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Emotional Episode

Author: hobbits4eva from Australia
6 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was definitely one of the best episodes, not only did it have brilliant action sequences, blood and guts, comical relief and a touching moment between Sam and Dean. Gordon finally got what was coming for him, after trying to kill Sammy for so long he was turned into what he hated most. Sammy had another evil moment which gets the audience wondering just what Dean brought back, his brother or something else? As for the Sam and Dean moment, Sam pleaded with Dean to become his brother again, to quit bottling his emotions and become himself. Dean shows Sammy the ropes of the Impala, leaving the viewers touched though also extremely sad, when Dean silently implies that he won't be around forever to keep his love (the Metallicar) alive.

All in all this episode gets a ten out of ten for me, the writers are definably doing something right, not to mention the superb acting by Jensen and Jared! Well done guys!

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Dean Gives in to Sam

Author: ike74ph
25 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Probably the fluffiest episode so far, we see in this episode where Sam pleads successfully with his brother to stop being reckless and become his brother again. Quite a reversal since it has been Dean who keeps the family together. Dean gives in and makes Sam happy. At the end of the episode, Dean's teaching of Sam the ropes has more meaning since not only Dean is the older brother, but for most of Sam's life, Dean also acted as his parent, replacing their constantly absent father. The passing of the torch is not only between brothers, but also between father and son.

Yeah it's gory but at least we get to see Gordon being a recipient of his bad karma. Poetic justice indeed.

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Gordon's a deadly needle.

Author: zombiehigh18 from Egypt
8 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After a few weak episodes, Supernatural is finally back in the game. "Fresh blood" is pretty much one of the strongest episodes on season 3 only second to "Jus in Bello" my favourite.

The Gordon Walker story finally ends, and though I can't say I'm saddened by his death (The man had it coming, he became what he hunted best), I'm a little overwhelmed by the ruthless way he died and I wonder, Is Sam even Sam any more?

I don't know what is the writer's problem with female characters on the show, they start them out as interesting and then go mess the characters up over the course of the events. I know this show is about two brothers and there is no room for any girl, but still! The Bella story is getting ridiculous, with her using the boys in a way that makes them looking like morons. But I'm willing to get over this.

With Dean still acting reckless, Sam begs him to drop the show and be his brother again and telling him how much he looked up to him. Sam's words eventually reach out to Dean and writer Sera Gamble delivers a heart warming scene with Dean showing Sam the ropes of the Impala. (Oh Dean how can you just be so great!, OK I know it's the crazy fan girl in me talking right now)

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Starts out strong ends gory.

Author: mm-39 from Winnipeg
21 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Supernatural episode "Fresh Blood" is one of the goriest episodes the series has made. The acting, directing, and script is intense, and excellently executed. The film makers could not vilify the Winchester brothers by killing a human Gordon so the script's plot twist turns Gordon into a vampire. The second half of Fresh Blood goes into overdrive. I found the second half less story and more gore, and tension oriented. A little over the top, I am sure over the top was the maker's intentions. I will have to watch Fresh Blood a couple of times to make a fair opinion. The show slows down, with a more serious side. Sam finally asks Dean to let him be part of Dean's life. Sam knows Dean is hurting and Dean's hero, suicidal risks taker in order to prove his worth attitude is a false front. Dean never lets anyone really get to know him. Finally, Sam saves Dean's life, and shows his stones with Gordon. Gordon never had the heads up for Sam. Sam beats Gordon in shear might, for Dean. Dean finally let's Sam be part of his life. He tries to teach Sam how to repair the Impala.

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Bye, Bye, Gordon

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
19 August 2009

Gordon Walker escapes from prison and meets Bela, trying to find the location of the Winchester brothers, more specifically Sam that he believes is the Antichrist. The mercenary Bela negotiates a rare mojo bag that Gordon possesses and betrays the brothers. Meanwhile Dean and Sam chase the vampire Lucy following her track of three victims; Dean lures and captures her trying to find the location of her nest. However, she surprisingly tells that she was in the Spider Club, when she was approached by a dealer called Dixon that offered a new drug to her. Dean tells Lucy that she drank vampire blood and beheads her. Dean and Sam head to the club, where they see a man going to an alley with a blonde girl; when they fight with him, Gordon and Kubrick appear out of the blue and shoot them. They succeed to escape but Gordon is captured by Dixon that recognizes him and turns Gordon into a vampire. Gordon feeds of an innocent victim and then he kills his partner that wanted to stop him. The hunter decides to ambush Sam and use his vampire power to kill Sam as his last mission.

"Fresh Blood" is a good episode if the viewer buys the idea that a vampire can bite and does not transform his victim. The good news is that Gordon is finally eliminated, decapitated by Sam. The author gave a good motive to the Winchester brothers to destroy one of their greatest enemies. However, the scum and snake Bela is still alive, betraying and luring Dean and Sam many times. Dean seems to be aware that he has only a couple of moths of life and decides to act like a big brother, teaching Sam how to fix his car. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Sangue Fresco" ("Fresh Blood")

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tough guy

Author: grindler1000 from United States
24 January 2014

OMG, has that idiot who plays dean figured out how to sharpen a knife yet??? I actually was fooled to think he had some street credibility. You sharpen a knife on side at a small angle. he sharpens it dragging the bladed edge across the stone at a 90 degree angle. that only insures it will be completely rounded over. apparently the closest he ever was to a real knife was in ballet class! So how is it that he, the producers, the editors, in fact everyone involved with this episode does not know how to sharpen a knife? This is a little beyond comprehension. It brings into question nearly ANY other "tough guy" acting on the show. Shooting guns, loading guns, handling guns? How about keeping his muscle car working...guy probably never even changed the oil in one. Seeing this made the entire rest of the series seem superficial and fake. So sad

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Nice script, as usual, but... somethings wrong

Author: Miro ( from Slovakia
8 June 2008

Well, there's just one thing i would like to comment about this one. OK,well done, gory, nice plot, as usual. I liked it as every episode. With the time, i come to realize the history about the Winchesters is still to recover, as still new and new shocking information arise. But, isn't it strange Dean got bit in the neck by Gordon, who has become a vampire, and thats no deal for the older Winchester? Because as always told, once your blood got in contact in vampires blood, you are infected. So? Isn't it strange? There is clearly to see that Dean has been bitten, its obvious. I do not understand that, maybe someone would make arguments like "Oh, but he wasn't biting him too long and deep" etc. Thats a goof, i think. Anywas, i adore the show:)

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