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Tiff 2015. Wavelengths, Part One: The Short Films

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Youth On The MARCHThere are 48 individual films screening in the Wavelengths section of this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. The relative importance of this section, amidst the vast array of offerings in this relatively huge festival, depends on your taste in movies, of course, to say nothing of your specific objectives. If you’re coming to Toronto to try to score a hot tip in this year’s Oscar race, well . . . I feel sorry for you on a number of levels. But Wavelengths is unlikely to be your jam. Originally conceived exclusively as a showcase for experimental and non-narrative films (hence the section’s title, a direct tribute to avant-garde master and Toronto native son Michael Snow), Wavelengths now encompasses the edgier, less commercial side of art cinema. This is the first of two preview essays, and my aim is to cover everything in the section. These are the
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Original Texas Chain Saw Writer-Producer's Boneboys Bringing Cannibalism to the Big City

The Wild Man of the Navidad co-director Duane Graves dropped me a line with word of his latest production written and produced by original Texas Chain Saw Massacre writer/producer Kim Henkel, Boneboys, which unleashes predatory cannibals in a cityscape.

Boneboys was originally conceived back in 2008 as a potential urban Texas Chain Saw Massacre sequel before getting reworked into its own potential franchise. Leatherface fans should be thrilled to know Boneboys boasts cameos by several TCM series alumni: Marilyn Burns, Bill Johnson, Ed Neal, Ed Guinn, Bill Wise, Perry Lorenz and John Dugan.

The Wild Man of The Navidad (review here) directors, Duane Graves and Justin Meeks, re-team with the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre writer/producer, Kim Henkel, for a gut-wrenching, non-stop roller coaster ride through the hellish underbelly of inner-city America. A birthday celebration at an upscale restaurant sets in motion events that bring Sissy, her brother,
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The "Afterschool" Special, Amanda Seyfried x2 and More New on DVD

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A look at what's new on DVD today:

"Afterschool" (2009)

Directed by Antonio Campos

Released by Mpi Home Video

Nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature, Campos' polarizing debut stars Ezra Miller as a high schooler whose Av club assignment leads him to capture the drug-induced deaths of two of his popular prep school classmates. [Sam Adams' review of the film is here.]

"All Men Are Brothers" (1975) and "Return of the 5 Deadly Venoms" (1978)

Directed by Chang Cheh and Wu Ma/Chang Cheh

Released by Well Go USA

Well Go USA do long-suffering American kung fu fans a solid and finally release "All Men Are Brothers," the sequel to the Shaw Brothers' epic "Seven Blows of the Dragon" (a.k.a. "Water Margin") featuring David Chiang and Chen Kuan-tai as warriors battling against the tyranny of despots, and "Return of the 5 Deadly Venoms," which pits Shaw brothers favorites' the Venom Mob against the master that crippled them.
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Michael Madsen, Natasha Lyonne, and Michael Berryman Experience an Outrage Born in Terror

Just when I was thinking Swamp Shark would be the loopiest trailer I'd report on today, I come across this trailer for the new thriller Outrage Born in Terror starring Michael Madsen, Natasha Lyonne, and Michael Berryman coming to DVD in September. It starts out looking like a typical thriller about people being hunted in the woods by crazy rednecks, but then ... Just watch for yourself.

Originally merely titled Outrage until Phase 4 Films decided to add the phrase "Born in Terror" to make it one of the most oddly sounding titles in quite a while, the DVD for this backwoods thriller directed and co-written by Ace Cruz (Desert of Death) is slotted for a September 14th release. The only DVD extra will be the film's trailer, and what a trailer it is.

Christine takes her best friend with another couple for a final vacation when she goes to close up
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2010 San Antonio Film Festival: Official Lineup

The 16th annual San Antonio Film Festival, which runs June 23-27, is truly a great combination of celebrating local talent and international cinema, screening films produced in Texas to ones produced in Europe, South America and the Middle East.

There’s also a distinct flavor of socially aware fictional narratives and documentaries, including films about Tibetan refugees, migrant workers, the 2008 Presidential election, alcoholism and genocide. But, that’s not to say the fest is a totally serious affair as there’s also several genre films about the World Cup, sheep rustlers, dancers, crooks and other ne’er-do-wells. It looks like a fun mix.

The full lineup of films is below. The way the festival runs is that films screen in blocks in three different theaters. A “block” of films will generally contain a feature or two (feature = film that is 50 mins. or more), plus several shorts. In the lineup I have up,
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Takeshi Kitano. Outrage. First Trailer.

Lots of familiar faces. Lots of angry men shouting. Lots of Takeshi Kitano getting back to what made us love him in the first place: Being the baddest yakuza thug on the planet.

After a too-long foray into less-than-successful experimentation, classic Kitano is back with Outrage. The trailer is below.

