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Nothing special about this torture
Greg2 December 2010
How far would you go? That's a question asked by the filmmakers of The Tortured, a film from the producers of the Saw franchise that has the parents of a murdered child extracting their revenge on the killer who plea bargains his way to lighter sentence.

Erika Christensen and Jesse Matcalfe play Elise and Craig Landry, two loving parents whose child is abducted and murdered by John Kozlowski (Bill Mosley). Haunted by the events that unfold in court and repulsed by the lenient sentence suggested by the court, the Landry's hatch an plan to nab Kozlowski from a Correctional Facility transfer van in an attempt to dole out their own brand of fitting justice.

Unfortunately for John Kozlowski, their plan works and even more unfortunate for John is that Craig Landry just happens to be a physician which will give him the knowledge and the means in which to keep John alive and in pain for hours and days on end.

Being that The Tortured is from the producers of Saw, you can expect some gory and prolonged torture. They start us off simple enough. A small burn on John's chest. Soon, needles are being used to cause all kinds of pain. Some of the tactics result in John's untimely death, but with Craig being a doctor, resuscitation only adds to John's torment.

At only 78 minutes, there isn't much development in The Tortured. We breeze through the child abduction and the trial right into the torturous basement in an abandoned home that will be the setting for the majority of the film. We do get to watch as the police follow clues to try and find out what happened to their prisoner, but it is hardly engaging and is likely there just to keep extend the running time further than a simple hour.

Everything seemed to be going according to the Landry's master plan and to the audience's expectation until the final chapter of the film that veers drastically into a WTF moment leaving you scratching your head and going back a few chapters to piece it together.

Normally this would be a good thing, but in the hands of director Rob Lieberman, The Tortured just peters out towards the end and then slaps us in the face before abruptly revealing the end credits.

We can't write on behalf of the acting in the film. People are more reacting than they are acting. And we can't give kudos to the plot which has been done before (ironically we screened the superior Canadian film 7 Days that same evening). There was some gore by way of the torture scenes, but we never turned our heads away in disgust or saw something outside of what the Saw and Hostel franchises have brought us over the last 10 years.

You can do a lot worse than The Tortured. And at barely over one hour's length, you wouldn't be putting yourself out to use this as a time filler between other more worthy films of your time. But for us, it was just average.
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I don't remember anything...
drnrg3511 December 2012
My summary title has nothing to do about how I feel about the movie. I actually enjoyed it. The premise is as follows.(cut and paste)In Rutland Country, the six year-old Benjamin Michael Landry is kidnapped by a psychopath in the lawn of his house. His father Craig Landry unsuccessfully runs after the truck but the abductor escapes. Sooner the police discovers that John Kozlowski had abducted and killed Benjamin. When the criminal is sentenced to 25 years in prison only, Benjamin's mother Elise Landry presses her husband to kidnap John and torture him. Craig is a doctor and knows exactly how to inflict pain to the psychopath. They succeed to kidnap John from the prison transport, but Craig has an accident and John is hurt. The couple tortures the man until they find the truth about their victim.

I actually enjoyed this film; as I viewed it entirely from the parents point of view. I have no sentiments for murdered and Bill Mosley plays one of his most diabolical and sinister yet. I would have loved to have see more of his performance, but I guess it would break away from the actual plot. I was thinking if he played one of the parents doing the torturing, but that would probably make the parent look to maniac-ish.

I didn't find many flaws. Both Jessie Metcalfe and Erika Christensen play solid roles as a young couple who have been tortured by the premature murder of their only child. One flaw I did find was how brainless the jury could have been to only give Bill Mosley's character 20 to life. Excuse me? Didn't the prosecutors present pictures in this case or did the defendant's lawyer go the "They entered his house without a warrant" plea. Either way, it shows how "Broken" the judicial system really is.

I have both love and hate for the story's ending as well. I love the twist, but I feel the last scene itself was weak as ever. I wanted to know what happened when the couple went home and turned on the news. What went on through their heads knowing that 20 to life isn't that long and someday.... To me the ending was inconclusive and could have been much better.

