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Chicago Tribune
It's a lot of fun. Its spirit is genuine and, even with the odd vomit gag, fundamentally sweet.
This familiar scenario works because of well-written and acted characters. The disciplined direction is by Peter Cattaneo, who tackled somewhat similar material in "The Full Monty" a decade ago.
The movie's is really good, clean fun that's fine for slightly older kids and a lot of fun for adults.
The Hollywood Reporter
Overcomes its essential familiarity thanks to a frequently witty script, grounded direction (by Peter Cattaneo, of "Full Monty" fame) and an engaging turn by its star that proves him more than capable of carrying a comedy feature.
Philadelphia Inquirer
The Rocker can be amusingly dopey, with its "Spinal Tap"-ish lampooning of rock idioms - and idiots.
A grubby little redemption comedy that in every way feels like a consignment-shop Jack Black vehicle.
The Rocker has the requisite vomit, the view of some very unfortunate hind quarters and the suds. It's also got a vein of sweetness and charm.
You want to like almost everyone in this film, but they're all undone by a weak script.
Wilson works overtime to hold Peter Cattaneo's flimsy comedy together.
The only brazen thing about the film is how shamelessly it rips off "School of Rock."
If you're a Rainn Wilson fan, catch a rerun of "The Office."

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