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Paradise Lost was a step down for "Bionic Woman" compared to pilot
tavm5 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
In this one, we find out Jamie's boyfriend Will died (perhaps following that shot he got on the shoulder in the pilot episode). She then decides to have sex in the public restroom with a guy named Steve (perhaps named after Steve Austin of "The Six Million Dollar Man"). Miguel Ferrer's character walks in at this point and asks her, "Are you in or out?" Not liking his tone, Jamie says, "I'm out." (Didn't she agree to join "on my terms" the previous week? That scene confused me.) Jamie then, through super-hearing, finds out about a woman about to commit suicide and manages to save her in perhaps the most cheesy way I've seen on modern television. Obviously, there was some bad editing. She then meets a nice man in a bookstore as she's reading "What Color is Your Parachute?" He's played by ex-"Grey's Anatomy" star Isaiah Washington. He has a dog with him which, I guess, is supposed to tell us what a nice guy he is (and perhaps make us forget his homophobic remarks that got him fired from the hit ABC show). We later find out he's her handler in Ferrer's agency. The rest of the episode takes place in a town called Paradise where everyone there turns up dead except a teenage girl who was in the bathroom when whatever caused the mass dying occurred. I'll just stop here and mention that the most intriguing scenes concerned the Katee Sackhoff "bad" bionic woman and her love scene with a trainer of Jamie's. Oh, and the little sister of Jamie's can be both a brat and a little lovable. Overall, this episode was a little step down from the pilot I saw last week but the scenes for next weeks episode with Michelle Ryan and Sackhoff look very interesting indeed so I'll tune in next week for that.
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Paradise lost ... still looking for hope
mertealaur22 December 2007
This episode continues in the same manner the pilot; maybe a little more badly done than the pilot (but the pilot is made to impress,no?). Definitely it still is in the same style: fast paced from times to times (many times too fast), simple and full of clichés in the critical parts. Also, at this point the show lacks complexity: it's just plain old stuffy! Although there still remains hope: the diversity of the conflicts between characters and the vastity of the plots (altough still linear). As for the acting: poor to medium, with one exception - Miguel Ferrer who is well-fitted in his character. Anyway I'm still waiting to see what happens in the next episode!
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