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"Smallville" Wrath (2007)

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During a lightning storm, a high-voltage bolt mixed with kryptonite transfers Clark's powers to Lana, making her as super as Clark. With this new strength, speed, and every other power, Lana gets increasingly corrupt until she wants to get revenge on Lex for every despicable thing he has done to her. In this time, with Chloe's help Clark comes to understand that in her vengeance Lana has become a secretive, deceptive liar. Clark learns that she has been spying on Lex, and was the reason behind Lionel's kidnapping. Clark stops her, after being told that he has wasted his time on the farm with so much more potential due to his abilities. These discoveries about Lana cause Clark to be reluctant to continue the relationship that everybody increasingly realizes is keeping him from his destiny.


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