Choke (2008) Poster


Plot Keywords

hospital scam
choking restaurant
sex alzheimer's disease
food friend
sex addict theme park
colonial theme park best friend
choking to death con man
death mental hospital
one word title reference to god
impersonator father son relationship
girl in bra and panties having sex with skirt hiked up
fetish sex medical school
ejaculation memory
hallucination jigsaw puzzle
bare chested male barn
brushing teeth mother love
police bare breasts
sex on film nonlinear timeline
male rear nudity dementia
loser bar
drugs womanizer
vomit man wearing a wig
cherry daquiri banishment
chocolate pudding face on a milk carton
machismo flossing one's teeth
faked choking busboy
absent father pantyhose
female nudity bowel obstruction
watching tv cell phone
airplane undressing
anal beads photo booth
bathroom fired from the job
locker room telephone
penis smother mother
group therapy reference to jesus christ
historical reenactment female frontal nudity
panties kidnapping
japanese restaurant pudding
anonymous sex female rear nudity
sexaholic blow job gesture
lynx sex in an airplane bathroom
salvation mental patient
haystack cafe
milking a cow nun
field trip dying
sacred foreskin of jesus christ cunnilingus
missing child tin snips
fantasy sequence waterloo iowa
foreskin painter
eccentric sex in airplane
vandalism female doctor
mother in law daughter in law relationship storytelling
second coming compulsion
toilet drummer
diary crucifix
surrealism eggplant
dance cheerleader
sexual compulsion senility
covered female frontal nudity roommate
one night stand blindness
writer starts with narration
absurdism colonialism
threatened with a knife masturbation
knife obscene finger gesture
telephone call suspected rape
italian stocks the instrument of punishment
eating lion
doctor sunglasses
catholic flashback
nudity policeman
pretending woman on top
abandonment stethoscope
uncle nephew relationship ovulation
nymphomaniac constant care facility
kiss montage
sociopath pram
topless female nudity loneliness
near death experience sex standing up
seduction cross
redemption clone
bus missing a piece of one's ear
pole dancer hand kissing
sex in a toilet stall pitchfork
s&m sarcasm
hand job fellatio
chapel patient
liar flash forward
driving a bus tears
computer playground
search for father religion
child kidnapping hit on the head
chase impotence
stripper love
bare butt boy
note bra removing
cowboy sex position orgasm
defecation role playing
anal sex lie
drug use mural
department store old woman
sex in a bathroom bible
dumb blonde joke voice over narration
reverse cowboy sex position rough sex
sadomasochism delusion
dyed hair religious relic
zoo simulated rape
subjective camera friendship
writing bra
sex on table internet porn
beer destruction of property
depression pot smoking
rape revelation
flatulence journal
mother son relationship waitress
crying swing
unhappy childhood mile high club
stable milk carton
nurse lawyer
freeze frame baby buggy
blind man notebook
walker newspaper
town council releasing zoo animals
falling in love climbing over a fence
italian american sexual fantasy
libido death of mother
based on novel surprise ending

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