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That rare sequel that took its time -- 23 years -- so it not only advances a story but also has something new to say.
Boxoffice Magazine
With the woes of Wall Street constantly in the headlines, Oliver Stone could not have picked a better time to reignite Wall Street.
Has Gordon Gekko gone soft? The answer is, sort of -- a development that takes some of the bite out of Oliver Stone's shrewdly opportunistic, glibly entertaining sequel, which offers another surface-skimming peek inside the power corridors of global finance.
Tampa Bay Times
Whatever his motivations or deeds, Gordon Gekko is a classic screen character and Douglas is never better than when playing him.
Orlando Sentinel
It's almost kitschy - the way Stone injects himself into a couple of scenes, an eccentric Eli Wallach cameo, the inclusion of a Charlie Sheen moment that flat out winks at the audience.
A completely unnecessary sequel, plays a lot like "The Godfather, Part III"-lush, self-parodic and cut adrift from urgency.
A lot of Money Never Sleeps - too much - is about Gekko père's desire to reconnect with his very angry daughter.
Village Voice
"We're all mixed bags" is the conclusion of unwieldy mixed bag Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.
A movie only a hedge fund manager could love.
The sequel to an influential eighties motion picture is so loaded with characters and crosscurrents that we wonder why it isn't a thirteen-hour cable mini-series instead of an impacted two-hour mess. The film is like my portfolio: full of promise, with minuscule returns.

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