I give it a seven, because I love all kinds of horror and suspense...and would someone please torture those who still use the term "Torture Porn". That's a nasty word dreamed up by haters of the horror genre and should never be used by an actual fan.
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Mediocre torture film ruined by ending.
Matt_Layden11 April 2011
A couple's son is kidnapped and murdered. The killer only receives 25 years to life, so they decide to take the law into their own hands. They kidnap the killer and torture him to death.

If that plot sounds familiar it's because The Tortured is a mix of several different films. Think Seven Days, Law Abiding Citizen and the Maters of Horror piece Family. I'd mention Saw, but since this film boasts "From the creators of Saw", I figured I'd side step that obvious comparison. The parents in the film are played by Jesse Metcalfe and Erika Christensen, both in roles that demand emotion and recklessness. They both deliver their scenes as best they could, but not once did I ever really feel anything towards them. We never are given a chance to connect to the family, the first thing we see is the aftermath of the kidnapping. Had we spent a little bit more time with them, not in flashback, then the connection to the audience would have been greater.

Bill Moseley, who usually pops up in Rob Zombie films, plays the man who kills their son. He's a freak who wears make-up and yells at the boy as if he's several different people. Again, bits and pieces used from other films, he comes off as a very poor Buffalo Bill type character. He's being transported to, I'm assuming prison, when the parents come up with a plan that in retrospect, was pretty inane. They manage to steal the van he's being transported in, and accidentally crash it. They take the clearly beaten and almost unrecognizable killer to a secure location, where they can torture and eventually kill the man who took their son's life. The mother is a real estate agent, so she knows the perfect location to use. The father is a doctor, so he has the medical expertise to keep him alive and feel all the pain they will inflict.

The torture scenes are nice, and since the film is called The Tortured, they would have to be. The best part about the torture scenes, are how minimal they are. No over the top gadgets that are used in Saw films, instead we have simple burnings, suffocation, needles to the jugular, breaking of toes, etc. Enough to make people cringe and not overly aggressive with it either.

The ending I mentioned is what will make or break the film for a lot of people. Some people dig it, others find it insulting towards the audience. Meaning they felt cheated. In theory, I like it, in execution, I didn't. As a horror fan, I know who Bill Moseley is, as will most of the people expecting to watch this. So when the ending pops up, it's not that much of a surprise. What the film needed for a final conclusion, were the reaction of the parents to the news, leaving the audience knowing information and the characters not is a cop out. Especially when you know that they will eventually find out.

The tortured is decent enough for those looking for some torture fun. It's definitely a genre specific film. I hated how the characters would flip flop all the time and it tries to be a film that raises important questions. For example, how far would you go to punish those who hurt you, but it never reaches those depths to ask. The second half is more fixated on the torture aspect and not the morality aspect. The film poorly juggles drama and horror. It's as if the film set up a question to be asked, but forgot to ask it.
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Excellent Little horror movie!
Jon Doe18 October 2010
I also had low expectations after coming to IBMD and seeing some bad reviews about this title. After watching it, I have to say I loved it. At the beginning it seemed like an all too familiar plot, I won't spoil it, but basically its about a family who's child is kidnapped and murdered by a local psychopathic child serial killer. The family decides they want revenge and think that prison is too good for this scumbag.(a suitable part played by Bill Mosley)

I know we have seen this type of movie before and I warn you there is a lot of "uncomfortable" torture scenes going on for quite awhile that may make a few uncomfortable and turn others off. As we move towards the ending and the plot started to unfold I realized why we had to go through all that torture which wasn't mindless at all. We start to feel for this child killer/molester and the pain hes going through and we even have to be reminded that this is the scum of the earth getting what he deserves. The ending definitely is the best part and doesn't let us down in the least. No spoilers here sorry...

More for seasoned Horror fans.Great acting all the way through and each actor gave it their all, great directing, and most importantly great GORE!. Not really a hidden gem per say, but a decent genre flick that makes you think nonetheless.

