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It is a great film about greatness, the story of the horse and the no less brave woman who had faith in him.
Grace is grace, and however it arrives, there's no denying its presence.
An engaging sports movie about the greatest racehorse ever and his female owner who literally bets the farm on his supremacy.
What you DO get with Secretariat is a picture that, unlike its bland predecessor Seabiscuit, actually captures some of the thrill of racing.
The result, if occasionally forced, is also irresistible.
This pleasantly rote movie will rouse you.
If it's hip to be square, then this racehorse movie is the ultimate in cornball cool.
The true story of the recordbreaking Secretariat is pretty stupendous as is. It didn't need schmaltzing up.
Wallace layers on some era-specific meaning to Chenery, who seems to be simply following her lineage, thanks to Lane's quietly dignified performance. Malkovich is more fun, though Laurin isn't as outrageous as the movie thinks he is.
In Secretariat, the fictionalized bits are simple exaggerations - broad, Disneyish adjustments in races and other realities.
Wall Street Journal
Secretariat stumbles along beneath the weight of leaden life lessons. They're dispensed at frequent intervals by Diane Lane, who does better than anyone had a right to expect, since she is saddled with dialogue of exceptional dreadfulness.

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