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‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Meet the Parents

‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Meet the Parents
There will be tears! Although the actual episode is far from the sob-fest that the preview insinuates, as this season of the “The Bachelor” gets down to the wire, Ben and the final six women get emotional — and, no, not because they heard Adele perform at the Grammys.

After Olivia’s dramatic departure last week, the final six take a trip to Ben’s hometown, Warsaw, Indiana. The show really emphasizes how quaint the small town is, but don’t worry — Ben actually lives in Denver, so compared to the last Bachelor’s home on a farm in Iowa, the stakes this time around are much lower. Warsaw: slightly less boring than a cornfield! As our adventure begins, Ben rolls around in a pickup truck. “Good to see ya!” he yells out the window at no one in particular.

Before the waterworks commence, the whole first hour is mostly tear-free,
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Top Five Moments From Last Night’s “Revenge”

Previously, On Reven8e.

Emily starts from scratch, and Victoria comes between NoTrick

Here are five highlights:


So Emily really does have amnesia! Luckily it’s “Transient Global Amnesia,” aka “Soap Opera Amnesia,” which mean fragments of her memory will appear suddenly as searing flashbacks, but only those memories that will help further the plot (for instance, it’s unlikely she’ll flashback to that time she farted in line at Starbucks). “Transient Global Amnesia” is not to be confused with “Acme Looney Tunes Amnesia,” in which a knock on the head from a heavy frying pan will instantly cure all memory loss. Although I’d love to see someone attempt it.

After swimming to a buoy, and being rescued by Aidan, Emily goes into shock and awakens in the hospital, devoid of memories, which is lucky for shooter Daniel, and unlucky for Victoria, who immediately becomes the prime suspect.
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'Revenge' Season 2: Nolan, Aiden or Declan -- who dies in 'Truth'?

The "Revenge" Season 2 finale features the death of Declan (Connor Paolo), a terrorist attack on Grayson Global, the arrests of both Aiden and Nolan, Conrad's election as governor and no less than four game-changing revelations. Absolutely nothing will ever be the same after two hours of "Truth."

If you couldn't keep up, here is all of the death, destruction and awful "Truth" once again.

When "Revenge" goes "Revolution"

When stuck in a terrorist-caused blackout, it's good to have access to your own satellite. Barring that, it's good to be within a mile of your dad's secure apartment building. Or it's a good idea to be at the Stowaway, where there are many candles and lanterns.

So basically, everyone on "Revenge" starts out okay.

That goes away quickly. Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) quickly realize that the money transfer out of the Amanda Clark fund was the trigger. Now
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Revenge Recap: Dead in the Water

We finally know who’s ship outta luck.

Revenge this week returned to the fateful event it teased in the season premiere: the sinking of the Amanda and the demise of at least one person on board. Warning: You may want to don a life vest, so adrift will you be on currents of disbelief at various points during the narrative. You also may want to grab some tissues, because one death — as promised — is a significant one. Now, without further ado, let’s review what went down — besides Jack’s beloved boat – in “Sacrifice.”

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"Emily Owens, M.D." (Ep. 12): The Perfect Storms

Tags: Emily Owens M.D.IMDb

On our second-to-last Emily Owens episode ever (dramatic sigh), we’re presented with the classic hospital drama plotline: the Clusterfuck. There’s been an accident with a commuter bus; three people are already dead, with a multitude of injured on their way in. And, of course, there’s also a massive snowstorm occurring, meaning blocked roads and a lack of extra doctors. Good times!

Before we get to this, however, there’s a bit of exposition for what will also unfold in everybody’s personal lives: Emily and Micah continue to be indefatigably adorable and charming with one another, as he helps carry a bundle of office supplies she’s bought for herself from her car to her new office she’s receiving for being Bandari’s new research assistant. Shocker: Emily loves office supplies! Who doesn’t! The “office,” of course, ends
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"Pretty Little Liars" recap (3.10) — Crushed scones, bruised hearts

Tags: Pretty Little LiarsPretty Little Liars recapsWAPShay MitchellLindsey ShawAshley BensonLucy HaleBianca LawsonTroian BellisarioIMDb

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, the University of Pennsylvania held an admissions party at Noel Kahn's cabin in the woods where prospective students partook in games such as: Truth or Truth, and Pin the Murder on the Blind Girl. Emily spent a full day with Maya's website page, crying over love's thickening plot. Aria met Ezra's brother, young Master Wesbian, who let slip in the most organic way that Ezra fathered a child who is probably toddling his way up and down the eastern seaboard, reciting Keats and buying vests and being goddamn adorable.

