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Something different and worth watching
larkinoz9 July 2010
Firstly, I enjoyed this and I'm very fussy about what I watch but this film held my attention throughout and was well acted. Yes, the special effects could have been better and yes the ending could perhaps have been a little clearer for clots like me but overall it was entertaining and quite interesting because of the various legal and moral issues it raised.

Put it this way, before I chose to watch this I browsed through scores and scores of movies and could not find one that interested me. Most of the movies made, especially modern ones, are garbage. I wonder why they bother and wonder even more why people even watch them. But this movie, humble as it is, was better than most. It's worth a watch.
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Not What I Expected, Better Than It Could Have Been
gavin694223 December 2009
A scientist (Richard Hatch) who experiments on lab animals is given a meteorite fragment that contains an alien life form. Unknown to him, it crawls inside his body while he's asleep and due to some interesting scientific stuff, the man becomes pregnant. Although his boss and the Feds want to destroy his offspring, he sees it as his legitimate son and fights to protect it.

There's plenty of cheesy acting from a variety of notable sci-fi faces. At least one character from each "Star Trek" series is in this movie (I dare you to recognize them all). The plot is a bit flaky, and you can question how a man can give birth (they do attempt to explain this). The special effects are good at times, odd at others. The whole Charlie Chaplin thing is pretty weird.

What will disappoint many people is that half of this film is more of a courtroom drama than a science fiction film. There's an alien and all that, but the real focus of the film is debating what is or is not human and whether it has rights or not. Some of the arguments are preposterous and while they hold up in this film would never hold up in real life. The attempt to compare aliens to minorities is weak, ignoring the fact that foreigners are not given the rights of American citizens, and neither are animals. The only chance they can make their case is if they successfully have Ben (the alien) declared the naturally-born son of the main character, which is a stretch.

There's some parallel here to Larry Cohen's "It's Alive", although I'm sure this was not intentional. In that film (or one of its sequels), a father fights for his son's life in court despite most people thinking the kid to be a monster, as his DNA was radically altered by chemicals. That case would be a little easier to make, ignoring the alien aspects and the born from a man thing...

I enjoyed "Inalienable". Do I think it was amazing? No, not really. But it's not bad and worth a watch if you're into science fiction. The writers really put in a serious effort to make this sound plausible, though they clearly don't know how the law works. If you watch SyFy channel movies, which is where you're likely to see this if you don't rent it, this is better than most of the fluff they show.
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Interesting story, nice visit with some SF friends
Mandemus6 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I bought the film on disc from writer Walter Koenig's site, and was satisfied with the purchase.

InAlienable is a solid science fiction story which deals mostly with the moral and legal questions of human rights. Does the alien have inalienable "human rights"? The movie plays out like a long episode of the 1990s "The Outer Limits" TV series, so if you are a fan of those stories, then this low-budget film will be familiar territory. I enjoyed catching up with some actors from SF TV and film, like Marina Sirtis (Star Trek: TNG), Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica), and Erick Avari (Stargate and Planet of the Apes [2001]). The cameos from other Trek alumni like J.G. Hertzler and Tim Russ were a nice touch.

Although the film was produced on a shoestring budget, there is nothing embarrassingly bad about it, like you might expect from B-movies. The creature effects are fine and handled well, and do not distract from the real story, which is at its heart a morality play.
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cdlegend4012 November 2008
Independent films are becoming more popular in this country. I, for one, really love to see independent films. The latest film I've seen in Walter Konig's InAlienable staring Richard Hatch. The movie was very interesting as far as Sci-fi is concerned, but what really sold this film was the outstanding performance by Richard "Captain Apollo" Hatch. He was stupendous! Some of the best work I've seen him do in a long time. The film cost $3 dollars to download and watch. It was well worth the money. Although the film seemed to be a bit choppy, the audience can follow the action and story line. I would have liked to see a bit smoother film. I was disappointed with the ending. It was a twist, but absolutely not what I expected!!! The movie was only partly resolved when it ended. I do recommend this independent film to others and guarantee that they'll enjoy Mr. Hatch's performance!
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Ultimately worth it for me
silentpyjamas14 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This may seem like a high amount of stars based on the comments I've seen on the boards for this film, but I have to say that as a bad movie buff and a big sci fi geek that I liked this film.

