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Thor: Ragnarok Set Video Shows Hela in Action

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Thor: Ragnarok Set Video Shows Hela in Action
Now that Doctor Strange has unleashed the power of mysticism on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and the box office for that matter), all eyes are on 2017 and Marvel's slate of upcoming movies. One of those movies will be the culmination of the Thor trilogy, Thor: Ragnarok. We still don't have a trailer, but there is a pretty cool set video featuring the movie's main villain Hela that you can check out.

The video was posted to the bigfootkam YouTube Channel and at first, looks a bit underwhelming. The set they were filming on will clearly be heavily reliant on visual effects. But once the action kicks in, the unfinished set doesn't matter quite as much. Cate Blanchett is playing the villain Hela in Thor: Ragnarok, and sadly, she isn't featured in the video (it is her stunt double Zoe Bell), but we do get to see what the big baddie will look like in action.
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Sky High 2 in the Works with Original Director

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Sky High 2 in the Works with Original Director
Are we about to get Sky High 2? A sequel to the 2005 Disney superhero comedy? Perhaps, as original director Mike Mitchell is currently working on the screenplay alongside Walt Dohrn. Though, the duo is torn between moving forward on the Sky High sequel or returning to the Shrek franchise, which they've both contributed to in the past.

When Sky High opened back in 2005, it was a big deal as it reunited Kurt Russell with Disney, and payed homage to some of his earliest family classics. It was a hit with critics and audiences alike, but proved to be more of a success on home video than at the box office, pulling in just $63.9 million domestically off a $35 million budget. It would go onto gross $86.3 million worldwide, and it was clearly set up for a sequel.

The original Sky High revolved around a school in the sky where teens learn how to be superheroes.
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All of Quentin Tarantino’s Films – Ranked by Kalyn Corrigan

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Quentin Tarantino is possibly the most prolific writer/director working in film today. His first feature-length film, Reservoir Dogs, came out back in 1993, and yet the man still manages to surprise us with his hard-hitting dialogue, unconventional humor, and radical social and political commentary. This is a man who serves as a prime example of succeeding as a result of respecting one's elders, as he learns from those great filmmakers who came before him, while still managing to thread his own style through his intricately woven, homage-heavy film résumé.

While the rest of the world toned down its violence and opted for bigger box office, PG-13 sure-things, Tarantino stuck to his guns, consistently making movies for adults and constantly pushing the envelope as to what is allowed onscreen and how to go about displaying such graphic material. Tarantino doesn't give a damn what you think, and that's the reason why
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Blumhouse Productions: Roger Corman for the 21st Century?

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Although it seems they are synonymous with found-footage horror, low budget movies that will still be financial successes if audiences stop turning out in droves to see them, Blumhouse Productions are arguably something far more interesting. Their prolific output can easily be read as an updating of Roger Corman’s low budget exploitation aesthetic for the 21st century, albeit one that reflects pop culture’s increasingly low standards when it comes to genre filmmaking. After all, Corman-produced films helped launch the filmmaking careers of Scorsese, Cameron and Coppola, among dozens more, whereas Blumhouse acts as a low-budget home for directors whose bigger budget movies have critically and commercially underwhelmed.

It is the rare studio that can take successful auteurs like Barry Levinson or M. Night Shymalan and reduce them to directing found footage horror, rather then working the other way round and using these projects to give them their initial big break.
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200 Greatest Horror Films (150-141)

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Special Mention: Death Proof

Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino

USA, 2007

Genre: Slasher

The obvious reference points of Death Proof are such movies as Vanishing Point, Roadgames, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, and even Spielberg’s Duel – but Death Proof is influenced by more than just vehicular horror. Tarantino’s homage to the road-fury genre is really two movies in one, offering two versions of the same story about two separate groups of beautiful women who are stalked by a homicidal maniac who uses his car (his weapon of choice) to terrorize and eventually kill his victims. Death Proof can easily be viewed as two slasher films, with the second half acting as a sequel, offering new, beautiful victims for the murderous Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) to terrorize. It’s a grim stalk-and-slash picture with a blaring commentary of female empowerment. Replace the typical sharp edged blade with a car, and
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Fantastic Fest 2015: Camino – The Review

