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Character error 

When LtCol Strobl and the other Major inspect PFC Phelps' remains in the coffin, Phelps' feet only have socks on them. Phelps feet should have highly polished black shoes on in order to be in proper uniform, or "Perfect" as LtCol Strobl points out.
When Lt Col Strobl arrives at his motel room in Wyoming before the funeral, the information sheet on the table concerning the services uses the wrong word (Internment) regarding the burial. Internment means imprisonment. The correct word would be interment.


During the scene on the nighttime tarmac where the two escorts meet the camera cuts back and forth between the marine and the soldier. In one of the cuts the Air Assault badge on the sergeants left breast pocket flap jumps from centered (which is correct) to right justified (which is not). When the camera cuts back to him it is realigned.
While riding in the transport vehicle from the mortuary center to the Philly airport Lt. Col Strobl's seat belt shoulder strap moves in between shots while speaking with the driver. You see his silver oak leaf, then it is covered, and then you see it again.
Early in the movie during the scene where the flag-draped coffins arrive on the plane, there is a camera shot of the back loading ramp opening from inside the aircraft. If you watch closely you will notice the ramp is already wet with foot prints as it opens while the soldiers are waiting in the nighttime rain to transfer the coffins. This obviously wasn't the first take, since it makes you aware of the rain outside even before the door opens.
The coffin is loaded into a Northwest Airlines DC-9 in Philadelphia, but the plane shown landing in Minneapolis is a Boeing 747. When it's time to unload the coffin in Minneapolis, the plane is again an DC-9. The next day, the coffin is loaded into an MD-80 for the flight to Billings, Montana, but the plane that lands in Billings is a NWA Airbus A319. Again, when the coffin is unloaded in the cargo area at the Billings airport for the trip by hearse to Wyoming, it is removed from an DC-9. NWA does operate all three aircraft types, but they were not shown consistently in the movie.

Errors in geography 

While at Dover AFB getting his assignment, they tell the Colonel they will depart from Philadelphia International airport. The exterior and interior shots are not that of said airport.
The flight into Billings, MT was filmed at the airport in Bozeman, MT.

Factual errors 

Military protocol says the casket will be loaded or carried feet first. During one of the scenes where they are loading the C-17 one of the caskets is being loaded with the blue of the American flag loaded first. The blue of the flag is always draped over the head/shoulder indicating the head is being loaded first.
They show the fallen soldier being loaded into and out of a NWA DC-9, but the aircraft shown landing in Billings, MT is an AirBus 319.
The hearse from Billings to Dubois shows county plate 7 which is Goshen county on the east side of the state. Dubois is in Fremont county 10.
The US and Infantry insignia brass were improperly aligned on the Army's Sgt class A uniform.
When LtCol Strobl is reading the list of prior incidents in the lobby of the mortuary, one of the incidents is listed as having occurred at "Nellis AFB, NY". Nellis Air Force Base is in Nevada, not New York.

Revealing mistakes 

Towards the beginning of the film, when the bodies are being unloaded from the plane in Dover, DE it's raining. But it's only raining on the tail end of the plane, the rest of the plane is bone dry because the sprinklers didn't reach that far forward.
When asked to verify the remains, the camera jumps back in forth to the tagging of the remains which shows two completely different ID tags.
When Lt Col Strobl arrives at his motel room in Wyoming before the funeral, the information sheet on the table concerning the services has a misspelling: Cemetary (should be Cemetery).
In the parking lot where the funeral is to take place, Lt. Col. Strobl is driving a vehicle with a Montana "57 county" license plate. There are no 57 county plates in Montana as the state only has 56 counties.

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