I gave it a 8 even though its probably only worthy of a solid 7. I think it deserves alittle extra help from us genre fans.
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Wannabe torture porn leaves no cliché untapped
Boris_Day31 August 2010
I saw this at Frightfest over the weekend and Tortured is a laughably bad attempt at a "torture porn" film. It starts with a frantically edited sequence of pointless flash-backs and flash- forwards in a vain attempt to lend some interest to the trite set up. The filmmakers then go hilariously over the top in making the villain's lair creepy, with old dolls, stuffed animals and clown masks all over the place. The two leads look and act like something out of a US daytime soap and almost every line they say can be anticipated seconds before they open their mouths. The plot and it's "twists" are equally predictable. Ultimately the film never really delivers on its promise of gruesome retribution. The vengeful protagonists talk and talk about all the horrible things they are going to do to their victim, but what they come up with is really rather lame.

Tortured is good for some unintentional laughs, but otherwise don't waste your time on this one.
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I fell pretty "Tortured" right now
guilionakyy2 November 2010
At the first 25 minutes the movie try desperately, with a series of crude flashbacks, to convince the audience of something the actors themselves could not: To believe that they are suffering for the lost of their child. And even that isn't enough to make believable an apple-pie family turning the new Hewitts. An unbelievably long hour later the film was over with a very confusing but mildly interesting 5 minutes ending. One moment you are wondering "how that will turn out?", the other, roll credits. Through out the whole movie, flashbacks continue to appear over and over and over again showing nothing relevant to the plot or the characters psychology. The torture parts are also not terrible enough to please the "Painjunkies" out there, which makes sense if an upper-middle class family would perform it, but the characters most of the time make it looks like its not a big deal to do that to a person. The script is very poorly directed. Even for a TV Series Director. It takes too long to begin, and not long enough to finish. Climax of the story happens in 5 minutes. If the movie was turned into a 15 minutes episode of "Tales from the Crypt", it would be nice enough. But surely not far a movie. To the fans of Twisted Pictures, I advice you to wait for the Next Saw.
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Not bad for a rainy night
sburt4-831-48434714 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The Tortured Erika Christensen and Jesse Metcalfe play parents of a murdered child. Bill Moseley plays the predator that kidnaps and murders their child. The parent's after receiving the news that the killer will only get twenty five years in prison devise a plan to kidnap him and torture him for what he did to their child. Sounds perfect right? Well without giving anything away let's just says things do not always go as plan. I think these types of films are extremely hard to make for the mainstream audience. The writer has to decide if they are making a drama or a horror film. In this case being from the producers from Saw they decided to do both. I was surprised that I actually was emotional over some of the scenes. Some of the story is told in flashbacks. This for me made it harder to watch. The torture scenes are brutal and to my amazement kept realistic. The film does have a SAW feel to it by the way the director filmed parts of the movie. Some of the scenes are gloomy looking and the way the story is told through flashbacks reminded me of SAW. The things I liked: I thought Erika Christensen and Jesse Metcalfe did well with what they were given for dialog. Some of the dialog hit home for me. I was not too concerned that they flip-flop around in their choice to torture this man. That kept it realistic. The film was not boring and I was not expecting the ending. The film is definitely gory for anyone who is a gore hound. I actually looked away quickly during one of the scenes. The problems I had in the film: I do believe the story needed to be more fleshed out. The foundation was there. I thought it needed a little more substance to make it an excellent film. I felt the film could have been longer to fix these problems. There was one scene where Bill Moseley was with the kid that I thought was hammy and I am sure it was intended to be terrifying. That scene failed. The film is defiantly not original. I felt like the film ripped scenes off from Halloween : Resurrection , SAW movies etc. Over all I give the film a B-.
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It's the audience that suffers.
BA_Harrison17 September 2011
Craig and Elise Landry (Jesse Metcalfe and Erika Christensen) have their world torn apart when John Kozlowski (Bill Moseley), a drooling psychopath with deep-seated parent issues and an unrivalled collection of disturbing curios in his basement, abducts and murders their six year old son. When the killer is caught and brought to trial, but only receives a 25 year jail sentence for his heinous crime, the distraught couple decide to take the law into their own hands and exact a far more fitting punishment.

The Tortured is, as the title suggests, yet another in the recent wave of horror films that have (un)popularly been dubbed 'torture porn'; however, rather than try to make the viewer turn away in disgust at gory atrocities inflicted upon innocent victims, as is usually the case with this sub-genre, the intention here is to appeal to the audience's most primal emotions, fulfilling a basic desire for sweet justice by depicting a twisted piece of human garbage on the receiving end of some serious pain and humiliation for a change.