Zoe Bell has proven that she’s up to the challenge of getting her hands dirty in films like Raze, Bitch Slap, and her career igniting role in Death Proof. Her physicality is without question. She more than holds her own in Camino as she rumbles in the jungle with a bunch of Columbian thugs. There’s a stark realism to her maneuvers, punches, and kicks, but the stunt woman turned actress from New Zealand doesn’t quite have the strength to carry this 70’s and 80’s throwback action film. Camino suffers from a case of being both monotonous and feeling like a film you’ve seen done better before.

Avery Taggert (Zoe Bell) is an award-winning photojournalist. Her new assignment is to venture into the jungles of Colombia and document a group of religious freedom fighters led by Fantastic Fest mainstay and all-around wild man Nacho Vigalondo – an inspired bit of casting.
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WWE Divas Champion Aj Brooks Leads Impressive cast in William Butler’s “The Mist meets The Walking Dead” monster film Hellstorm!!

This is one that we’re Very excited about. Director William Butler’s upcoming “The Mist meets The Walking Dead” monster film, Hellstorm now has a cast and it’s led by the three-time WWE Divas champion Aj Brooks, as well as quite an impressive supporting cast. Everyone from Leatherface: TCM III‘s Kate Hodge (who co-starred with Butler in TCM III ), Cabin Fever‘s Jordan Ladd and Clue‘s Colleen Camp to former WWE champ Phil “Cm Punk” Brooks is on board in what looks to be a return to the practical monster fx movies that we all know and love. We’ve got the official press release for you fright fanatics, and we’ll keep you updated on the film, when more news arrives. Read on!

Los Angeles, CA –Three-Time WWE Divas Champion Aj Brooks has been cast as the lead in her feature film debut. The
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25 great directors working outside mainstream cinema

  • Den of Geek
Meet some of the best directors working today, who haven't gone down the blockbuster movie route...

Ever find it a bit lame when the same big name directors get kicked around for every high profile project? Christopher Nolan, Jj Abrams, maybe the Russo Brothers? With so much focus on blockbuster films these days, getting a major franchise job seems like the main acknowledgement of success for a filmmaker. And yes, both the financial and creative rewards can be great. But there are plenty of other directors out there, doing their own thing, from art house auteurs to Dtv action specialists.

Here are 25 examples.

Lee Hardcastle

Even if you don’t know his name, you’ve probably seen Lee Hardcastle’s ultraviolent claymations shared on social media. He first started getting noticed for his two-minute remake of The Thing, starring the famous stop motion penguin Pingu. Far from just a cheap one-joke mash-up,
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Watch: Supercut Details Visual Symmetry Between John Carpenter's 'Escape From New York' And 'Escape From L.A.'

  • The Playlist
As a heavy metal-loving youngster, few films were initially as appealing to me as John Carpenter’s campy, brilliant, darkly funny sci-fi/action landmark “Escape from New York.” That movie’s hero, Snake Plissken — played memorably by Kurt Russell in one of his most iconic performances — was, quite simply, the biggest badass in the galaxy. He was a punk-rock Robin Hood armed with little more than a sneer, a shotgun, and his trademark eye patch, with which he was meant to dispatch a whole metropolis’ worth of psychotic goons. In many of his subsequent parts (Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof” comes to mind), we’ve seen Russell doffing his cap to the role that made him a star, and it’s not hard to see why. To a whole generation of movie-lovers, Kurt Russell simply is Snake Plissken. Carpenter’s vividly realized, eye-popping vision of an apocalyptic New York City,
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Mary Elizabeth Winstead to Head into The Cellar for Bad Robot

The gorgeous Mary Elizabeth Winstead -below ('Death Proof') is reportedly looking to join actor John Goodman over on the Jj Abrams produced thriller 'The Cellar' (formerly known as 'Valencia'). The Bad Robot production will be helmed by Dan Trachtenberg from a script penned by Dan Casey. No details about the role that Winstead would actually be tackling but from the plot summary below we should likely assume that she'll be playing the 'young woman' as described. The movie is set for release sometime in 2016....
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Here Are All of Quentin Tarantino's Best Music Scenes in One Video

