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Plot Keywords

roman legion
general fort
behind enemy lines sole survivor
soldier britain
warrior fight
attack roman empire
roman soldier sword and shield
sword fight combat
hand to hand combat vengence
wood carving catching fish by hand
jumping off cliff war paint
slingshot full moon
tracking cremation
fight to the death throwing an axe
shot with an arrow running through snow
head held under water head butt
bare chested male bondage f word
golden eagle sadist
dutch angle governor
nonlinear timeline what happened to epilogue
prologue attempted murder
reverse footage repeated line
poisoned drink assassination attempt
scar wine
armor false accusation
carving team
male camaraderie anti hero
slow motion scene commander
hadrian's wall body count
burned to death showdown
defector booby trap
man kills a woman self sacrifice
battle fish
nightmare treating a wound
fireplace sole black character dies cliche
offscreen killing deception
drinking blood entrails
scout deer
hunter hunting
war wound self mutilation
falling off a cliff jumping into a river
jumping from height screaming
falling from height cliff
waterfall running into a tree
valley river
camouflage hiding
on the run manhunt
lightning coughing blood
blood spatter violence by a child
violence blood
murder stabbed in the side
funeral pyre funeral
torch revenge
child murder suffocation
child in peril child with a knife
arrow in chest rescue attempt
femme fatale traitor
nosebleed gash in the face
cave blizzard
mushroom fire
lifting someone into the air honor
fireball double cross
trap tracker
mute exploding head
hut ash
female warrior village
female fighter father son relationship
face paint subtitled scene
strong man king
warrior race scottish accent
scotland resistance
tribe guerilla warfare
hostage escape
kidnapping tunic
helmet shield
scroll messenger
woods campfire
dog emperor
tent horse
bar fight tavern
drunkenness arm wrestling
stabbed through the back stabbed through the mouth
stabbed through the chest axe throwing
greek axe in the chest
stabbed in the hand stabbed in the knee
stabbed in the leg punched in the crotch
stabbed in the arm stabbed in the shoulder
stabbed in the throat stabbed in the neck
stabbed in the face stabbed in the head
shot to death shot in the throat
shot in the neck shot in the shoulder
shot in the knee shot in the leg
shot in the back shot in the chest
shot in the eye shot in the head
shot in the face blade
knife spear
impalement severed hand
brawl kicked in the face
urination punched in the face
flaming arrow bow and arrow
axe murder sword
axe tattoo
hands tied voice over narration
running bare chested male
outpost army base
camp roman army
centurion army
snow mountain
film starts with text wolf
broken leg betrayal
arrow eye gouging
danger forest
torture set up
stabbed in the crotch witch
poison nailed by sword
shot through the mouth cook
chase massacre
corpse bloodbath
gore mass killing
ambush covered in blood
killing an animal survival
head on a stake river rapids
head split in half axe in the head
throat slitting stabbed in the stomach
animal attack slashing
stabbing strangulation
stabbed in the eye bodily dismemberment
characters killed one by one stabbed in the back
stabbed to death stabbed in the chest
impaled on a spear bleeding to death
leg cut off disembowelment
stomach ripped open decapitation
head cut off death by impalement
eaten alive severed leg
severed head roman legion
sword and sandal ancient rome
rome italy 2nd century
year 117 one word title
death of friend death of son
death of child title spoken by character
surprise ending

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