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  • Summer in a small southern town: Grace wants to go to college, but her feckless mom has poisoned that well (no student loans because mom has welshed on credit cards in Grace's name). Dorian wants to escape from his snobbish adoptive parents. They team up to sell marijuana - she hopes for enough to go to college. Both investigate family secrets, and things get complicated when Dorian falls for her, Grace falls for someone else, and Grace's 15-year-old sister behaves badly. Can Dorian find independence and Grace get to college? And what constitutes a family, anyway?

  • An irresponsible mother blows her eldest daughter's college fund on her youngest daughter's modeling campaign.


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  • Told against the backdrop of finding love and friendship in a small town, two teens from different sides of the tracks forge a partnership to seek freedom from their respectively miserable lives. The story starts off with Grace (Eva Amurri) being rejected for a student loan on the basis of a bad credit history.It turns out that her mother Rhonda Berry (Susan Sarandon) had applied for and used credit cards under Grace's name.This affects Grace's chance of attending college and her only route of escape from her home.Grace's younger sister Taylor (Willa Holland) is an aspiring model being pushed around by their mother.To add to the dysfunctional effect,it turns out that Grace's father had committed suicide because Rhonda had an affir with his own brother. Ont the other hand,Dorian Spitz (Anton Yelchin) an unhappy boy whoi wants to escape the shadow of his rich adopted family.He meets Grace while working a summer job.They both become friends and then start to sell drugs to make money.Dorian falls for Grace but she is smitten with Ben Pretzler (Justin Chatwin) who she sleeps with after rejecting Dorian.It turns out that Ben is a jerk.Grace and Taylor also learn about thereason for their dad's suicide. Towards the end of the movie,Dorian gets beaten up very badly by a guy from who he had earlier protected Taylor (when the guy had tried to make out with her when she was drunk).Then he calls Grace and Taylor to help him.They spend the night in Grace's car.In the morning,Dorian gives grace more than $7000 for her car which is not worth more than $500.This helps Grace to get into college.Hoeever she still looks at Dorian only as a friend. He leaves with a smile at having made Grace happy.Then Grace and Taylor come to terms with their mother too. Tenbenny@aol.com

    Dorian, a restless troublemaker, is shipped off by his foster parents to the small-town home of his uncle for the summer. Grace, brainy and strong-willed, discovers her selfish mother, Rhonda, has decided to invest in her younger sister Taylor's furure as a teen beauty queen, rather than in Grace's future as a doctor. When Dorian hatches a plan to make money by dealing weed on the side, new found buddy Grace, reluctantly agrees to be his driver to fund her own med-school dreams. The two forge an unlikely bond that evolves into a triangle, when Grace's sister Taylor develops feelings for Dorian, and Dorian discovers feelings of his own--for Grace. [D-Man2010]

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