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Reinforces the stereotype that women are gold-diggers

Author: rjd0309 from Phoenix
24 January 2009

This is perhaps the most distasteful show that I have ever seen. A self-proclaimed matchmaking guru tries to find a mate for several eligible bachelors. The only requirement? The guys have to be millionaires.

But having a million dollars doesn't mean that you can't be a loser, and these guys are definitely losers. I mean, what kind of idiot turns their love life over to a matchmaker who believes that the most important thing about a man is his bank balance?! These losers deserve what they get – wannabe actresses and leftover bimbo retreads looking for a Sugardaddy.

My favorite moment? When the guru ripped into one of the guys for not being flashy enough! The guy was living comfortably but not ostentatiously in his old neighborhood, but our obnoxious guru told him in no uncertain terms that he wasn't doing a good enough job of showing off his wealth. Hey, get busy and buy that mansion! Buy a fleet of BMWs! Throw that money around – show off your wealth! How do you expect to attract the cream-of-the-crop of gold-digging bimbos if you don't flash a wad of bills, you twit?!

The only qualifications that Patti Stanger seems to have for this job are an overbearing personality, a narrow mind, a skewed value system, a hatred of men, and a flair for dodging responsibility while shifting the blame onto someone else. She bullies her women into Barbie makeovers, but then blames the men when anything goes wrong with the matchmaking dates.

If that shallow, air-headed bimbo cheerleader in high school had her own show, this would be it.

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Millionaire Pimptress

Author: ticklegear from United States
31 March 2010

Patti Stanger is a pimptress who services the wealthy. That's a harsh comment, but hear me out.

Patti meets Kevin, a douche bag movie producer who produced crap movies, cheats on the women he objectifies, and is in his 40's. Patti hates him.

Five Minutes later, Patti is on the phone raving about Kevin as a "great guy" that would be "perfect for her".

We know he isn't a great guy because she hates his guts and for good reason. Maybe Kevin is "perfect for her" because the girl is a souless gold-digger, but if that's the case, why is she being sold to Patti's clients as "cream of the crop" women.

The answer is that she really is the Millionaire Pimptress

Case closed.

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Apparently, men are nothing more than walking wallets, and women are nothing more than brainless gold-diggers.

Author: brendanrau from United States
4 July 2009

What a load of sexist tripe! Apparently, men are nothing more than walking wallets, and women are nothing more than brainless gold-diggers. Why should women have to work at all, the thinking goes, if they can just find a gullible sugar-daddy instead? And why should a well-to-do woman ever have to settle for a man who isn't richer than she? After all, the sole measure of a man's worth is his bank account, not his character. Gender equality is so overrated, or so we're supposed to think. Piffle!

If you're looking for something more wholesome, do yourself a favor and rent a hardcore porno flick instead of watching this show. One's I.Q. is bound to decrease ten percent just by sitting through five minutes of this garbage. If I could, I'd give this show a thousand negative stars.

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Superficial

Author: gee-15 from United States
3 February 2010

I never believed that anyone could come up with a TV show that I would despise. Reality programming has accomplished what I thought impossible. The Millionaire Matchmaker is (apparently) paid big bucks for her expertise in matching up clients. Does she use some kind of personality assessment, measure of compatibility, or even consider informally the background, education, or goals of the client and potential mate?'s all about hotness. This is bad enough but for the Matchmaker of this series to give some sort of lip service to the notions of long term relationships, marriage, and stability when the true goal is obviously nothing more than brief liaisons between the rich and the beautiful plumbs the depths of hypocrisy in a way that few other reality series have. I realize that reality TV is an oxymoron but the world being reflected by this program, be it real or not, is a completely repugnant one.

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Author: Allen H. Freeman, Jr. from Madison Heights, VA US
3 March 2012

This show demonstrates what is wrong with trends in television today. Take away talent, tasteful writing, acting skills, and replace them with trash, and you have this show. The "star" of the show seeks to match millionaires with mates. One of her rules : Millionaires should flash their wealth. This show has no redeeming value. It is not even good to watch for any amusement.

On one episode, the matchmaker visited the home of one of her client millionaires. Although the home was decent and clean, she didn't think it displayed his wealth enough. She talked about the home as if it were a piece of trash, topping it off with something like, "I think I smell a vagrant passing by."

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Worst Show Ever? Probably

Author: Rick Reynolds from Los Angeles
11 March 2008

"Millionaire Matchmaker" is probably the worst show to ever be on television. I cannot imagine a more repulsive television program being produced, even if a TV producer made repulsive television their goal.

I will not attack anyone involved in or on the show personally, as I believe that is wrong. However, I will say that this television program is only watched by people who enjoy the way it dances around the fine line between gold-digging and prostitution. I have friends who enjoy this show and that is what they get a kick out of... watching guys who should settle for sweet, less attractive, less interesting women pay a faux-madame to set them up with porn stars, strippers, and struggling actresses who one day might be porn stars and strippers.

