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kathy53538533 January 2008
I hope that the writing for Sam Waterston as the D.A. will get better than these first two episodes gave us. He is too fine a talent to go to waste on what we got here. And Linus Roache is a very fine actor, also not well used. Or maybe I should say that the writers didn't seem to know HOW to utilize his new character. You are going to lose the show ultimately, with this big a change, if you don't get with the program (pun, pun). I mean it. The writing for the detectives was done with the ease that the many years have given the authors. THAT part of the two programs was great, as usual. But if the writers do not give these excellent actors playing the District Attornies some superior scripts I think that the show will finally find it's finish.
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I'm opposed to the death penalty. On what grounds? It's cruel.
paolo ceccacci23 February 2018
A man committed suicide after a farewell to his charming wife and his daughter. He was the brother of detective Cyrus Lupo who was overseas at the time of death. The victim had cancers in lung and liver, that led him to the letal injection of potassium chloride that caused his death; anyway someone helped him on this. After another sick person committed suicide in the same way, it became clear a facilitator played a role on this. Who is the pusher? A video showed a patient thanked a reporter for helping him dying without suffering. But the way the journalist got information could have been inaccurate sometimes and a nurse whose father (Brad Dourif aged from "Mississippi Burning") had priors in assisting suicide wanted to frame him. Wait till the very end to see what happen on the stand.

McCoy becomes the chief, taking the Branch place in this season. I miss Milena Govich as female detective, the new one is half as good as her. The new prosecutor looks like a younger Michael Douglas.
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Dr. Kevorkian on call
bkoganbing28 December 2017
This opening episode of season 18 introduces Jeremy Sisto as Detective Cyrus Lupo who has been over seas on intelligence missions for the NYPD. His brother has taken his own life because of terminal cancer. But he's gotten some help from nurse Marin Ireland who is the daughter of and devoted disciple for her father Brad Dourif, a Kevorkian like doctor who has just been released from prison for some assisted suicides.

There is still a lot of controversy concerning the ethics of what Kevorkian was doing in real life. But Ireland has an agenda all her own involving a TV news reporter Michael McKean whose TV documentary helped put Dourif away.

The story was a good introduction to Cyrus Lupo and to Linus Roache as ADA Michael Cutter now that Sam Waterston is the new DA. Cutter's trial ends in a way that few could have foreseen.

Some folks if they have a cause will do anything to make a point.
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