If there’s one thing that immediately hits the viewer when watching a Quentin Tarantino film, it’s that music is extremely crucial to the atmosphere and narrative of his work. In an interview with Contact Music, Tarantino spoke about his writing process and how music plays a large role in the way he works. The quote is too good to chop up, so brace yourself for a novel-length explanation, below. While you’re here, check out this supercut of Tarantino music scenes, featuring the extremely danceable Pulp Fiction, Death Proof and more. Music is very important in my movies. In some ways the most important stage, whether it ends up being in the movie or not, is when I come up with the idea itself, before I've actually sat down and started...

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Watch: Supercut Of The Music Scenes In Quentin Tarantino's Films

  • The Playlist
He hasn’t even shot a foot of film on “The Hateful Eight” and we still can’t stop talking about Quentin Tarantino. Earlier this week, we showed you a supercut of every death and kill in Tarantino’s filmography, and yesterday brought a look at the teaser for the director’s latest. Today we traverse into the past again, but this time with a less violent result. Yesterday, editor Javier Virto posted a short supercut on Vimeo that shines a spotlight on some of the iconic sequences in Tarantino’s films which memorably used music. All the heavy hitter are accounted for: the Jack Rabbit Slims dance, the Mr. Blonde and cop interrogation, the lapdance scene in the extended cut of “Death Proof” and many others. While you’ll have to play the songs originally used in the scenes in your head —the video cuts all the scenes into
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Girly Beat Em Up Flick Raze to Air on Showtime

Girl on girl beat 'em up movie 'Raze' has been around for a few months now, enjoying a theatrical, VOD and DVD audience. And unless you've been living under a rock or haven't yet managed to check it out your luck may have just changed. 'Raze', from director Josh C. Waller and starring action gal Zoe Bell ('Death Proof') and the deliriously hot Rachel Nichols ('The Amityville Horror', 'P2'), will begin a months run over on Showtime. It'll begin showing tonight at 12:00 midnight, 19 August and run through to 12 September. The movie stars a whole host of female fighting performances from those including Rebecca Marshall ('Saw 3D'), Tracie Thoms ('Death Proof'), Sherilyn Fenn ('Twin Peaks'), Tara Macken ('The Hunger Games'), Adrienne Wilkinson, Nicole Steinwedell ('The Unit'), Bailey Borders, Allene Quincy,
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Watch Every Death in a Quentin Tarantino Movie So Far

I don't think it's a spoiler to say people die in Quentin Tarantino movies. I think it's pretty safe to assume people will die in his next movie, The Hateful Eight. Hell, people might even die in the upcoming teaser trailer for the film set to play in front of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For this weekend even though filming on the movie has yet to begin. That's how often people die in Tarantino movies and Vimeo user Jaume R. Lloret has taken upon himself to pore over Tarantino's filmography -- Reservoir Dogs (1992), Pulp Fiction (1994), Jackie Brown (1997), Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003), Kill: Bill Vol. 2 (2004), Death Proof (2007), Inglourious Basterds (2009), Django Unchained (2012) -- and presents every death from a Tarantino film in the following four-minute supercut. Previously, Vanity Fair charted every death in Tarantino's movies can came up with approximately 560 total on-screen deaths (see the chart below the video
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7 Quentin Tarantino Movie Plots That Really Happened

Dimension Films

Critic Ken Dancyger, when reviewing hotshot new director Quentin Tarantino’s second feature Pulp Fiction, called it “a new phenomenon, the movie whose style is created from the context of movie life rather than real life. The consequence is twofold—the presumption of deep knowledge on the part of the audience of those forms such as the gangster films or Westerns, horror films or adventure films. And that the parody or alteration of that film creates a new form, a different experience for the audience.”

