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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman makes a comment about her older husband taking 'a little blue pill' (Viagra). She is wearing a bikini in several scenes.
  • Talk about a man who raped women.
  • A man mentions a woman's 'cuda-cat' (Southern slang for vagina).

Violence & Gore

  • The hydra rips a man's leg off.
  • A man's legs are grabbed by the hydra and his top half is ripped away.
  • One of the hydra's heads are shot off and it grows two new ones. It tears apart the man who shot it.
  • Several instances of guns being pointed at people.
  • A man cuts his hand (on purpose) with a rock.
  • Two men fire guns at the hydra. One of them is crushed by the hydra and the other one has his arms bitten.
  • A bloody hand is discovered on the ground.
  • A man sets off a wooden stake trap which impales his leg.
  • A man is suddenly shot.
  • After a man is punched, the hydra tears a man in two.
  • A man is punched and tied up by another man.
  • A man shoots one of the hydra's heads and two more grow in its place. Then the hydra rips the man in two and bites off a leg.
  • A man is shot. The hydra bites a man's head and arm.
  • The hydra eats a woman.
  • A man cuts off four of the hydra's heads with a sword. The sword gets stuck in the fifth head.
  • We see some blood on the side of a boat.
  • A woman is grabbed by the hydra.
  • The hydra swallows a man whole.
  • A man shoots the hydra's head and two new heads grow. A man cuts off one of the hydra's heads and stabs the other head several times before chopping it off too.


  • Some mild profanities: 'bastard, damn, ass, hell, son of a-, oh God'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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