The beginning starts off kind of slowly(ish) and for the first hour or so I was disappointed in the lack of bloody alien-facilitated death. When it became courtroom drama time I thought I was going to fall over. At some point, however, this movie started to get to me. I feel like the acting improved in the latter portion of the movie and I quite enjoyed the revelation about the animosity between Shilling and Eric Norris. At that moment I realized that Shilling is one miserable and vindictive guy. I also ended up enjoying (while yelling at the screen) Marina Sirtis' turn as an angry attorney. Her final screamy mini-monologue where she was shaking with rage was pretty good as a person so bent on winning that she could really give a darn that she's calling a kid a monster to his face.

I think that what got me were a couple things: the movie got amusing around the time of the internet montage, when I felt kind of like "See? They're showing us that all sorts of normal people totally care about cute alien kids!" The comedienne segment following that was pretty good as well and if that lady's a real comic I'd go see her. The civil rights arguments, however, and the testimony about the Writ of Habeas Corpus (I love the law, sorry) were what really sucked me in. Sure it's not the best movie but there was a (valid and for me, emotional) point, and I liked it. The end made me cry and as a parent that's what really stuck. There's nothing like seeing your child hurting and nothing anyone says or does matters when it comes to one's child. I felt like this was the most real part of the whole film and while my movie buddy was horrified and claimed this one is a stinker, the ending was worth the whole thing to me in terms of emotional payoff.

So yeah, it's not an Oscar winner and yeah it's a B-flick and it's kind of slow going (and really, the lack of alien rampage made me a little bummed) but I think that the performances at the climax of the film lent it some emotional punch that I haven't gotten from "better" films. I know a lot of people disagree with me and I can totally understand why. I liked it though. (And Gary Graham <3<3<3)
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A unique courtroom drama for sci-fi geeks
Richard Hawes2 August 2010
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.Although the casting suggests this movie was tailor-made for distribution at Sci-Fi conventions, INALIENABLE (2007) is a unique B-movie that marries genre conventions with courtroom drama. Star Trek alumnus Walter Koenig reunited with his Moontrap (1989) director Robert Dyke and roped in a bunch of fellow convention guests (from not only the Star Trek franchise but also shows such as V and Alien Nation) to bring his screenplay to life. Premiering online before eventually hitting DVD, the movie was made for approximately $1.5 million and the limitations of the production are evident in the handful of sparse sets and limited visual effects. At the heart of the movie, which is about a male scientists who is infected by an alien parasite and gives birth to a new lifeform, is mainly notable for a great, emotional performance from one-time Battlestar Galactica actor Richard Hatch. With an emphasis on drama rather than spectacle, this is a curious genre-hybrid with a surprisingly downbeat and sudden ending.
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Is this a serious movie, or satire?
FridayTN27 August 2014
I watched this movie on Hulu because of the great list of sci-fi actors in it, and because of the subject matter.

But if Mr. Koenig intended for this to be a serious movie, he falls on his face. The acting is terrible, there is no character development, and the crude special effects and makeup make it look like something a bunch of kids did on a Saturday afternoon.

The film shows characters riding in a car, but it's done entirely (and clumsily) in CGI! Did they not have an actual road to film? And the makeup on the "alien" looked like something I could do at home with supplies from Walmart. The sets look as fake as those in a terrible soap opera.

I kept hoping it was satire and was waiting for the punch line, but no. The motivations of the characters are not consistent, and seem to change at a whim. The actors seem to be drudging through the script.