This twist on an already well-worn theme might have worked if it wasn't for an unnecessary and totally unbelievable twist at the end which robs the viewer of any real satisfaction. Add the fact that the violence perpetrated is far from stomach churning (the gore is most unimpressive with the yuckiest scene turning out to be a dream) and the plot requires major suspension of disbelief (for example, one is expected to believe that, after a van has somersaulted off a bridge, sailed through the air, and crashed face-down onto some jagged rocks, those inside have all miraculously survived death), and what you have is a bland and instantly forgettable effort, another nail in the coffin for a horror trend that should have been buried long ago.
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What Would You Do with the Killer of Your Son?
Claudio Carvalho1 December 2010
In Rutland Country, the six year-old Benjamin Michael Landry is kidnapped by a psychopath in the lawn of his house. His father Craig Landry (Jesse Metcalfe) unsuccessfully runs after the van but the abductor escapes. Sooner the police discovers that John Kozlowski (Bill Moseley) had abducted and killed Benjamin. When the criminal is sentenced to 25 years in prison only, Benjamin's mother Elise Landry (Erika Christensen) presses her husband to kidnap John and torture him. Craig is a doctor and knows exactly how to inflict pain to the psychopath. They succeed to kidnap John from the prison transport, but Craig has an accident and John is hurt. The couple tortures the man until they find the truth about their victim.

"The Tortured" is a film with a promising premise ("What Would You Do with the Killer of Your Son?") that unfortunately has many flaws and holes in the plot and a rushed conclusion. The prison van, for example, would have Craig's finger prints everywhere but the police officers do not find any clue. The truth about the victim is confused and unlikely and difficult to understand. The screenplay is corny in some moments and the torture scenes are very graphic, therefore not recommended for sensitive audiences. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Cegos por Justiça" ("Blind for Justice")
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What a stupid movie
amidalasky18 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is bad even for torture porn. It starts out promisingly enough, with Jesse Metcalfe understandably freaking out about the abduction of his small son, but once Erika Christensen shows up, she promptly drains any semblance of liveliness that this outing may have had (which, admittedly, wasn't much). Christensen is, with rare exceptions, simply a lousy actress. And she's uncommonly awful here. Neither she nor Metcalfe -- who isn't bad, just bland -- is even slightly believable as parents so vengeful that they'd kidnap and torture the man (they think) murdered their son.

Oh yeah, that parenthetical means that at the end there's a shocking twist. Not. As others have noted, you see it coming from a mile away: the boy's parents may have seized the wrong guy, because there were TWO prisoners on the transport van they are able to hijack with idiotic ease (a fact they apparently weren't aware of -- yeah, right), and somehow we're supposed to think they might mistake the guy they abduct with the man they saw for months on end during his trial.

Matters aren't helped by a truly stupid script and mostly lifeless direction. Of course, people aren't going to watch something like this for the script, acting or direction: they want to see a revenge fantasy played out, which the movie doesn't even deliver due to the aforementioned "twist." The movie swiftly becomes quite boring, and yes, I am including the torture scenes in that assessment.

