of a car shortly afterwards. Wheeler soon after questioned the robber, but he was just a rookie looking up for some respect, so he couldn't arrange a murder from the joint. The policeman hooked up with a charming girlfriend named Duffy. Anyway Duffy wasn't her real name: she's a piece of work who stole identities from time to time in order to drain other people's bank account. Wheeler figured out how to lure the criminal out, before leaving Major Case Squad for good.

On the side, Det. Logan was soon out of the case: a neighbor he's dating jump out of the roof and he can't believe she's a suicidal; he looked for proofs on his own, trying to lock up her former husband. I think this case freak him out forever.
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Another clue to retire
bkoganbing11 December 2016
Criminal Intent made several episodes with Chris Noth where hints are given that he's ready to call it quits with the NYPD. Given his time on Law And Order prime and a made for TV film showing his Staten Island exile years and now his time with Major Case, he's coming closer and closer to packing it in.

A young police academy trainee is killed and the hunt is on for a girl he's been dating. Brooke Tansley is shown to be one of those amoral persons not unlike Bobby Goren's nemesis Nicole Wallace. The whole part of her story is just locating her. She's experienced and the mere fact that Telly Leung suspects something is not quite right got him killed. Tansley is really evil, note the scene where she's finally caught.

While this is going on Noth gets involved with a woman who lived in the apartment next door. The next date she stands him up and he finds when comes home she's jumped from their apartment roof.

One thing about Detective Mike Logan, he has one strong sense of justice. But circumstances being what they are there is no justice for Kelli Williams. It disturbs Logan no end and Chris Noth has to be taken off the assigned case. Kathryn Erbe is around to finish things up there.

Chris Noth got a lot out of the Mike Logan character over the years and this episode is a great example.
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