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It's an indelibly warped cartoon of lust and despair.
The movie veers with surprising ease between comedy and tragedy. Some scenes are hilarious; others are somber.
Some stretches are very funny, although the laughter is undermined by the desperation and sadness of the situations.
While Choke, adapted for the screen and directed by Clark Gregg, is by no means a disaster, it is disappointing - and oddly dull.
The film feels flat. I don't know how to express my criticism much more than to say that things unfold before you, but you never really engage in the world beyond just watching it.
The Hollywood Reporter
For much of the way, the film just feels like it's pressing too hard to make an impression.
Palahniuk's antic absurdism is duly present, but the hurtling pace and barely-underlying nihilism that transferred to screen so vividly in "Fight Club" aren't much in evidence here.
Sam Rockwell strips himself down to pure appetite and has a buoyant spirit. But the film sure doesn't. It's bizarrely flat--it has no affect.
Village Voice
They explain and explain again the genesis of Victor's demons, to the point where the novel and movie play almost like parodies of novels and movies in which a character has to get in touch with his feelings in order to become a better man.
I walked out of Choke feeling hustled, which is appropriate enough, I guess, for a movie that's a portrait of a compulsive hustler.

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