This is not guilty-pleasure bad. It's just bad.
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Torture Porn on the Cheap
thirteenprime3 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Somebody wanted to make a movie about two nice people torturing a guy to death, and this thing is what they came up with. There's nothing clever about The Tortured, and nothing in it is so over-the-top that you can at least admire this film for its audacity. It's just screaming and pain and nonsense. There's even a disemboweling sequence halfway through, but since that would have killed the victim with much of the film left to go, the film presents it as an hallucination so you can see it anyway. The hole-card ending is cut-rate Shamaylan. I haven't seen a film this bad in a long, long time. Two stars instead of one, though, because of the cast, which is far better than this awful little film deserves.
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A disturbing yet somewhat satisfying look at what happens when you push parents too far. Graphic but should be seen. I say B+
Tony Heck16 August 2012
"Killing him isn't punishment enough." Elise (Christensen) hugs her son goodbye and goes to work. Craig (Metcalfe) is going to play soccer with him but goes in the house to get sunscreen for him. He looks out the window and sees a man grab him and run off. Unable to catch up to the truck he calls the police but the don't find the boy in time. When they hear the the kidnappers punishment is only 25 years to life they take it upon themselves to give him the sentence he deserves. My disclaimer for this is the same I had for "God Bless America". I am in no way advocating what is in this movie but it's something that almost everyone would agree with. The parents find a way to kidnap the kidnapper and proceed to torture him in a way that is both disturbing and satisfying in order to make him feel what he did to their son. While not quite to the level of "Saw" or "Hostel" there are still some pretty graphic scenes in this that make you want to turn away a couple times. There really isn't that much to this movie except the torture, but if you liked movies like "Death Sentence" then you will love this one as well. I did. Overall, a disturbing, graphic and satisfying movie that actually has a neat ending that shows you why you shouldn't take the law into your own hands. I give it a B+.
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Grieving Parents Take Justice into Their Own Hands
Chris_Pandolfi15 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The thinking behind "The Tortured" is really quite simple: If somebody hurts you, you are perfectly within your rights to hurt them back. It tells the story of Craig and Elsie Landry (Erika Christensen and Jesse Metcalfe), whose happy lives are shattered when their six-year-old son is kidnapped, tortured, and murdered. The killer, John Kozlowski (Bill Moseley), was caught, tried, and ultimately sentenced to twenty-five- years-to-life in prison. He avoided life without the possibility of parole because of a deal he made with authorities, namely that he would disclose the location of a mass grave containing the dismembered bodies of his other child victims. The grieving Landrys, outraged by the lesser sentence, decide that they should kidnap Kozlowski, torture him, and ultimately murder him.

What infuriates me about this film is that its establishing thirty minutes, which promises a compelling examination of how irrational we can be in the face of loss, anger, and hatred, prove to be little more than rest stops on the way to a profoundly implausible and morally reprehensible revenge fantasy, one that mistakes mindless violence and gore for veiled commentaries on human behavior. This is the kind of movie that appeals to the unevolved areas of the brain, where we delude ourselves into believing that getting back at those who have wronged us is not only justified but mandatory. Ideally, no one would ever be murdered. Realistically, we must learn to adapt to a world in which murders happen every minute of every day. In this particular situation, the best one can hope for is learning to take those first painful steps towards healing.

Given how decently the film begins, I had hope that director Robert Lieberman and screenwriter Marek Posival were actually thinking along those lines and would ultimately deliver a somber but effective character study. Alas, the real purpose of this movie is no more or less than the purpose of torture porn: To pass off human suffering and disgusting desecrations of the body as entertainment. Anything we might have gleaned from the earlier scenes, in which both Craig and Elsie are plagued with visions of happier times with their playful son as they mourn, is all but tossed away. Not since "The Final" has a revenge fantasy offended me this deeply. Like Kozlowski's victims, this movie deserves to be dismembered and buried in a shallow grave, then dug up and ripped to shreds by passing scavenger animals.

Through a very unlikely sequence of events, Craig is able to hijack the prison transfer van carrying Kozlowski. Elsie, meanwhile, follows behind in their car. Craig swerves to avoid an oncoming car, which ultimately forces the van to flip over and tumble over a bridge and onto rocky terrain. Miraculously, Craig only has a few scratches. "He's over there!" Elsie shouts to her husband, pointing to a motionless body wearing an orange jumpsuit. They go over to the body, and although his face is pretty banged up and bloody, it's obvious that the man is still alive. Husband and wife smuggle him into their car and drive to a secluded farmhouse, where Craig, a doctor, has fashioned a makeshift medical station in the basement. They keep their prisoner on pain killers only for one night. I guess the thinking is that, if they're going to torture him, he might as well be as healthy as he can be.

And so we flash forward to the next morning, at which point they begin the verbal abuse and physical torture on their heavily restrained prisoner. I'm not going to describe in detail what they do him; I think the mere mention of medical equipment is enough to kick start your imaginations. I will say that, all throughout, both Craig and Elsie are annoyingly wishy-washy on the scope of what they're doing in the name of their son; not long after Craig begins to worry that they might be torturing a man who may have amnesia from brain trauma, he frantically tries to revive him after depriving him of air, for he didn't have the satisfaction of hurting him long enough. Likewise, Elsie can be jittery and nauseous one moment then militant and hostile the next. A little consistency in character would have been greatly appreciated.

