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A relatively harmless movie that becomes killing-a-mockingbird sinful for what it does to its leads.
A twisty, turny and ultimately silly thriller from "Inside Man's" Russell Gewirtz.
The Hollywood Reporter
An ordinary cop picture boosted by two charismatic superstars but hindered by its dearth of surprises.
Miami Herald
The movie, which has more than 10 credited producers, feels like one of those slick, for-the-money projects Hollywood studios cook up via graph charts and marketing surveys.
The entire movie is one big build-up to a twist that, while not exactly cheating, plays is an awfully cheap trick.
Its failure to live up to even modest expectations is a blow. There's nothing righteous to be found here.
Slack, morally ambiguous, decidedly sub-Dexter serial-killer-cop story that's been cooked up for them (De Niro/Pacino).
Of the supporting performances, Gugino, Leguizamo and Wahlberg offer solid turns, but are let down by dialogue.
By the time the movie reaches its protracted conclusion, it feels like a slog. Pacino has a few funny lines, as does Leguizamo, but not nearly enough to save the film from collapsing under the weight of its own self-righteous tedium.
It's not much fun to see these two reduced to "Mad TV" parodies of themselves.
Righteous Kill, a.k.a. The Al and Bob Show, is a cop flick with all the drama of "Law and Order: AARP." This movie defines drag-ass.

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