The story begins with Sekiuchi (Kitamura Soichiro), boss of the Sannokai, a huge organised crime syndicate controlling the entire Kanto region, issuing a stern warning to his lieutenant Kato (Miura Tomokazu) and right-hand man Ikemoto (Kunimura Jun), head of the Ikemoto-gumi. Kato orders Ikemoto to bring the unassociated Murase-gumi gang in line, and he immediately passes the task on to his subordinate Otomo (Beat Takeshi), who runs his own crew. The tricky jobs that no-one wants to do always end up in Otomo's lap...
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Outrage Teaser Trailer: First Footage From Takeshi Kitano’s Gangster Return

Outrage Teaser Trailer: First Footage From Takeshi Kitano’s Gangster Return
Subtitle this one '12 Angry Gangsters'. Back in December I was excited to report that Japanese writer/actor/director Takeshi Kitano was already well into post-production on his new film Outrage. This is his return to gangster pictures after a string of films that saw him step away from the genre that brought him international acclaim. Branching out is fantastic, but his recent trilogy of films, which explored various facets of Kitano as an artist, wasn't entirely successful. Taskeshis was intriguing and Achilles and the Tortoise actually quite good, but Glory to the Filmmaker! was a bit of a trial. So I'm curious about Outrage. Is this Kitano going back to gangsters because it is an easy step to make audiences happy, or will be doing something more than just 'going back to gangsters'? His best films in the genre (such as Sonatine) are hardly standard Yakuza fare. Regardless, we've
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First teaser for Takeshi Kitano's much anticipated Outrage!

You don’t have to be a connoisseur of Japanese cinema to know who Takeshi Kitano is. The man’s made a name for himself exploiting the Japanese mobsters and doing so with great style and fervour.

Some have found his films over the last few years to have been a bit on the snoozer side of things and it was assumed that Kitano had lost the energy that had made his early work so enjoyable but it looks like the old Kitano is back (to the happy cries of many a fan).

The official synopsis:

The story begins with Sekiuchi (Kitamura Soichiro), boss of the Sannokai, a huge organised crime syndicate controlling the entire Kanto region, issuing a stern warning to his lieutenant Kato (Miura Tomokazu) and right-hand man Ikemoto (Kunimura Jun), head of the Ikemoto-gumi. Kato orders Ikemoto to bring the unassociated Murase-gumi gang in line, and he
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Outrage and the Off Button: A Partial Film Review

Outrage is a film produced by Spirit Films and the DVD will hit the streets April 4, 2010. But will fans be able to sit through the poor dubbing? An Ace Cruz film, Outrage might be best left alone as several B list actors fail to save the show. If you want to know the conclusion move along 'cause this reviewer did not make it that far.

Michael Madsen is an ex special forces officer who decides to go on a crime rampage with his hillbilly friends. Yet, the film constantly interlays a narrative about healing rocks, positivity, and a social message that states "violence begets violence." Breaking up the action far too many times with too many message Outrage fails to entertain. But that is not all.

The dubbing of the film is obvious and was performed in post-production. A film needs to get the basics right in order to receive a passing grade.
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Outrage: An Interview with Director Ace Cruz

Outrage is a film that was shot in Rabun County, which is the same location that Deliverance was shot in, and the film really has a positive message about dealing with the past and pain. The main theme of the film is that people must let go of there own fear and anger in order to bring passion in to their lifes. Outrage not only has an interesting theme and premise, the film has several stars in the film including Micheal Madsen (Reservoir Dogs), Natasha Lyonne (Blade: Trinity), and Michael Berryman (The Devil's Rejects). Even director Ace Cruz has a part in Outrage as Trey and here director Ace Cruz talks a little bit more about this film and how the law of attraction can create positivity in anyones' life.

(Michael Allen) Hello Ace, how are you doing? Are you talking to me from California?

(Ace Cruz) Yes, I am
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Outrage: A New Sci-fi Thriller!

Outrage, from Fantastic Films, is now finished production and this sci-fi epic will feature the talents of Michael Madsen, Natasha Lyonne, and Michael Berryman. A film summary is listed below, but from the trailer and synopsis Outrage is about survival, the elements, and overcoming one's own inner fears. Recently completed Outrage will be available shortly once distribution is found. Have a sneek peak at this sci-fi/horror themed film that involves hostages and escaped military convicts.

A synopsis for Outrage here:

"Christine takes her friends, Trey, Molly (Natasha Lyonne) and Jack, for one last vacation before she must sell her family's hunting lodge in the remote woods of Northern Georgia, a place that's also the scene of her worst childhood trauma. Things get worse when it turns out the lodge is in use as a hideout by men who just escaped from a military prison an ex-military sniper, Farragut (Michael Madsen), and his two accomplices,
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