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Plot Keywords

iran canadian
iranian hostage
cia ambassador
u.s. embassy revolution
film crew escape
american embassy cia agent
exfiltration islamic revolution
1980s government
white house cover story
canadian embassy airport
passport film industry
year 1979 iran hostage crisis
airline ticket lens flare
subtitled scene sweatshop
film script istanbul turkey
reassembling a shredded document title appears in writing
finger gun burning an american flag
break in los angeles california
langley virginia revisionist history
directed by star hiding place under floor
shredding document paper shredder
firing squad intelligence agent
shot in the chest f word
444 days year 1981
air traffic control airplane
perilous escape movie set
secret agent marketplace
news footage 1970s
film within a film year 2001
archival footage car fire
execution hiding under floorboards
tehran iran husband wife relationship
movie poster teletype
american abroad shredded document
movie script fake film director
protest canadian flag lapel pin
variety the newspaper year 1980
burning documents fake movie deal
diplomat turkey the country
islamic fundamentalism incinerator
shot to death day 87
carl marx quotation soviet invasion of afghanistan
location scout reference to led zeppelin
cover identity secret mission
reference to mohammad reza shah pahlavi bare chested male
rescue mission british airways
what happened to epilogue name in title
washington d.c. wedding ring
hollywood sign climbing a fence
walkie talkie animated prologue
film producer bolt cutter
visa extraction
fake passport assumed identity
film studio riot
bag over head istanbul turkey
flash forward swiss air
archival photograph hanged man
title appears in text hollywood california
awakened by a phone savak
ends with historical notes hiding place
fictional science fiction film child labor
kentucky fried chicken american canadian relations
corpse hanging by the neck in public burbank california
false identity reference to warren beatty
canadian accent driving through a crowd
crane film set
reference bani sadr prologue
polaroid camera deception
parrot bazaar
storyboard traffic jam
narrow escape bilingualism
vw bus boeing 747
character repeating someone else's dialogue one word title
tear gas polaroid
reference to ayatollah kohmeni press conference
mock execution audio begins before video
angry mob blindfolded
intelligence star script reading
gas mask father son relationship
champagne 1953 iranian coup d'état
iranian revolution based on true story
title spoken by character actor shares first name with character

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