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I found racist overtones in this episode ...
harry-19229 April 2007
I was watching this show trying to see the humor in it ... I guess I just don't get it, or it's not funny ...

But then, when one of the characters, I believe it was Darnell, was describing the many reasons for moving back to the city to the other character, I believe it was Maya, one of several reasons he gave was (paraphrasing) "There aren't any black folks around here." As a "white folk", I have to say I found this line offensive. My imagination ran away with mental images of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson demanding an apology to Black America, and resignations from the producers and production company after viewing a sitcom with the same story line, except the characters are white, and the offending line is, "There aren't any white folks around here." Get the picture? Is Darnell implying he doesn't like living around white folks?

Most inequitable, indeed.
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