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Sora and friends must set out on another adventure to find his long lost friends and stop organization XIII. | Add synopsis »
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  (in credits order)

Haley Joel Osment ... Sora (voice: English version)

David Gallagher ... Riku (voice: English version)

Hayden Panettiere ... Kairi (voice: English version)

Jesse McCartney ... Roxas (voice: English version)

Brittany Snow ... Naminé (voice: English version)

Justin Cowden ... Hayner (voice: English version)

Sean Marquette ... Pence (voice: English version)

Jessica DiCicco ... Olette (voice: English version) (as Jessica DiCiccio)

Richard Epcar ... Ansem (Xehanort's Heartless) / Xehanort (voice: English version)

Robin Atkin Downes ... Luxord (voice: English version)
Ryan O'Donohue ... Demyx (voice: English version)

Quinton Flynn ... Axel (voice: English version)
Kirk Thornton ... Saïx (voice: English version)

David Dayan Fisher ... Xaldin (voice: English version)

James Patrick Stuart ... Xigbar (voice: English version) (as James Patrick Stewart)
Paul St. Peter ... Xemnas (voice: English version)

Christopher Lee ... DiZ / Ansem the Wise (voice: English version)

Crispin Freeman ... Setzer Gabbiani / Will Turner (voice: English version)

Steve Burton ... Cloud Strife (voice: English version)

Mena Suvari ... Aerith Gainsborough (voice: English version)

Rachael Leigh Cook ... Tifa Lockhart (voice: English version)

Mae Whitman ... Yuffie Kisaragi (voice: English version)

Chris Edgerly ... Cid Highwind (voice: English version)

George Newbern ... Sephiroth (voice: English version)
Doug Erholtz ... Squall Leonhart (Leon) (voice: English version)
Molly Marlette ... Selphie Tilmitt (voice: English version) (as Molly Keck)

Will Friedle ... Seifer Almasy (voice: English version)

Jillian Bowen ... Fujin (Fuu) (voice: English version)

Brandon Quintin Adams ... Raijin (Rai) (voice: English version) (as Brandon Adams)

Melissa Disney ... Vivi Orunitia (voice: English version)

Matt McKenzie ... Auron (voice: English version)

Hedy Burress ... Yuna (voice: English version)

Tara Strong ... Rikku (voice: English version)

Gwendoline Yeo ... Paine (voice: English version)

Wayne Allwine ... Mickey Mouse (voice: English version)
Tony Anselmo ... Donald Duck (voice: English version)

Christopher Daniel Barnes ... Prince Eric (voice: English version)

Jeff Bennett ... Merlin / Lumiere / Barrel (voice: English version)

Jimmy Bennett ... Roo (voice: English version)

Jodi Benson ... Ariel (voice: English version)

Robby Benson ... Beast (voice: English version)

Gregg Berger ... Eeyore (voice: English version)

Susanne Blakeslee ... Maleficent / Twilight Town Computer (voice: English version)

Bruce Boxleitner ... Tron (voice: English version)

Zach Braff ... Chicken Little (voice: English version)

Corey Burton ... Yen Sid / Dale / Sark / MCP / Santa Claus / Shan-Yu / The Peddler (voice: English version)
Eddie Carroll ... Jiminy Cricket (voice: English version)

Pat Carroll ... Ursula (voice: English version)

Dan Castellaneta ... Genie (voice: English version)

Cam Clarke ... Simba (voice: English version) (as Cameron Clarke)

Robert Costanzo ... Philoctetes (Phil) (voice: English version) (as Bobby Costanzo)

Jim Cummings ... Pete / Winnie the Pooh / Tigger / Ed (voice: English version)
Barbara Dirickson ... Flora (voice: English version)

Tate Donovan ... Hercules (voice: English version)

Susan Egan ... Megara (voice: English version)

Bill Farmer ... Goofy / Pluto (voice: English version)

Harvey Fierstein ... Yao (voice: English version)

