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One of the best Italian satire
I don't know if this could be a product interesting to export, but the idea is simple and original, the life inside a set of a TV serial. In Italy is common to make these awful productions, perhaps because anybody (or anybody without a proper culture) can appreciate these kind of soap operas. Those are not serials, like E.R, X-Files, or Doctor House, and they lack of imagination. "Boris" mocks every TV serial, especially one called "Incantesimo": bad recitation, bad scenes, the worst photography ever. It is so funny! Watch it. It's the best Italian comedy of these years. A good product, indeed. Nonetheless "Boris" has some of the bests Italian actors, some of them scarcely known by the public; for example the director, René (with his goldfish, Boris, which gives the title to the show), is interpreted by Francesco Pannofino, a singer, poet and actor, who gives the voice to many foreigner actors (George Clooney, to make an outstanding example). Another actress that requires a special mention is Caterina Guzzanti. The Guzzanti brothers (Corrado and Sabina are the other two), actors and comedians are good, but Caterina is simply astonishing sometimes. In this show it plays the part of Arianna, the director assistant, the most motivated and less hypocrite person of the all crew. Because, you know, it doesn't matter the level, could be a Z movie (or serial in this case), but phoniness is something so rooted in this world of entertainment, that sometimes it seems required to survive. I don't know if they'll make other seasons (we are waiting for a third), but hope so. Finally a TV show entirely Italian and, more important, of good quality!
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A unique Italian fiction
ale_manni1 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Since its first broadcast in 2007, Boris sent shock waves through the old and auto-referential world of Italian fiction, becoming a cult among the young generations. Boris mocks the grotesque world of Italian fiction, its phoniness, its unrealistic representation of traditional values, its bad actors sponsored by powerful politicians and TV bureaucrats , the never ending compromises of the technical staff that have to deal with such a chaotic and unpredictable reality. And it does so being a fiction itself. This meta-fictional approach is the truly original and intriguing idea at the base of this series, that is, in fact, a fiction about Fiction. But since the vices and virtues of the Italian fiction industry are just a reflection of the vices and virtues of the whole country, Boris is able to appeal to a wider audience than just the TV professionals. This is also due to the endless gallery of unique characters, from the flamboyant director, Rene' Ferretti, who brings his gold-fish on the set for advice and inspiration, to Duccio, the coke addict cinematographer who rarely leaves his sofa, to Stanis, a prima donna actor, to Alessandro, an intern on the set, whose story is the fil rouge that keeps it all together. A series of other irresistible characters and cameos enriches the fresco and makes every episode a little gem. The dialogues are sparkling, irreverent and politically incorrect, the story line is insanely funny and full of humorous references to the Italian pop culture. One warning though: this fiction has a truly Italian DNA, the slang spoken by some characters, the references, the nuances of the language cannot be easily appreciated by an international audience.
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The title is misspelled: it should be "BORING"
MKA3 June 2012
I heard about this show many times, but I never wanted to watch it. Eventually I went to meet a friend who was watching it and watched a couple of episodes...

Boring is for sure the first word to describe it! It's a mess up of grotesque scenes that should be hilarious but result to be only annoyingly stupid, with characters that like to humiliate themselves with the useless hope that the watcher should consider this funny...

I don't know how can someone have decided to film a second episode if this is the average quality of the show: a show that (as 99.99999% of that kind of TV) has the only purpose to brainwash the viewer up to the lobotomy!

Don't waste your time watching this horrible mess-up of nonsenses, it's not healthy for your brain!
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