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Sex & Nudity

A woman with a strap on dildo sodomizes a guard with a leather mask on

During sex, the man and the woman vomit on each other

Girls are seen in their underwear and cleavage is clearly seen during overhead shots

A girl climbs through a window and enters a room where naked women are plastered on the walls and porno mags on the table.

Some of the girls' knickers are found in bags in the room.

A dressed up anatomically correct sex doll falls out of a cupboard and lands on a girl who thinks it's a real body at first. Its vagina is clearly seen.

Violence & Gore

A person is seen bloody and wrapped in bandages while lying in a hospital bed. Blood is seen on their fingers as they type the story of what happened.

A boy is viciously grabbed and dragged out of his room and threatened twice to be put into an isolated dark like cave/mine. He screams for them to stop and begs and they just carry him out. he is seen later inside the locked door

A number of guards vomit after eating the stew

A dead snake is found in a cage, with it's fangs open

A dog is whacked with a shovel

A half eaten dog and a bloody dead dog (dog that was hit with shovel) is found. The half eaten one has its guts all over the ground.

A man's body is found on a bed, covered with flies with vomit on the edge of the bed. He wakes up and a girl runs before she is seen.

Rose finds Billy dissecting the dead dog and pulling its guts out including its heart. He finds the top part of the head of the half eaten dog in the stomach contents.

The two guards having sex are found covered with vomit as they awake.

Mark is bitten on the arm and a chuck of flesh is seen being ripped away as he screams

A guard is seen chewing on the remains of a person. bloody teeth and jawline are seen. he runs after Estelle who barricades herself in a room.

Mark hits a guard with a book several times around the head and hand.

Billy tries to crush a guard with a locker door.

Rose has part of her scalp ripped off by Peters Hair and part of her bloody scalp are seen.

Estelle sprays the guards in the face with mace

Estelle is seen with a small chuck out of her arm which she bandages up in the kitchen.

Mark has his stomach pumped by Billy after he ingests some of the stew.

Estelle throws plates and other kitchen utensils at a guard to stop and stop him eating her.

A guard gets a meat-hook swing into his throat, which he later is able to remove.

Two guards smash through the glass of a door.

Estelle is seen using a meat cleaver on the same guard

Rose is set upon by Doug and she fights with him as he tries to eat her. He begins to strangle her and she hits him with a glass of water. Using the keys she stabs him in the eye and scores his face with the sharp edges of the keys. Blood is seen from the scars.

Billy is seen being pulled apart by the guards. What looks like his penis is torn away by Peters who gleefully sets about to eat it in a perverse fashion. Blood is seen as he screams. (graphic for only a second)

Just as the film ends, the person in the bandages turns out to be Tyler, he is brutally disfigured after what the guards did to him after they took him out of the hole. Blood, sinew, bits of flesh and a deformed eye are seen as his own Brother cowers in fear from what his brother has become.Whether it is Tyler or not is not explained, only the brother knows.


a lot of f words are used in this. As well as tamer words such as Shit, Bitch, More offensive terms like Retard are also used

Dope is found in the storeroom and a character sniffs the bag.

A dope/crack pipe is found in a room. Dope plants are also found in the room.

The ending will no doubt shock viewers, it is fairly frightening

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