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Achieves something that is uncommonly difficult. It is a spiritual movie with the power to emotionally touch believers, agnostics and atheists -- in that descending order, I suspect.
The Hollywood Reporter
The biggest hole in this picture is not so much whether an audience will buy its miracles but whether an audience will care about Henry Poole. Wilson hits the same notes in virtually every scene without any change to his physical rhythms or moods.
Miami Herald
A large part of the movie's appeal can be attributed to Wilson, more dour than he's been in ages and yet more interesting, too.
Sappy and corny, but there are a few lovely moments.
If inciting boredom is the worst sin a filmmaker can commit, being timid is right behind it. Whether I agree with your point of view or not, I want to hear it.
It's less a tale of religious rebirth than a faith-based Hallmark card.
The film has some amusing moments and can be intriguing when it focuses on the slow transformation of a hopeless, faithless man.
Handsomely photographed by Eric Schmidt and nicely underplayed by the actors, the film relies too much on its jukebox soundtrack to convey mood.
A strange and thoughtful little movie.
Chicago Tribune
Unfortunately it's all a bit dull.
It's easy to see how a film so unafraid of religious touchstones could become a phenomenon among the faithful. Nonbelievers, however, need not apply.

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