Taking Chance (TV Movie 2009) Poster

(2009 TV Movie)

Plot Keywords

chance phelps escort
wyoming gratitude
respect hometown
iraq dubois wyoming
hearse military
military escort star spangled banner
uniform dead soldier
casket closed casket
ramstein air base germany quantico virginia
quantico marine corps base hearse driver
playing pool pool table
cheyenne wyoming ceremony
ritual reference to st. christopher
saint christopher medal gun salute
rifle cemetery
graveyard boy scouts
horse and wagon horse
good friday mailbox
voice over narration ground crew
private first class letter of condolence
phd in music music student
ramadi iraq kuwait
baghdad iraq birthday
improvised explosive device reference to george w. bush
children girl
boy reverence
self discovery ice
running african american
black american salt lake city utah
rain casualty list
basketball court airplane stewardess
text messaging cell phone
telephone call airport cargo worker
standing guard over a coffin sleeping next to a coffin
tarmac airline
airport ground crew airport security guard
security guard airport
sleepmask crucifix
rochester minnesota minneapolis minnesota
philadelphia pennsylvania military psychiatrist
psychiatrist post 911
locker room weightlifting
flag draped coffin earphones
push ups barcode
billings montana flash camera
camera x ray
personal effects underwear
scraping ice off a car windshield clifton colorado
wristwatch dog tags
cross dignity
computer explosion
shooting blood
sergeant driver
musician military enlistment
male with long hair remorse
guilt death of stepson
stepfather stepson relationship stepmother stepson relationship
divorced parents honor
medal slow motion scene
boots cleaning a dead body
washing a dead body mortician
funeral home northwest airlines
home movie photograph
military veteran drink
drinking beer
bar handshake
veterans of foreign wars vfw
operation desert storm brother brother relationship
hotel truck driver
pickup truck semi truck
truck bicycle
van mortuary
dover air force base delaware military officer
homecoming year 2004
death of brother military uniform
flashback sadness
tears crying
small town memory
casualty of war american flag
prayer church
teenage boy dead body
corpse tv news
watching tv documentary footage
hero military salute
salute operation iraqi freedom
iraq war friend
friendship brother sister relationship
father daughter relationship mother daughter relationship
husband wife relationship family relationships
father son relationship mother son relationship
u.s. soldier soldier
death lieutenant colonel
u.s. military u.s. marine
u.s. marine corps on the road
mourning loss of son
loss of loved one loss of friend
funeral dead man
coming home coffin
based on essay airplane
title appears in writing witness
death of friend death of son
based on true story

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