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The following topics are covered: history of Joseph Smith based almost entirely on 2nd and 3rd person accounts, Haun's Mill massacre, early polygamy, modern polygamy as practiced by excommunicated Mormons, Mountain Meadows massacre with arguments blaming church leadership, the action-less Mormon militia, and the burning of an anti-Mormon press, and delay in giving the priesthood to non-whites until the 1970's.

What isn't covered: 1st person accounts by members of the early days of the church, percentages of how many were involved in the topics covered, building of the Nauvoo (the largest city in Illinois) out of a swamp, 1000+ deaths that resulted from building Nauvoo (mostly malaria), the extermination from Kirtland, the extermination from Nauvoo, the 1000's that died on the trek to Salt Lake City as required by the Extermination Order by Gov. Boggs, the ensuing volunteer-staffed Mormon battalion of the US Government and their 2000 mile march, the rape and expulsion of nearly all Mormons and repossession of their property in the mid-west, the influx of 100,000's of Mormons from England where most of the converts originated, the church welfare system that abolished poverty among Mormons during the great depression, and anything about the years from 1900 through 1970 or from 1980 to present.


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