Honestly, I can see why people find it amusing to watch terribly misguided people do terribly misguided things, but I find it too revolting to laugh.

In the episode that I watched, I found it pretty repulsive until I saw the owner of the agency demand that a potential client whose mother was in the hospital had to be pursued immediately for a cashier's check. That is when I realized this was more disgusting than anything that had ever been on television before. I would hope that scene would demonstrate to potential clients why they should not send in their money.

This has got to be the worst show ever.

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Human dog show

Author: Cassandra Kelsey from UK
31 July 2013

Premise: People who have nothing else to spend their money on pay a botoxed orange bullhorn on legs to secure them human flesh.

Lady pimp Patti and her oddball Disney villain looking sidekicks shriek, belittle and harangue their way through potential clients as much as livestock for the bemusement and horror of daytime TV viewers. Those brave enough to step into the Thunderdome must abide by the rules or face summary verbal rape.

About as ugly an hour of TV as you will ever come across, destined to either become an Internet meme or more included in the next Grand Theft Auto game to replace America's Next Top Hooker.

Terrifyingly grotesque television which concisely sums up everything that is wrong with the world in one neat package. Watching this will take away a little bit of your humanity, you have been warned.

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Post Traumatic Matchmaker Syndrome.

Author: drake34 from United States
17 November 2011

There are great ideas that get shut down on a daily basis in Hollywood. Then...Bravo and other channels give the green light to shows like this one. The Millionaire's Club is the exclusive matchmaking service where ONLY financially successful men meet exceptionally beautiful and intelligent women. Patti Stanger personifies the evil within parts of the fortunate 1% of our society. A dark place...where empathy and sympathy do not exist. People are suffering out there...the unemployment numbers are scary. People who worked hard their entire lives are screwed. This show just rubs it in their faces and it is sickening. Patti is mean spirited, snotty, self absorbed, arrogant and superficial. In these times...airing this show is just plain obnoxious. All this arrogance with matchmaker success rate of lower than 20%. The rest of us would get laid off, fired, let go. Bravo renews her show 4 times.

Patti honestly said Courtney Cox should see her marriage "as a business deal." Talk about clueless...almost to the level of a sociopath.

I have seen her make a jerk out of herself on several nationally syndicated TV talk shows (who were dumb enough to ask her on), and they never asked her back. Five seasons of this show? Really? The producers giving this show the nod for the first time should be charged with aggravated stupidity. She probably turned on the charm and laughs about what suckers Bravo's executive producers are on a daily basis...because that is how she is. Period. Do not watch this show unless you want to throw your television set out the window. Saying yes to this show clearly demonstrates why Bravo is a ratings failure. Joel McHale from 'The Soup' exposed her lousy attitude a few times. Once he even pointed at Patti Stanger's face on the screen and simply replied..."YOU ARE HORRIBLE". I agree with Joel. OMG...she is really good at humiliating people. OMG...what a talent. Bravo, Bravo.

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How was this show produced?

Author: pcast99-1 from Ohio
18 May 2011

I've read a lot of reviews claiming this idiot matchmaker likes to single out rich men and set them up with gold diggers. I watched one episode and was disgusted and appalled by this moron's attitude. She blatantly calls certain men "Unfu**able" to their faces if she finds them unattractive.

And she only matches rich people, as if money is the most important thing in a relationship. I've never liked BRAVO shows, and this pathetic embarrassment only strengthens my dislike for the network.

I think this show is an offense to all middle or lower-class people with jobs because this travesty suggests rich people are the best and everyone else is low-down scum.

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Very Offensive at Times!

Author: ( from United States
2 July 2012

Yes, I'm a liberal woman but I'm appalled by Patti Stanger and this show of setting up people for marriage. Her clients are all superficial, lame, and vain. They all think highly of themselves and expect the same. The men or women who come to the social gatherings are nothing special. Like one episode, she has an Israeli Jewish guy named Uri who is self-centered and vain about himself. He wants a Jewish girl who dances to marry and bear his children. Then there is a Kurdish Persian Muslim guy who brings his entire family to see behind the window about the possible future wife. It's highly unlikely this guy will satisfy his demanding mother. I would say that the two men have more in common and should have gone out for a drink. Their expectations are high because they have millions of dollars. Patti states that she'll let Uri have first chance with the Jewish girls who come to the window. But obviously, Patty was playing favorites with Uri coming up first. If Uri was really religious, he wouldn't go to her but a Jewish matchmaker. Patty didn't seem to care or show much interest for her second client. She found him arrogant but I find the same with her. Patti appoints herself to be the authority on the Jewish culture but times have changed. In fact, she forgets to inform the audiences that more than half of all Jews marry outside their religion and ethnicity which is a fact. They also look for love outside their comfort zones and many have liberal views about the world. You don't fall in love with an idea but a person. I think it's all forgotten in this show. If Patty was so great, why isn't she married herself?

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