There seems to be an unwritten rule stating that movies like this are required to include a plot twist. In general, I suspect it's out of obligation and doesn't have much to do with genuine surprise. Regarding "The Tortured," every fiber of my being tells me that that was the case. I will obviously not spoil anything for you, but let it be known that I could see the plot twist coming a mile away. Even if you haven't seen as many movies like this as I have, you should be able to see it too. That's because, in this particular case, you need not bother sorting through the clues dropped all throughout. You only need to a pair of eyes. For the filmmakers to believe that this twist would in any way, shape, or form actually work suggests a serious lack of faith in the intelligence of the audience.

-- Chris Pandolfi (
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Great Movie! Very Intense, Good Acting
James G. Evans16 October 2010
I wasn't too sure about watching this movie because I read one review here on IMDb saying that wasn't so good but my instinct told me to watch it.

Jesse Metcalfe acting was great, after watching and following desperate housewives I wasn't aware that he was going after the big screen, I'm amazed in how well he play his character, I hope to see him more often in other movies; same for Erika Christensen, her acting was great too, very intense and real from my point of view.

The movie take you on a ride of emotions from the beginning to the end, I was able to feel the pain of the characters.

The ending is totally unexpected, I was really surprised, good to know that we can still be surprised after all that junk that is realized daily, great ending.

I was right!, this movie was amazing, if you enjoyed Law Abiding Citizen or similar movies about revenge this movie is for you.

Great movie, it deserve a 10!
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Torture was a torture to audience!
alexstephen11 July 2011
When I'm feeling bored, I like to relax at a's choice, this one, was a poor choice. "z grade" movies are often fun, in their awfulness; This was just plain bad without the fun.

The movie moves very slow, the torture sequence are okay, overall its just a waste of time, I do not recommend anyone to watch this movie.

The end had a twist, which spoils the whole effort of the couple in the movie.Bad acting with cheap story, have never seen a B movie with such polish or talent. If you have 1 and half hours to kill and you are not likely to walk out of the theater because it sucks, then you should see it. This is by far one of the worst movies that i have ever seen.
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Short movie. Not short enough though
Jamie Carsten8 November 2014
Wow, this movie is about as terrible as it gets. I could go on and on about why, but in the interests of wasting as little of your time on this film as possible, I will pinpoint the primary couple of reasons:

Firstly, Erika Christensen's acting is as bad as I have seen. It is to the extent it became extremely aggravating every time she was on screen. She was totally unconvincing and very, very poorly casted. Yes, she didn't have much to work with but what she did have she butchered about as badly as the kidnapped prisoner laying in her character's basement.

Secondly, the style of this movie just doesn't work. Firstly, the story starts post-kidnapping and thus no emotional connection is able to be made with the main characters. What precious little time there is to build an emotional connection before the torturing begins is ruined by crass, predictable and poorly executed flashbacks. It all feels very hollow then and you feel as if they may as well have started the movie 35 minutes in when the torturing began.

Lastly, as an editor I don't like Lieberman's creative decisions in this movie. The colouring does not work for me and makes the movie appear blander than it already is. His camera angles are very poor too - all the shots appear overly zoomed in and it comes across as a bit of a mess and serves to disengage me even further. This could be a personal preference though.

All in all, don't watch. Even if you're into torture movies, this film still won't hold your attention.
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Were the Editor and Audio Synchronizer High????
HandHStudios5 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
For a movie called "The Tortured", I feel pretty tortured from watching it. I would've given it 0 stars if it was possible.

This wannabe horror-movie thriller is badly acted, coarsely edited, the audio is unsynchronized, the list goes on and on. Oh, and of course it's disgustingly graphic, which can be justified and work in some movies (i.e. Se7en), but it was just unbearable and gross in this movie.

To start off, this movie's plot just screams cliché. In fact, a good way to describe this movie is just one big horror movie cliché. The horrible plot is this: A psychotic man kidnaps a couple's son while the dad is distracted and the wife is at work. The police can't find sh*t, and of course the mom, being emotionally vulnerable as she should be, blames the cops for not finding her son. Screw logic! I mean seriously, investigations take a long time, and if the killer left no clues or evidence, then it will be harder. But, the mom just "needs someone to blame", as she says later, and of course she has to stick it on the hard-working, low-paid officers. Then, the police find the man, illegally enter his home, only to discover the son is already dead. Wow. Then, as the clichés roll on, the couple decide to get revenge on the man. Nothing in this movie ever deviates from formula. In fact, I'm not even sure if there IS a formula to this movie, as it seems like a jumbled mess.