Jonathan Freeman ... Jafar (voice: English version)

Brian George ... Captain Hector Barbossa (voice: English version)

Parker Goris ... Flounder (voice: English version)

Gilbert Gottfried ... Iago (voice: English version)

Michael Gough ... Gopher (voice: English version)

Robert Guillaume ... Rafiki (voice: English version)

Jess Harnell ... Dr. Finkelstein / Lock (voice: English version)

James Horan ... Scar (voice: English version)
Christie Houser ... Attina (voice: English version)

James Earl Jones ... Mufasa (voice: English version) (archive sound)
Bruce Lanoil ... Timon (voice: English version)

Angela Lansbury ... Mrs. Potts (voice: English version)

Linda Larkin ... Princess Jasmine (voice: English version)
Susie Stevens-Logan ... Andrina (voice: English version)

Tress MacNeille ... Daisy Duck / Chip / Kanga / Merryweather (voice: English version)

Cheech Marin ... Banzai (voice: English version)

Kenneth Mars ... King Triton (voice: English version)

Vanessa Marshall ... Nala (voice: English version)

Ming-Na Wen ... Fa Mulan / Ping (voice: English version) (as Ming-Na)
Monie Mon ... Shenzi (voice: English version)

Pat Morita ... Emperor of China (voice: English version)

Mark Moseley ... Mushu (voice: English version)

Travis Oates ... Piglet (voice: English version)

Paige O'Hara ... Belle (voice: English version)

Ken Page ... Oogie Boogie (voice: English version)

Kevin Michael Richardson ... Sebastian (voice: English version)

Ernie Sabella ... Pumbaa (voice: English version)

Chris Sanders ... Stitch (voice: English version)
Ken Sansom ... Rabbit (voice: English version)

Chris Sarandon ... Jack Skellington (voice: English version)

Eliza Schneider ... Elizabeth Swann (voice: English version) (as Eliza Jane Schneider)

Glenn Shadix ... Mayor of Halloween Town (voice: English version)

Kath Soucie ... Sally / Shock (voice: English version)
Christopher Steele ... Peter Pan (voice: English version)

David Ogden Stiers ... Cogsworth (voice: English version)
Andre Stojka ... Owl (voice: English version)

James Arnold Taylor ... Captain Jack Sparrow (voice: English version)

Russi Taylor ... Minnie Mouse / Fauna (voice: English version)

Jonathan Taylor Thomas ... Young Simba (voice: English version) (archive sound)
Jerry Tondo ... Chien-Po (voice: English version)

Gedde Watanabe ... Ling (voice: English version)

Scott Weinger ... Aladdin (voice: English version)

Frank Welker ... Abu (voice: English version)

BD Wong ... Captain Li Shang (voice: English version)

James Woods ... Hades (voice: English version)

Jo Anne Worley ... Wardrobe (voice: English version) (as JoAnne Worley)

Beau Billingslea ... Bo'Sun (voice: English version)

A.J. Buckley ... (voice: English version)

Paul Butcher ... (voice: English version)

Robert Clotworthy ... (voice: English version)
Kevin Delaney ... Tournament Announcer (voice: English version)

John DiMaggio ... Jacoby (voice: English version)

Courtnee Draper ... (voice: English version)

Bob Joles ... (voice: English version)

Rosalyn Landor ... (voice: English version)

Adam Leadbeater ... Twigg (voice: English version)

J.P. Manoux ... (voice: English version)
Jon Olson ... (voice: English version)

Adam Paul ... Tournament Announcer (voice: English version)

Bradley Pierce ... (voice: English version)

Kristen Rutherford ... (voice: Japanese version)

