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9 Feb. 2011
The Business of Fear
A shipyard worker is found dead at the docks. The investigation leads detectives to kidnapping and smuggling. Sgt Ryan requests a transfer to another division.
16 Feb. 2011
Secret Love
A young Muslim Woman is found dead in a park with mysterious numbers written on her forehead. Detectives have several suspects all with motive and opportunity, but the case is complicated by religion, arranged marriages, and traditions. Ally and Rhys's relationship is discovered at the office and leads Bernice to make an ultimatum.
23 Feb. 2011
No Greater Honour: Reward Day
A prison guard is shot during an inmate escape. Nick comes face to face with the past when a journalist wants to discuss the Dane Majors case.
2 Mar. 2011
No Greater Honour: Go Down Swinging
Allie and Rhys go undercover at a swingers' party to find a killer. Journalist Juliette continues looking into allegations of corruption against Nick and his former sergeant in the Dane Majors case.
9 Mar. 2011
No Greater Honour: If It Bleeds, It Leads
The investigation into the death of a young journalist leads detectives to prove evidence tampering in the Dane Majors case. Nick is placed on temporary suspension while claims of corruption swirl around him.
16 Mar. 2011
No Greater Honour: Tangled Web
The case that made Nick Buchanan's career has fallen apart. His mentor killed himself after confessing to planting evidence and shooting the journalist. Dane Majors is released from prison and Nick resigns, causing the reopening of the original murder investigation.
23 Mar. 2011
No Greater Honour: Last Man Standing
The Dane Majors saga continues with his lawyer and a trial judge both murdered. When Nick goes missing along with journalist Alan Sullivan Jennifer enlists the help of Stanley as Jarvis mounts pressure on Majors. Elsewhere, Bernice tries to get Rhys to join a new task force but her attempts go unanswered. Later, Michael Lombardi tells Bernice he is dissolving the Homicide Squad.
30 Mar. 2011
No Greater Honour: Ghosts
The team investigate the death of ex-fighter Charlie Mansfield at a church hospice - after a death bed confession that he murdered three people. Bernice breaks it to Homicide that Attorney General Lombardi is breaking up the squad but Rhys tells all gathered to stand up and fight for it not to happen. Meanwhile, Lombardi pays a visit to Bernice and she tells him if he keeps Homicide intact she will resign but he refuses but also tells her that her resignation is non-negotiable - she goes too. But then Rhys and Duncan catch a lead with the initial murder investigation ...

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