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Hilarious Episode

Author: FPetrucci325 from United States
31 July 2007

I don't know why I'm even writing this, but I was just looking to read some more funny quotes from the Day F'ers and came across the "Garbage" comment and couldn't resist. Granted, the show didn't touch on Medellin or Lost in the Clouds, but it's ridiculous to expect compelling stories when it's not or never been the point of the show. The writers and actors have stayed in stride since day 1 with the Pilot. Have you seen the Pilot from the first season? It will give you a clear cut idea about what this show really aims for; friendship. The Day F'ers was hilarious. Why? Because it's something great that you would do with your buddies if you weren't working in a corner office in a corporate building with a computer to stare at all day. Sophomoric? Every season there has been women and sex involved, so how is this any different. Sunday night you'll be watching Entourage and Flight of the Conchords; both funny and smart. The only intelligent remark was Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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A holding pattern episode, but one of the most amusing

Author: lira_217 from Chile
31 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode didn't advance any of the story or character arcs of the show, but it was certainly one of the most amusing. For the first time, the Drama and Turtle story line was truly funny, as it involved sex while dressed up as an Easter Bunny (don't ask—watch). Usually their story line is sort of sad-sack, and faintly depressing. Often as not, their adventures seem to depend on them being B-listers when they're lucky enough to rise above the C-level, their adventures usually tawdry and loser-ish. This time, however, their story was involving, amusing, and had a riotously funny payoff in the final scene of the show.

I was astonished to watch Jeremy Piven crying in this episode—it was really moving, and added an extra dimension to his character: Though Ari is a flippant jerk most of the time, it was touching to see his relationship with his immediate family, and how far he would go to get what they wanted.

Nothing happened with Medellin or with the next movie Vincent's doing—that's why I'm calling this episode a holding pattern. But boy was it funny, through and through.

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Author: jurjen_meinsma from Netherlands
7 December 2008

don't read the comment from the guy who gave this episode one star, i'm not gonna say anything about his mental state... this episode was freaking amazing!

it was great that they left the whole storyline and just got down and dirty like in the old days, Drama's comments in this episode are brilliant too. especially the one about one jess mancini made me laugh so loud that my neighbour asked me the next day what the hell i was doing the night before. to me it's one of the very best i've seen so far.

jeez, i still can't believe the dude gave it just one star. i didn't know they had TV in in the psych ward. dammit, i wouldn't say anything about his state! sorry bro, get well soon.

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i loved it !!!

Author: tugruldonmez from Turkey
16 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are many things that can be said about this episode but what i really liked was the furry sex part.It was really hilarious to see Turtle and Drama in that rabbit costume. The desperate look on Turtle's face was unforgettable.I wish he had the guts to go for the girl. It would even be funnier if E did it. But in the end,Drama once again proves why he is called - Drama -

The time Drama humped on that sexy furry animal is one of those priceless moments that you can't forget Every time i see it, i can't stop laughing.This scene itself is enough for me to give 9 out of 10. It may offend some people but after all this is not a show for kids...

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Light and delicious

Author: Rachael K. from United States
25 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While it's far from a perfect episode, this is my second favorite of Season 4 (coming in a very close second to 4.01 Welcome to the Jungle). Yes, its a bit shallow and fluffy and focused primarily on two things - a dare and Ari's struggle with his children's school. And while that's not the deepest of plots, it is one of the best times during the majority of the season wherein the boys from Queens feel cohesive, like a solid, undivided unit. You have the Turtle and Drama hilarity that may push comfort zones but should leave you in stitches, Ari being *gasp* human and the absolute joy that is Eric and Vince one on one. Plus, there's a bonus State of the Union on Eric's old relationships that answered a few of my burning questions.

Overall? This episode is a pleasure - light, fluffy, fun and delicious. Not a masterpiece but a wildly entertaining and eye-popping romp none the less.

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A return to Normalcy

Author: ninja-pimp from United States
2 August 2007

Although not the best episode I've seen of Entourage, this episode seemed like a breath of fresh air. The last dozen episodes have been mired in dramatic, melancholic arches that have moved the show forward, but really made a departure from the fun and carefree spirit that the show encapsulated in seasons 1-3a.

Although I enjoy the character development of season 3b, I missed the humor that the guys had when there wasn't Sloan, a pathetic caricature shell of what used to be Billy Walsh, and a movie that has made all but Drama homeless and broke. The series needed a comic relief, and this episode provided that and made me laugh out of my chair. The scene where Turtle wears the bunny costume is funny enough, but the faces he makes with the nose attached: priceless.

My favorite episodes have always been 'One Day in the Valley' and 'Vegas, Baby. Vegas', but this episode has made my top five.

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Weird Episode- Left me scratching my head......

Author: milesduh8 from United Kingdom
3 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the First episode (so far) that left me feeling amused and confused at the same time after the credits start rolling at the end. It was the first time in all the four series that an episode focused on all five characters without any mention of Medellin, Lost in the clouds or even Drama's Five Towns. I suppose in a way, Doug Ellin wanted to take a breather from all that Hollywood plots and circle the story, for once, on how the characters function as friends and as individual characters.

I read one review once after the first season was launched that Entourage is "the male version of Sex in The City with a twist of Hollywood". I never understood that review because I thought it's nothing like Sex in The City. This show is on a league of its own, but until this last episode I realised what that review was trying to say. That if you try to strip this show off its Hollywood tag, it's really just a show about boys being boys, the way SATC is just a show about girls being girls.

It's very unusual to watch this episode without any mention of Medellin, which to me seemed like the recurring plot of this season, or any upcoming projects for Vince. I also found it surprising that Ari would show a very rare vulnerable side to him but I suppose anyone could see that coming. It was very touching though. The Pivster was fab! At one point, something would happen to each of the characters that would show a different side to them and maybe this episode is it.

Still, I hope there would be no more episodes like this. Very weird, very unusual and I wouldn't want to see it again.

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garbage -- nice title for an episode

Author: jrpk1964 from Los Angeles
30 July 2007

Wow, this show has spiraled into the garbage. At this point we turn off the sound and go to the kitchen during the scenes that don't include Ari and Lloyd. The "story lines" of the other 4 characters are empty and sophomoric and have zero arch or conflict, marry that with the fact that their characters are 1-dimensional and their acting is pathetic. (Kevin Dillon used to be funny until some one told him that one-note acting is funnier and to just do that....the other 3 have never shown they have any talent to begin with) This show has gone from original and interesting to soft-porn written by a college sophomore. This episode was the worst of a horrible season...we're done watching. Hurry up Curb Your Enthusiasm!

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