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Oh my God! Can you say: "Corruption of the young, the very young" ?
huh_oh_i_c28 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Okay total spoiler, but this episode, wow. There's a scene where the Evil Wicked Witch Temptress, Blair, basically bribes young innocent 14 year old Jenny (not that she looks it, bounce-bounce, jingle-jingle) with a blue dress to add Jenny to her stall of minions. Jenny goes over to Blairs house (BTW, how good is security of the rich and bitchy, if all these people just come walking in, one wonders? Then again, young blonde girls, not exactly Al Queda, not since Marie Warner anyway, but I digress), basically to suck up to the Evil Temptress and to, this is where it gets weird, to ask if the boy Chuck who assaulted her the night before, has asked about her? Blair puts things in motion, which remind us of Dangerous Liasons, or better yet, Cruel Intentions, only that last one wasn't so ... perverted? Cruel Intentions definitely looks a tat more wholesome than this story arc, which you know, will end up in Jenny winding up in Chucks bed, after being manipulated in it by Blair into believing that this is what she really wants. Or that this is the price to pay for belonging ...

The tells are there, Blairs caution to Jenny that "in this world you will get talked about" and Jennys (more or less perverted) admission to Blair that she "also doesn't have a problem with someone who has a problem with Serena" ....

Oh my, it's getting very very dark in here
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The way into the middle classes is through a wronged woman
Martha Wilcox18 August 2014
Dan becomes an insider through Serena who is fast becoming an outsider because of her fragmented past and departure from boarding school.

Chuck seems to understand Blair better than she knows herself which is quite touching because it demonstrates that he is in love with her in his own way. He says things like 'your eyes are doing that thing where it doesn't match your lips.' It is good script writing even if the characters are undesirable.

Apart from the fact that Chuck has weak lips, he seems to have good movement, and it's almost a pity that he doesn't hit back when Dan pushes him around.

Bart has a brunch party to help Chuck meet people and make friends. That the kind of party I'd like to go where I can meet producers and distributors.
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A great follow-up! It's Heavy and packed with poignant drama!
callanvass19 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
After Dan makes a fool of himself by getting a little too nervous at the end of his date with Serena, he decides to track her down at the hotel she's staying at, much to Lily (Serena's Mom) chagrin. Dan gets some company when Nate is looking for her too, going against Blair's wishes after promising to never see or speak to her again. Jenny feels pressure among Blair's group and takes a liking to Blair. Blair decides that Jenny will be useful in her inner circle. Serena fails in her attempt to reconcile with Blair after Blair tells Serena she knows about Serena's affair with Nate and says they are through for good. Meanwhile, Chuck is still livid at Dan for giving him a black eye for trying to seduce Jenny. Serena decides to bring Dan with her, which turns out to be a complete disaster when Chuck and Blair decide to conspire against Serena & Dan, making Serena an outsider for the first time. Finally, Rufus and Lily talk about their past, but Dan discovers some secrets about Lily's past.

This was just as good as the pilot! I'm relatively new to this show, but I'm completely gripped! There are so many interesting story lines at play. My favorite is the one between Serena & Dan. I suppose it's lame for a guy to be a shipper, but I totally ship these two. Dan's dorky (somewhat quirky) personality is extremely likable, and I'd argue he's the purest character on the show. I was also impressed by some of the humor. I cracked up at Dan's shyness around Serena, but my favorite is when he is inadvertently hit in the face with the cab door. Dan's actions at the beginning of the show reminded me of myself, because that's probably something I would do. Blair is far too snobby for me to like now, but Leighton portrays her extremely well. I'm on the fence about Nate, but he's slowly growing on me. Chuck is a sexual deviant and I can't stand him. (Which is the point) The ending is very intriguing. All the drama and chaos at the brunch was intense. It throws obstacles in Serena's direction, making her even more vulnerable. It makes me excited for the next episode. The least interesting subplot is Lily's. Not enough focus yet for my liking. This is a terrific episode! I'm really glad I decided to watch this show.

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KatherinePetersdorf18 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This show should be labeled as a Soap Opera, not a drama because the drama level is far too high. The scandals are very over the top, even for TV. I wouldn't say that I wouldn't watch the series again, however, I would say that I'm not addicted or concerned what will happen in the next episode.

I am not a fan of Blair, which is odd because as an actress I like her better, nor am I fan of Jenny. The bribed situation I was fine with, that is normal among girls, at least the girls I knew way back in high school. The situation I have a problem with is all of things that Chuck and Blair do to one another to set one another up among the full group, as well as, the situation between Nate's father and Blair's mother and how it effects Nate's life.
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