Unless you are a true masochist, avoid this movie. It will ruin any respect you might have (or had) for these actors.
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Average movie but company servers need upgrading for a better viewing experience.
runner-1522 February 2008
Well I paid my Three Dollars and sat down to watch this movie last night. My first complaint is that the movie is offered for download only in one format, Flash Video. And although two different resolutions are offered only the high resolution version would download, the medium resolution version was a broken link and although I have 4 meg DSL the server speed was so slow I had to wait almost three hours before enough of the movie was cached to have a uninterrupted viewing session. Finally, after three hours I was watching the movie. The movie starts a little slow as is with many sci-fi films while we are being introduced to the various characters and back stories. Eventually the primary story line is developed and we are somewhat engaged by what we saw. It was refreshing to see many of our friends from various incantations of Star Trek making appearances in this movie. Every version of Star trek had a regular who made an appearance in this film. I will lay them out here

Shilling - Walter Koenig - Chekov Star Trek -TOS, Crystal Barry - Marina Sirtis - Deanna Troi Star Trek -TNG, Dr. Lattis - J. G. Hertzler - Martok Star Trek DS9, The News Anchor - Tim Russ - Tuvok - Star Trek Voyager, Andreas Cabrosas - Gary Graham - Sovol Star Trek Enterprise.

Also appearances by other actors who have appeared on Star Trek include Richard Herd, Alan Ruck Eric Avari, and Andrew Koenig. Also we can not miss our old friend Apollo (Richard Hatch) From Battlestar Galactica.

All that being said, the movie it self wanders a bit before becoming a courtroom drama. Overall the movie appears a bit like a sci-fi version of Law and Order. This is not necessarily a bad thing as courtroom dramas have long been a staple of entertainment. However I felt like the very end of the movie was a bit of a Cop-Out I rather expected a more thoughtful ending from Mr. Koenig. Overall I feel like this was a rather average Sci-fi flick. I will continue to anticipate movies from our beloved Mr.Chekov but I hope next time he puts a little more thought into the ending. Overall 6.5 out of 10
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InAlienable was overall a great movie
mstrange-104 March 2008
i just watched InAlienable and i really liked it. It did start of slow and the acting at times was questionable, but i didn't expect anything spectacular. The whole point of the movie is to get people away from the Hollywood type movies and open peoples minds, you should not expect much in the graphics and acting. However the acting in the movie was quite good. Richard Hatch however did an excellent job in the movie, probably the best i have ever seen him do. Overall i thought the movie was great and by far worth the 3 dollars you pay to watch it. I would recommend that everybody gives this movie a chance and watches it, you may be vary surprised.
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Don't waste your time.
Sergey Shepelev19 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
What i expected to see: - effects: something not so far from Hollow Man (2000) (8 years later), - story: well some sensible scenario, sensible facts, decisions. Or at least, pure fantasy with no attitude for realism.

What i saw: - 1/3 of the time is spent in the court. Is this a lawyer training movie? - effects: two cheap dolls of From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) level. 12 years passed. I don't ask for crazy flying dragons, please, no. But in 2008 you could at least make the alien have realistic moves. - story: it has some sense, occasionally. That's all. More like a set of loosely coupled scenes, like 2012: Supernova (2009). - actor play: that was fine actually. For a nonsense story they probably even played it very good.
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Neb Radojkovic5 July 2012
Seriously? You are really saying:"The movie was very interesting as far as Sci-fi is concerned, but what really sold this film was the outstanding performance by Richard "Captain Apollo" Hatch"? The worst part of the movie was a really poor quality of acting. Story was somewhat interesting but everything else was close to ridiculous. Not that there is nothing that sold the film but the film is a shame. I feel sorry for Marina Sirtis and Eric Avari because they were the only ones that did do some actual acting. Yes, Courtney Peldon was sexy but in a bimbo kind of way - no real intellect detected. This movie was a great waste of time and if it was 1954 maybe it would be appreciated as a third class film.
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rubydiane200018 December 2009
I reviewed this story for Walter Koenig when it was just a movie script. The title when it was being reviewed and revised was, 'Illegal Alien'. I still have the autographed script copy and packaging here at home. I read the script when it was sent to me and then sent in my review of the story to the writers. I like the new title better. The older title made me think of illegal boarder aliens here on earth. The new title rouses your curiosity. I think Doug (Sky) Conway from PlanetxPo was involved in the project. Anyway, I was pleased to see the script was finally made into movie form. This story made you think, and even question your own feelings about several matters of the heart. It was a wonderful story overall. I would suggest this movie to everyone.
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Fan boys/girls will enjoy the casting.
Tom DeFelice4 June 2017
Actors from the Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, V and Babylon 5 universes meet in this low budget sci-fi picture.

