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Miss Nugent: [Watching Blackpool Illuminations from the coach] Oh look Mrs Sharples, Old King Cole!

Ena Sharples: If that's Old King Cole I'm Huckleberry Hound; if you don't know what you're watching you want to keep your trap shut.

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Ken Barlow: I don't know. Doesn't take much to amuse some people, does it?

Valerie Tatlock: How d'you mean, Ken?

Ken Barlow: Well, look at it. Beside the Great British Seaside: masstopia here we come. No wonder some people emigrate.

Valerie Tatlock: What are you talking about?

Ken Barlow: Well just think of it. For fifty weeks of the year they work to save up for this. A fortnight in Blackpool: chip shops, stink of onions, lights, some imbecile sideshows, a dirty great concrete fairground and they're happy. Or so they think.

Valerie Tatlock: Course they're happy, Ken, they wouldn't come otherwise, would they?

Ken Barlow: No, they don't know any better. They live in dumps like Coronation Street and they think this is paradise.

Valerie Tatlock: Well what's wrong with it?

Ken Barlow: Everything - it's overcrowded, overcharged... It's not right, Val, people deserve better than this. Some people work hard, very hard, all the year round and this is what they get at the end of it. If only they could want a bit more.

Valerie Tatlock: Well it wouldn't do if everyone was alike, would it?

Ken Barlow: Well that's just what they are in this place, like a lot of sheep.

Valerie Tatlock: Look Ken, you enjoy yourself going to the theatre and reading and all that. Well other people are different, they enjoy this.

Ken Barlow: You mean they think they do cos they don't know any better.

Valerie Tatlock: [deflated] You're not enjoying yourself then?

Ken Barlow: [Beat as Ken realises what he's been saying] I am. But then I enjoy being with you.

Valerie Tatlock: Well let's see you smile, then.

[He smiles at her; they kiss]

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