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Memorable Short Film
MystifiedMe1 July 2007
After watching Spider as well as another short film titled Lucky, it seems that Nash Edgerton has a slightly warped mind that relishes the bizarre unexpected plot twist. Even though the final twist in Spider is rather macabre, I also found it kind of humorous - sort of a "that's horrid but it does serve you right" reaction.

The production of Spider is very real-life and natural feeling, gritty rather than slick. The actress who plays Jill, Mirrah Foulkes, is especially good. Her reactions to Jack's 'sweeet' attempts at making up and to his dreadfully misguided joke, are most believable.

Watching Spider is like reading an imaginative short story, I hope to be able to view more offbeat and good stories by Mr. Edgerton.
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Fun and games
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews5 March 2015
Jack(Edgerton, charming, who also directs) and Jill(Foulkes, cute) are driving, well, she is, to be more precise, and he's in the front passenger seat. She's annoyed with him – he always takes things too far. A bit of a practical joker, that one. They stop for gas, and he buys her some apology gifts… and something else.

This uses its 8 minute running time(not counting the end credits, with, it's 9) well. Everything is established, set up. We're shown with a few shots and seconds everything we need to know about these two, as individuals, together, and each decision and event builds, until we reach the hilarious major punchlines. If you want outrageous, pitch black humor, Aussie productions are definitely the way to go. Production values are solid. Nothing feels like it's on a budget. This is a sweet rom-com about a couple who can get on each other's nerves… but who do really love each other. And then that is interrupted by a sudden burst of comedy, which is all the more effective by its surrounding short.

There is some brutal, disturbing content in this. I recommend it to anyone who loves this kind of thing. 8/10
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Hard to ignore
riverwildeuk23 January 2014
In my continued attempt to avoid spoilers, I am hoping that I can do fair justice in my review of this good little short. If you have not seen it please do. For me it does not merely sit in the comedy genre but does have a gore element without the blood and guts. A plot driven film that hinges on two story twists - one too obvious while the other unexpected and funny - there is not a real story to this short. It would be fairer to say this is a sketch of shorts that pulls off a well executed plot. The performances are neither here or there and you are left to marvel at how they achieved the visual effects and applaud the filmmakers for that and of course the brilliant editing.
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james141011 October 2007
This is an exceptional piece of film. Brilliantly crafted by Nash Edgerton, I think there is little doubt he is about to make a huge impact on the Australian film industry. This 9 minutes is high impact film making with stunning visuals, slick editing, moody cinematography, amazing production value and kick ass directing. Beyond his obvious skills behind the camera and in the editing suite, Nash plays the lead character with great skill and timing. A measured performance before the mayhem sets in. What else can one say when superlatives do not do this offering justice. I eagerly look forward to Nash's debut feature film currently in production.
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the worst short I've never seen
pietrovega8 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Really awful short, a stupid no-sense joke without any human sensibility. Laughing boisterously about a young woman killed in so stupid way in a car accident caused by stupidity is the worst signal of degeneration in artistic conception I've never seen. The very realistic "mise-en-scene" make this short film astonishing but, also for this, much more cynic and without any dramatic aim, any view of life, any pity, nothing of nothing. Only the empty eye of a shark. A wily accomplisher of film tricks without any interest in narrating something but only in sadistic and inhuman laughter. Is really so funny to transform an argument between two lovers in a road tragedy where the young woman is brutally run over by a car? Why this? Where's the interest? Where's the sense? The interpretation of a paradox, or a wise, clever tale of absurdity of life? I see only the shocking death of a poor woman. And the situation that generate everything empty and only mechanic. A cold joke for bulimic you tube users. An announcement of Apocalypse.
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Surprise element does not make a great film
filmreviews@web.de27 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This slightly-under-10-minute short film is directed by, written by and starring Nash Edgerton shortly before he became Bob Dylan's regular music video director. The female lead is Mirrah Foulkes and Edgerton's slightly younger and probably more famous brother Joel has a small part in it as well.

