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Ah, but here's an episode that I love.
The_Light_Triton27 October 2013
To start off this review, let me just sum up how I feel about bullying. It sucks. there's no worse feeling than going to school and having some guy who just thinks it's right to pin you up against a locker and threaten to kill you for some odd reason. But there's no greater feeling than going up to a group of bullies and stopping them from picking on a smaller kid with social issues and ADHD. But of course, when you have to film a Christian TV show, Using violence to get a message across is unacceptable. So why not throw in a skateboard race?

Because that's what Nick is up against in this episode, probably the best episode in the series. In this episode, Nick's fellow classmate Philip is the victim of the notorious Derrick, who we met in the first episode of the series. Nick is the only one who seems to care that Philip is being bullied. Citing the story of the Good Samaritan, Nick Challenges Derrick to a skateboard race, with the stipulation that if derrick loses, he leaves Philip alone. If derrick wins, Nick becomes his slave for a week. Of course nick is confident he can beat derrick, only until his friends Louis and Renee tell him that derrick won 3rd place at the tri-city finals the year before.

I say this is episode is the favorite of everyone who watched the series. It seems whenever I visit a Christian thrift shop, the most common McGee & Me VHS is this episode, and rightfully so, because it's a classic. A few years back, a Christian band made a music video which referenced this episode, right down to nick's "Skate" shirt.

Ultimately the moral of the story is to help those who need your help, regardless of who they are.
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