Audrey Wasilewski ... (voice: Japanese version)
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Yôsuke Akimoto ... Xaldin (voice: Japanese version)
Mayuko Aoki ... Yuna / Selphie Tilmitt (voice: Japanese version)
Takashi Aoyagi ... King Mickey Mouse (voice: Japanese version)
Kaori Asô ... Princess Jasmine (voice: Japanese version)
Miyoko Asô ... Flora (voice: Japanese version)
Mika Doi ... Daisy Duck (voice: Japanese version)
Yuko Doi ... Sally / Shock (voice: Japanese version)
Masashi Ebara ... Lumiere (voice: Japanese version)
Hiroshi Fujioka ... Shan-Yu (voice: Japanese version)
Keiji Fujiwara ... Axel (voice: Japanese version)
Kimiko Fukuda ... Mrs. Potts (voice: Japanese version)
Masato Funaki ... Additional Voices (voice: Japanese version)
Tesshô Genda ... Tigger (voice: Japanese version)
Kazuko Hamano ... Additional Voices (voice: Japanese version)
Riko Hanamura ... Nala (voice: Japanese version)
Hiroshi Hatanaka ... Oogie Boogie / Pumbaa (voice: Japanese version)
Yu Hayashi ... Peter Pan (voice: Japanese version)
Daisuke Hirakawa ... Will Turner (voice: Japanese version)
Yuka Hirasawa ... Olette (voice: Japanese version)
Hiroaki Hirata ... Capt. Jack Sparrow (voice: Japanese version)
Ben Hiura ... Banzai (voice: Japanese version)
Masayo Hosono ... Additional Voices (voice: Japanese version)
Masachika Ichimura ... Jack Skellington (voice: Japanese version)
Shûichi Ikeda ... Marluxia (voice: Japanese version)
Minoru Inaba ... Dale (voice: Japanese version)
Takashi Inagaki ... Yen Sid (voice: Japanese version)
Kazuhiko Inoue ... Prince Eric (voice: Japanese version)
Miyu Irino ... Sora (voice: Japanese version)
Akira Ishida ... Zexion (voice: Japanese version)
Tarô Ishida ... King Triton / Eeyore (voice: Japanese version)
Hideo Ishikawa ... Squall Leonhart (Leon) / Auron (voice: Japanese version)

Ayumi Itô ... Tifa Lockheart (voice: Japanese version)
Eri Itô ... Belle (voice: Japanese version)
Haruhiko Jô ... Captain Barbossa / Scar (voice: Japanese version)
Takuya Kaihoko ... Flounder (voice: Japanese version)
Yumi Kakazu ... Yuffie Kisaragi (voice: Japanese version)
Sukekiyo Kameyama ... Winnie The Pooh (voice: Japanese version)
Tetsuo Kanao ... Sark (voice: Japanese version)
Tomie Kataoka ... Shenzi / Kanga (voice: Japanese version)
Kaneta Kimotsuki ... Jiminy Cricket (voice: Japanese version)
Osamu Kobayashi ... The Emperor of China (voice: Japanese version)
Ichirota Koizumi ... Additional Voices (voice: Japanese version)
Takako Kondo ... Wardrobe (voice: Japanese version)
Takehito Koyasu ... Seifer Almasy (voice: Japanese version)
Kujira ... Ursula (voice: Japanese version)
Kazuo Kumakura ... Cogsworth (voice: Japanese version)
Hisako Kyôda ... Fauna (voice: Japanese version)
Hiromi Maeda ... Ariel's Sister #1 (voice: Japanese version)
Marika Matsumoto ... Rikku (voice: Japanese version)
Rica Matsumoto ... Megara (voice: Japanese version) (as Rika Matsumoto)
Yasunori Matsumoto ... Hercules (voice: Japanese version)
Takashi Matsuo ... The Merchant (voice: Japanese version)
Chie Matsuora ... Additional Voices (voice: Japanese version)
Yûko Miyamura ... Larxene (voice: Japanese version)
Mamoru Miyano ... Riku (voice: Japanese version)
Toshiyuki Morikawa ... Sephiroth (voice: Japanese version)
Iku Nakahara ... Naminé (voice: Japanese version)
Kazuya Nakai ... Raijin (Rai) (voice: Japanese version)
Jôji Nakata ... Luxord (voice: Japanese version)
Rio Natsuki ... Fujin (Fuu) (voice: Japanese version)
Nachi Nozawa ... Vexen (voice: Japanese version)
Ryôtarô Okiayu ... Setzer Gabbiani (voice: Japanese version)
Maaya Sakamoto ... Aerith Gainsborough (voice: Japanese version)
Takahiro Sakurai ... Cloud Strife (voice: Japanese version)
Kazunori Sasaki ... Hayner (voice: Japanese version)
Ginpei Sato ... Saïx (voice: Japanese version)
Yu Shimaka ... Goofy Goof (voice: Japanese version)
Ken'ichi Suzumura ... Demyx (voice: Japanese version)
Fumihiko Tachiki ... Lexaeus (voice: Japanese version)
Hayato Taya ... Pence (voice: Japanese version)
Megumi Toyoguchi ... Paine (voice: Japanese version)
Risa Uchida ... Kairi (voice: Japanese version)
Koki Uchiyama ... Roxas (voice: Japanese version)
Aki Unone ... Additional Voices (voice: Japanese version)
Norio Wakamoto ... Xemnas (voice: Japanese version)
Genzô Wakayama ... DiZ / Ansem the Wise (voice: Japanese version)
Kazuhiro Yamaji ... Cid Highwind (voice: Japanese version)
Ikue Ôtani ... Vivi Orunitia (voice: Japanese version)
Akio Ôtsuka ... Ansem (Xehanort's Heartless) / Xehanort (voice: Japanese version)
Hôchû Ôtsuka ... Xigbar (voice: Japanese version)