The premise is different. A man gives birth to a being from outer space. And unlike John Hurt's character in "Alien", he survives. The script does ask some interesting question as to what is the definition of Human. (Shade of Gene Roddenberry)

This could have been a much better picture. The director and cinematographer are not very good. For such a veteran cast, many of the performances play the same one note stilted performances. The lighting is too bright and almost flat. I've seen sit-coms with more atmospheric lighting. In more talented hands, this could have been a much better picture. You can easily see the possibilities that would have made it better. Sadly, it is what it is.

Still, nostalgia alone makes it worth a watch.
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Okay idea, terrible execution...
travisbrewer18 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I just spent (wasted) the last 1:45 minutes of my life on this. Don't make that mistake unless you want to see some awful special effects paired with some even worse acting. They also cast some of the ugliest people I have seen in movies period. The budget must have been about 70 bucks for this whole film.

I just cant say enough bad things about this movie. I only got on here to write a review to try to get you to avoid wasting your time.

I will give it one prop though...the idea behind the movie is kind of intriguing. An alien - human hybrid child and a look at how it might be received by people. However it is done so poorly any goodness of the idea was lost in the pile of refuse that is this movie.

Did I mention this movie is gross and boring ?
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Powerful and painful at the same time.
dionjuneijeh6 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers

Richard Hatch played his character,Eric so well. I really felt for Eric, he loses his first child and loses another child again. Its totally heartbreaking, but the movie shows how cruel people can be to something or someone, that is unknown and how some people can embrace the unknown with love and care.I wish that more movies like InAlienable and Alien Nation could be produced, explore the possibility of male pregnancy.

The movie looked like a documentary film, there was many close ups but maybe thats what made the movie more powerful, it looked real. This movie is one of my top five best Pregnancy movies/series along with Alien Nation, that deals with male pregnancy.

I hope this idea of male pregnancy gets explored even more in the present and future.
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This film must have been conceived after a Sci-Fi convention
JoeB1314 December 2010
That's all I can imagine. these washed up Science fiction actors from Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek and Babylon 5 all get together to make a movie, and only end up showing us how old some of them have gotten. Koenig, in particular, looks like the living dead in this movie. It's like they all got drunk in a bar after answering Sci-Fi nerds questions about what would happen if a Vulcan made love to a Minbari in a TARDIS, and said, "Dammit, we're actors! We can do better than this!" The movie's main flaw, besides its inherent cheapness, is that Richard Hatch of "Mormons in Space"... Er "Battlestar Galactica" fame still can't act or carry a film.

The plot is that an meteor carrying a life form attaches itself to Hatch's character, and turns into a horribly deformed Mini-me. Instead of the usual car chases and explosions (which would have cost money), they go to court like Law and Order. Doink-doink....
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Sexist rip-off!!!
charlytully30 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Firstly, we rented this movie to see what kind of an actor legally troubled millionaire Richard Hatch, season #1's SURVIVOR winner back in 2000, is when he's reading lines on a sound stage (as opposed to grunting utterances scripted for "impromptu" jungle delivery). Well, it turns out the DVD box designers gave some money (not very much, obviously) to director Robert Dyke and a few other people so an old geezer born during WWII and appearing in soap operas since 1971 (!) could be headlined as THE Richard Hatch of whom everyone has heard at the top of the flick case. This other Richard Hatch is an even WORSE actor than the notable one, making a movie centering around him a colossal bore from the git-go.

To add insult to injury, this decrepit Hatch (think Grandpa Clampett, or the hatch on LOST after the explosion) has a baby! Apparently in movies people can do ANYTHING, so normally one might greet this development with a simple "You go, guy!" But this kid has about half a dozen tentacles, and was "born" with Jason Voorheis' hockey mask glued to his face! The producers are implying, if a guy has a baby, it just naturally MUST be a monster. Talk about sexist! That would be like Hollywood implying if a woman is U.S. president, she just naturally MUST be a total screw-up (oops--I guess that was the whole point of the last couple seasons of Cherry Jones "work" on Fox TV network's Jack Bauer soap opera, 24). Hopefully, all those feminists out there will protest INALIENABLE's portrayal of male maternity just as shrilly as any of the other things squawked about.
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