We see a couple in a car and seemingly he did something before the film started to upset his girlfriend, as it's easy to see from her reactions (or lack thereof) and face expressions that she's angry at her man. The main content of the film is how he uses different ways to get on her good side again. Finally he managed thanks to a bouquet of flowers and chocolate. Had the film ended at this point, it could actually have been a pretty decent, though not too interesting, feel-good movie. However, it does not and what happens next is pretty much what you'd expect to happen from a stunt man directing a film (and that's not meant in a derogatory fashion). Actually, I was really surprised the girl survived it cause judging from the impact of raw force she looked like a goner. Unfortunately, I don't think the final act managed to raise the film quality-wise. It just added shock value and surprise the film could have done without and as a whole, I would not really recommend the film because of it. The moment she criticizes herself for giving in over some chocolate, I was really close to giving it a thumbs-up though.
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Roald Dahl would be proud of this tale of the unexpected...
Jack Keane14 August 2011
While this film may only be 9 minutes long, believe me when I say that in this tiny window of a running time, Nash Edgerton packs in a couple of narrative punches that are so shocking, startling, bizarre and downright macabre, that they must be seen to be believed. I would really, really, really, ridiculously like to tell you what those narrative punches are, but the less you know going into "Spider," the better. (The surprise is half of the desired effect.) What I will say in this review is pretty much what every other reviewer has and will say about this, which is basically just giving you a basic outline of what "Spider" is about...at least, to start with. (Like I said: the surprise is definitive.) The film begins in a car, and with us meeting the main characters of the film: a couple known as Jack and Jill. (This should give you an indication of how this is sort of a twisted play on the original nursery rhyme.) Jack has done something to Jill before the film's begun that has made her rather peeved with him. In a matter of a couple of lines of dialogue, we learn that Jack is rather the practical joker - the kind of prankster that goes way too far in his attempts to have a laugh. Jill, it would seem, has had enough. The strained couple are in the middle of driving to - and then arrive at - a petrol station for gas. As Jill leaves Jack to sit in the car to fill up her car, leaving him to ponder how he can make her smile for him again, Jack gets out of the car and enters the kiosk. It is here that Jack buys several items with which he hopes he can reconciliate with Jill. But little does he know the dramatic effect that one of these items in particular will soon have on both him and Jill... But I can tell you no more after that. By looking on this IMDb page for "Spider," you may be able to glean some clues as to what happens by the film's end. (The tagline alone is more important than how it might first appear...) Other than that, though, you should go into this with as little information as possible. For example, I came across this film very late last night on Channel 4, alongside another short film called "Incident By A Bank" (also recommended). I had no idea what it was about, nor knew anything about it beforehand, but this similar treatment of the short films shown late at night on Channel 4 lead me to another great short film just days before this one, called "One Minute Past Midnight" (also very highly recommended), so I gave "Spider" a shot, and it was worth it. So, if you find yourself able to watch this through whatever means you've found to be able to watch it, do so immediately...because your jaw will hit the floor and you will be positively gobsmacked...TWICE.
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Hold on....this one will make your heart stop!
MartinHafer7 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I normally don't say this, but if you watch this film, you really should not have any heart problems or be terribly squeamish. I am NOT kidding--if you are not 100% sure, then you should not watch this movie as it is probably the most heart-pounding and amazing shorts I've seen in a long time. I also was very impressed with the film--not just because it made such a very strong visceral reaction on me. The film was amazingly well-constructed and even funny, in a very, very dark and twisted way.

While I could say more or even describe the plot, I'd rather not as it would clearly spoil the film. The bottom line is that this is a great but tough to watch short and I can't wait to see more from the brilliant folks who made it. Great job!

FYI--Aside from starring in the film, directing it and co-writing it, Nash Edgerton is most widely known as, of all things, a stunt man! This guy can apparently do it all!!
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Gee whiz, didn't anybody else read "Charlotte's Web" as a kid?
BigBabe026 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I was just wondering why so many people seem to be afraid of spiders. What I most admire about them is their approach to life: set up shop somewhere and then just wait for something to happen along. As to their dietary regimen: okay, they eat bugs because bugs are available. Not too many pizzas come flying along, I would imagine.

Anyway, it almost takes longer to describe the plot of this short film than it does to watch it. "Jack" and "Jill" (hey, cute) are driving along in Australia (I still can't get used to seeing the steering wheel on the wrong side). She's mad at him for some reason. They stop at a gas station (run by guys from India, of course) where he buys her some presents. Back in the car, he feeds her some chocolates and just as she's starting to like him again, a rubber spider freaks her out. She pulls over, gets out, then hops backwards and is promptly hit by a mini-van. (It seems to be a trend in movies nowadays to depict what's within the screen as a kind of two-dimensional universe, at least in scenes like this, so the oncoming vehicle apparently arrives out of nowhere and can't be seen at a distance by the person about to get hit.) Paramedics then arrive; one of them prepares a hypodermic needle for Jill, sees the fake spider, also freaks out and our Jack winds up with the needle in his eyeball. "Oooh, I HATE when that happens!" "I know what you mean...." Like many people I guess, I'll watch pretty much anything if I know in advance it's only ten minutes long, and I didn't regard this as a waste of my ten minutes. Nice quick dose of sardonic humor from Down Under, what's not to like? As to what it's "for"? Hey, that's easy: it's for... about ten minutes.
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*Avoidable* Who said it is great??
Bobish Mp4 October 2014
I don't know why this short getting too much positive reviews! Short films are intended to create a sea of ideas within a short period of time. I saw some terrific short films in recent times such as Room 8 , La culpa , with Mind blowing twists.

But spider got a wafer thin and uninteresting plot.It might be more pleasing if its trimmed into a shorter length.With a running time of 9 minutes it create extreme lagging.

So, if you are looking for an interesting short with a good plot twist its not your cup of tea.You had better search Google for any other one.

Final verdict: Poor short film with an uninteresting plot.
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