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Odin: By the golden gates of Asgard! My own son hath divulged his identity to a female Earthling! Even the heavens do quiver and shake in celestial indignation! Though he is my favoured son, he has broken the law! There must be reckoning!

Narrator: Little knowing of the strange reception which awaits him, Thor hurtles toward Asgard...

[Thor arrives in the presence of his father]

Thor: Hail, most noble father!

[Odin is silent]

Thor: If my father hath no desire to converse, then I shall return to Earth!

Odin: I say thee, NAY!

Thor: The fury in your eyes... the thunder in your voice... Father! You know!

Odin: Not for nothing am I Odin the All-Wise!

Narrator: Indeed, Hercules finds the sprawling metropolis vastly entertaining... and vice versa!

Hercules: What, you still stand?

[last lines]

Thor: For one brief instant of eternity, a god has dared to love a mortal. Till the universe crumbles, my heart is ever thine!

[Hercules finds a train on its way to New York]

Hercules: I love big cities! Crowds, merrymaking, excitement: the good life! I shall go too! Hercules commands it!

Hercules: Yield, thunder god!

Thor: Never!

[first lines]

Narrator: While mighty Thor, the thunder god, is visiting Asgard, he gets a psychic message from planet Earth concerning Jane Foster, learning she is confined to the hospital. Fretting at this news, Thor petitions his father, the lordly Odin, for permission to return to Earth. Odin reluctantly agrees, and immediately Thor is on his way!

Thor: I must reach Jane at once!

Narrator: Unerringly, Thor's mighty hammer draws him to Jane's hospital room.

Thor: I have found her.

Doctor: She should have recovered by now. I don't understand it.

Thor: What could have happened during my absence! I must find out!

Dr Don Blake: Jane, darling, do you hear me?

Nurse Jane Foster: His voice... I must be dreaming!

Dr Don Blake: No, Jane, you're not dreaming. I have returned.

Nurse Jane Foster: Don!

Dr Don Blake: You knew I would return...

Nurse Jane Foster: No, I didn't know! One moment you're beside me, then you vanish... oh, I can't bear it! You've told me you love me, but you're keeping some terrible secret from me! How can I believe in you when you desert me for days, weeks at a time?

Dr Don Blake: But darling, my absences have never affected my love for you!

Nurse Jane Foster: I only know that you leave... and each time it breaks my heart!

Dr Don Blake: Jane, listen, you've got to understand... I can't bear to see you hurt...

[makes up his mind]

Dr Don Blake: I'll prove my love! Look at me, Jane Foster, I command you!

[raises his cane]

Dr Don Blake: Forgive me, Father, I do what must be done!

[strikes the cane and becomes Thor]

Nurse Jane Foster: Thor! What... oh, Don...!

Thor: Now behold Thor, son of Odin, god of thunder, who truly loves you, Jane Foster!

Odin: Balder! Come you to my side!

Balder: You called, sire?... Thor! My friend who is more than brother to me, I embrace thee!

Odin: Silence, courageous one! There is a task to be done: my son has betrayed his trust, he must endure the Ritual of Steel! Smite him! Smite him, loyal Balder! And should he survive, he shall nevermore set foot upon the planet Earth!

Thor: No, father! I beg you, hear my words! Punish me as you will, but I cannot forsake my heart! My strength, my limbs, my very life are in thy service, sire, but even the thunder god has the right to love!

Odin: Still thy tongue! Thou hast no choice: Odin has spoken!

[warriors surround Thor]

Thor: No! Not all the blaze in Asgard, not all the power of the universe shall hold me now!

Narrator: Then, like a thunderclap, the Ritual of Steel begins! But Thor is one... and he faces an army!

Thor: [to Jane] How came you here with him? Answer me!

Hercules: None may ignore the son of Zeus!

[knocks down Thor]

Hercules: And none may speak so to a favoured female of Hercules!

Thor: Brazen one, prepare to defend thyself! Now, Hercules, we shall see whose female she is!

Hercules: And may the best immortal win!

Narrator: And the battle of the titans begins! When two immortals engage in combat, what can be the outcome?


Hercules: In the name of Olympus!

Thor: For the glory of Asgard!

Narrator: Haunted by the image of the girl he loves and by his duty to Odin, Doctor Don Blake is torn between love and duty. As he struggles with his conscience, his mental agony is almost as great as that of Odin, who even now suffers similar pangs as he beseeches Zeus to help him in his quandary...

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[Odin appears to Jane]

Odin: Jane Foster, heed now the voice of Odin, father of Thor! My son was not defeated, I stole his victory from him. He bore his loss like a god. Go to him, woman, he has done his penance. GO!

Nurse Jane Foster: I will. I will! Thor, wait for me!

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Thor: Has thy lust for battle diminished?

Hercules: Nay, it is just beginning!

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[Thor hurls debris at Hercules]

Hercules: [ducks] You missed me!

Thor: [slugging him] But not this time!

Hercules: [striking back] Now it is my turn! Feel the might of Hercules!

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Thor: My hammer against your mace, you'll see which is the greater!

Hercules: Never have I tasted defeat!

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Thor: My strength is supreme!

Hercules: Your CONCEIT is supreme! The mortal female deserves better than a dullard such as thee!

Thor: Not so! No one shall stand between me and my beloved Jane, not even Odin my royal father!

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