Ashley and Hanna are redecorating their back porch. Or, well, Ashley is pushing against this potted oak tree that won't budge while Hanna files her fingernails and practices her vocab. When Ashley steps inside for a Gatorade, Hanna discovers a note that has
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Bachelorette 2012 Ep 11 Spoilers: Emily Cries,Gets Dumped,Picks Jef Holm & More

Emily cries,gets dumped,picks Jef Holm & more in ABC's "Bachelorette 2012" finale episode 11. We've got spoilers for the show along with a very dramatic promo clip after the jump, and things get pretty wild and emotional as we've heard through the grapevine that Emily actually gets dumped when she tries to pick Arie over Jef. Then Jef swoops in to propose to her,which she accepts. We're not sure how true the Arie things is,but we do have confirmation from Reality Steve that Emily does,indeed,accepts Jef's proposal. In the promo clip, we see Emily, crying every two minutes as she has trouble deciding between her two final men. They,of course, don't describe any of the drama we described earlier which means it doesn't happen, or they're saving all the good stuff for the actual show. Whatever, the case, we have on good faith,she ends up with Jef,
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Bachelorette 2012 Ep 8 Spoilers: Emily Cries Hard,Gets Rid Of Young Chris & More

Emily cries hard,gets rid of young Chris & more in ABC's "Bachelorette 2012" episode 8,and it looks pretty dramatic as Emily breaks down at the last minute because she doesn't want to hurt anyone,and more. In the new episode 8, Emily will go see the guy's hometowns, staring off with Emily taking a trip to Chicago,Ill to see young Chris. At one point, they're spotted kicking it at the Wrigley Building. Next, Emily goes to St.George,Utah to visit Jef Holm. They end up having dinner at his ranch nicknamed the "Holmstead." His parents won't be there,because they're mission presidents for the Mormon Church and live in Columbia, Sc. However, Emily will meet his brothers and sisters. After that, Emily hits up Scottsdale,Az to visit Arie Luyendyk Jr. He took her to his cart shop, and also to test drive his two-seater go kart. To finish up the dates,
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'The Bachelor': 'I'm a nice person. Don't [bleep] with me'

The "Bachelor" girls pack up and head for a resort in Park City, Utah. The first one-on-one date is for Rachel, the blonde with the nose stud. Kacie's a sad panda about the other girls getting dates. She says the thought of Ben spending a whole day with someone else drives her crazy. She wants the experience to be over and the two of them just doing normal stuff together, like going to the grocery store.

I love you, Kacie, I really do - but did you not understand how this show works? Also, even if you're dating, he might spend time with other people. Stop sounding like a crazy girl who wants to kidnap him and make a doll out of his hair or something.

Rachel's Date

They leave on a helicopter and the girls freak out. Uh, was there a production assistant just off-screen poking at them with an electrified cattle prod?
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Emily Maynard Cries: I Thought ‘Bachelor’ Brad Womack & I Would Be Planning A Wedding!

Emily’s completely heartbroken over losing Brad: ‘I will always be in love with Brad — This is my worst nightmare!’

Emily Maynard sits down with Bachelorette/Bachelor host Chris Harrison to discuss her sad breakup with Bachelor Brad Womack. Returning to The Bachelor mansion brings on a flood of tears and emotions for Emily as she begins her story and explains why her relationship with Brad came to an end.

“It’s sad being here,” Emily tells Chris. “I thought we’d be planning a wedding the next time I saw you. Just being by myself and not having Brad here and remembering how excited I’d get for dates and the rose ceremonies and all that [makes me sad].”

Unfortunately, there won’t be a wedding. “We’re not engaged anymore,” says Emily. “But he’s always going to be a huge part of my life. And for so long we left
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‘Bachelor’ Brad Womack & Emily Maynard May Not Be Over — Her Mom Speaks Out!