Directed by
Tetsuya Nomura 
Writing credits
(in alphabetical order)
Tetsuya Nomura 

Original Music by
Yôko Shimomura 
Hikaru Utada 
Sound Department
William Komar .... recordist: Skylark Sound Studios, English voices (as Bill Komar)
Gil Perez .... recordist: Skylark Sound Studios, English voices
Music Department
Yôko Shimomura .... composer: theme music
Other crew
Bob Buchholz .... voice director: English voices
Nadia Kedineoglu .... production coordinator: Skylark Sound Studios, English voices
Rita Kedineoglu .... production director: Skylark Sound Studios, English voices

Production CompaniesDistributorsOther Companies
  • Skylark Sound Studios  recording studio: English voices (dialogue recording and editing & casting services)

Additional Details


Did You Know?

Like Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix also uses English Audio with Japanese subtitles. One difference however is that the Final Mix-exclusive scenes for this game however are dubbed in Japanese instead of left silent like how it was with the first Final Mix game. This also includes seiyuu (voice actors) for the Organization members that were killed off in Chain of Memories who at the time did not have English voice actors for both some of these scenes and the optional boss battles. However the Japanese audio for the original cutscenes can still be accessed through Theater Mode.See more »
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Explain the chronicle order these games go by.
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18 out of 19 people found the following review useful.
If you have the original KH2, you have to have this game, 13 November 2007
Author: Cloud Strife from Sweden

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you've played Kingdom hearts 2, you know what this is about. This is what Square Enix called an "international" version of the game. It's basically the same game as before, except from a few changes. There are a few new keyblades, you can fight the Organization XIII mushrooms for prices and you can fight any member of Organization XIII anytime you like.

The biggest thing is perhaps the new boss fight between the mysterious keyblade wielding knight. Also, there's a new secret ending that shows big spoilers for the upcoming game Birth by sleep. I won't spoil anything on that one.

Will this game ever be released outside of japan? Will it ever be in English? Will Square Enix finally realize that they'll only loose not releasing it? Probably not, but we can always hope for the best. I strongly recommend you to import this, though. It's absolutely worth it!

Was the above review useful to you?
See more (1 total) »

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