Tarantino himself has agreed with this assessment, splitting his films up further into the “realer than real” and “movie movies”. The “realer than real” – Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown – are still pretty divorced from reality, but they’re still more grounded than the “movie movies” like Kill Bill and Death Proof. As over the top as his characters can be, though, and
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Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight – First Poster Revealed

The Weinstein Company

It’s probably safe to say we all loved Django Unchained. How could you not? The blood, the guts, the drama, the dodgy Australian accents – it was everything you could hope for in a Quentin Tarantino movie, and more besides. Then Qt himself dropped a bombshell: Django was more of a test subject. He was seeing if he could make a Western. And now that he’s learned he can – and an awesome one at that – he’s moving onto his first big frontier epic proper, in a film he calls The Hateful Eight. The Magnificent Seven’s angsty older brothers, maybe?

The film suffered a setback in January this year when the script got leaked onto the internet. Tarantino was, understandably, a little peeved at this (and by “a little peeved” we hope you know what we really mean, especially from a man so infamous for
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Shouldn't You Actually Start Filming Before You Have a Movie Poster?

They're now officially counting Kill Bill as One feature so that The Hateful Eight can be Quentin Tarantino's official "8th" film. Convenient, eh? But that's okay because they should've been one film all along. And oh what gross film-splittings have occurred in their wake.

Question: Shouldn't you start filming before releasing a poster?

The movie is not scheduled to start filming until 2015... and the poster assumes everything will happen on schedule and it will be out by the end of that year. Good luck, movie! This reminds me of Amir's rants about all those opening day announcements for secret movies. Hollywood has a preemie problem.

And may Quentin get this out of his system since this'll be his second consecutive nearly all male western. May he some day return to writing great female roles again because he's slipping into terrain that other writer/directors have covered sufficiently throughout time.
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Rapper Iggy Azalea to cameo in Fast & Furious 7

Even though Fast & Furious 7 has now wrapped recently and the movie is heading into post-production, French music station have learned that rapper Iggy Azalea will feature in the movie as a cameo.

While promoting Guardians of the Galaxy (read our two ★★★★ reviews here and here and our podcast review here), Vin Diesel spoke about the cameo, which will mark the acting debut of Azelea.

“Iggy Azaela? I just worked with her about two weeks ago,” the actor said. “We casted her in Fast & Furious 7. She has a cameo in Fast & Furious 7.”

Fast & Furious 7 is set for release on April 10th, 2015, with James Wan (The Conjuring) directing a cast that also includes returning stars Dwayne Johnson (Hercules), Michelle Rodriguez (Resident Evil), Jordana Brewster (The Faculty), Tyrese Gibson (Transformers), Ludacris (New Year’s Eve), Lucas Black (Jarhead) and the late Paul Walker alongside Jason Statham (Crank 2: High Voltage), Kurt Russell
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Kurt Russell: Quentin Tarantino's 'Hateful Eight' may shoot early next year

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Kurt Russell: Quentin Tarantino's 'Hateful Eight' may shoot early next year
(Cbr) Kurt Russell just made a lot of Quentin Tarantino fans happy. The "Death Proof" star recently appeared on Fox 29 in Philadelphia, where he revealed, “I’ve got a Tarantino project called "'The Hateful Eight' that looks like it may go somewhere around the beginning of the year.” Russell took part in a live reading of the script after it leaked online. For a while, Tarantino was going to scrap the project as a film, but in May word got out that it could begin shooting as early as November. Russell stars alongside Samuel L. Jackson in the Wild West film as rival bounty hunters who get stuck in a saloon as a blizzard rolls in. They will be joined by Walton Goggins’ Awol Confederate soldier, Amber Tamblyn’s convicted criminal, and characters played by Bruce Dern and Michael Madsen. (via
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Tarantino’s Hateful Eight looks like it will be made after all

Kurt Russell seems to confirm. Quentin Tarantino looks like he will be making his Western movie, The Hateful Eight, after all, backtracking on previous threats to abandon his script. Kurt Russell, who previously starred in the filmmaker’s grindhouse movie Death Proof, seemed to have confirmed as much, telling CinemaBlend: "There's a Tarantino project called The Hateful Eight that looks like it may go somewhere around the beginning of the year."
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