Although they’re still considering marriage, this reality couple is definitely struggling in love!

Brad Womack and Emily Maynard may have fallen in love on The Bachelor, but Emily’s mother Susan Maynard says this romance may not have a storybook ending!

“They have not officially broken up. It’s still kind of on and off,” Susan tells People. “I hear nothing but good things about Brad. They are still just trying to get to know each other.”

According to Susan, Emily, 25, will not be moving to Austin, Texas to live with Brad, 38, who owns a bar in the area.

“I don’t think there is any rush to move,” Susan says. “There are no plans to take [Emily's daughter] Ricki out of school.”

Ultimately, it doesn’t seem to us like Susan’s putting too much faith in her daughter’s new relationship.

“I can’t say one way or the other [if the couple will last],” she says.
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‘Bachelor’ Brad Womack & Emily Maynard’s Breakup: The Spotlight Was Too Much!

Emily & Brad fell apart because they faced too much pressure in the public eye, former ‘Bachelorette’ winner Jesse Csincsak explains to us!

Bachelor Brad Womack and Emily Maynard have yet to speak about their reported breakup but it’s no surprise to former Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak. “I’ve heard that [they're broken up] for a couple weeks,” Jesse tells HollywoodLife.com. But Emily and Brad’s contractual agreements require them to remain silent until ABC gives them the go-ahead to speak.

The fame that hit Brad and Emily from the show could be the main reason they broke up. “It’s a job, not a relationship,” Jesse explains. “They couldn’t go to Starbucks without making news.”

“They were in the limelight,” says Jesse. “And, if you put distance with the press it’s going to create questions.”

Other issues also added to the breakup. “Emily couldn’t handle that he had a past,
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How Devastated Emily Maynard Is Recovering From Her Heartbreaking Split From Brad Womack!

Is newly single Emily out partying as she tries to heal her wounds? No! Here’s the inside scoop!

Emily Maynard really is mending a broken heart! HollywoodLife.com learns from a source close to Emily that even though she dumped Brad Womack, she’s not out living the single life.

“Emily has been at home and Brad hasn’t been there in weeks,” our source says. “Ricky’s mom has been by the house and Emily has been shuttling little Ricki back and forth to school. She hasn’t been out with the girls much — and she’s not talking to everyone about the breakup either.”

It had looked like the Bachelor winner and Brad were headed for marriage. But it turns out Brad was far from the perfect fiance! He reportedly had been ignoring Emily for days at a time, so she finally picked up the phone to tell him it was over.
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‘Bachelor’ Brad Womack Takes Emily Maynard On The Race Of Her Life — The Race For Love!

Courtesy Of ABC

Brad takes Emily on a group date to a race track. It’s there that he finds out her Full, sad story. How does he react?

Wow! In previews, Brad Womack seemed like one incensitive jerk, but he sure proves himself wrong on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor! During the group date, Brad takes the girls to the Vegas Nascar race track, only Brad doesn’t anticipate how this experience will render with poor Emily Maynard. He doesn’t know the full extent of her history and past relationship with her deceased fiance (Nascar driver/owner Ricky Hendrick) until he finds out during the date.

“I am living a dream of mine,” Brad says. “I think the girls are happy and then I’m realizing something’s really wrong with Emily. She’s smiling but it’s almost a forced smile.”

Brad takes Emily aside and
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Pretty Little Liars 1.02 "The Jenna Thing" Recap

Tonight's follow up to last week's pilot episode of Pretty Little Liars kept the ball rolling nicely and the imagery between early Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girl grows apparent each day, in a good way mind you. What do the Liars and 'A' have in store for us this week? Let's find out.

True Pretty Little Girls Master The Art of Being Subtle

At a diner, our four little liars are all discussing the mess they are now in and what the hell Jenna is doing back in town. They then discuss what I think is the most integral point of the series so far, Allison (or "A") has dirt on them, but what the hell do they have on her. Emily, Aria, and Hanna all admit that Allison never dared shared a secret with them, but Spencer pipes up that Allison told her that she was having a summer
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