Besides the formulaic, cliché plot line, the editing is horrible. Many times, a character might be saying something but their mouth isn't moving, or it's unsynchronized. Hence, the title of my review. Whoever edited this movie needs to go back to film school immediately.

Another thing is the picture and cinematography. The whole movie, save the flashbacks, is all washed out in color. This is a misconception with horror film directors that by washing out your film, it makes it scarier. All it does is make you look desperate and your film look amateurish. On another note, the cinematography was also abysmal, scoring no points for this otherwise dismal film. The shots were rough, almost feeling like a montage. They would have the same shot just moved a couple of inches over. Why they felt the need to do that is beyond me. Also, the shots had no style or feel to them, as if the editor and cinematographer just said "screw it" and slapped together the shots to make this movie.

Moreover, the movie is disgustingly graphic. What was once fresh and gripping in Se7en is now overall gross and appalling here. The couple shows no mercy as they torture their sons killer. At least John Doe had SOME shred of human decency! Additionally,it was horribly acted. I cannot fathom how these actors made it into Hollywood. They cannot act! I am half confident that I could do a better job then they did! Jesse Metcalf just sulked and sat there while Erika Christensen blathered on about how they would move on and find a better life. That was the whole first half of the movie.

Also, the script was disappointing. The dialogue was-- yes, you guessed it!-- all clichés! Jesse Metcalf says to Erika Christensen, "Killing (our sons killer) isn't going to change anything." Wow, the screenwriters couldn't come up with anything more original? That's sad.

To close, this was an abysmal, depressing, disgustingly graphic D movie with D list stars. I leave you with one thing: You'd be hard-pressed to find a worse horror movie then this.

HandHStudios Rating: 0/10
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Too Many Plot Holes
Michael_Elliott22 November 2012
The Tortured (2010)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

After their child is kidnapped, tortured and murdered, the grieving parents (Erika Christensen, Jesse Metcalfe) decide to kidnap the man responsible on his transport to prison and teach him the true meaning of torture. THE TORTURED has a good idea (what would you do to the man who killed your child) but sadly the execution is so bad and so full of plot holes that at times the film becomes rather laughable. I think a lot of the blame has to go towards the director because the film just isn't intense, isn't scary and it's really hard to connect with the parents. As a parent of a three-year-old, what happens to the kid here would be one of the most horrible things you could experience and I understand where the parents would want to seek their own revenge. The problem is that the parents here do so many stupid things that you really have to wonder who the filmmakers were trying to fool. One of the biggest problems is when the parents kidnap the prisoner, they seem to overlook their fingerprints would be all over the stolen car. There's a manhunt for the prisoner and even though the U.S. Marshalls are told where he's at, it takes them forever to actually get there. All of this leads to an eventual twist in the story and I will admit that I found this to be the best thing in the film. Still, with so many other plot holes it was just impossible to take the film serious. The torture scenes are all pretty graphic but I'd say no more so than what you've seen in films like SAW or HOSTEL. This film, however, doesn't work as a drama, a thriller or as a horror movie. It's just too flat all around and it just never comes to life.
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Ruined by the ending!
vengeance206 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I bought this film years ago on DVD but never got round to watching it until now. Reason being was the story & the SAW logo on the front cover stating that it was produced by the makers of SAW! So, as any hardcore horror fan would do, I picked it & paid for it to watch.

The film is basically about a families life that has come crashing down after their son gets kidnapped & killed by a sadistic child killer. Because of the lighter sentence he has been given they decide to take the law into their own hands by kidnapping & subject him to the same torture he he inflicted on their son!

The film was great, well going great I mean it wasn't as overly gory as I would've liked it to be, but hey I was considering keeping it as it had some pretty brutal enough moments, though it did lack & even then considering it was roughly about 74 odd minutes long you'd think they'd cramp some good torture methods in!

The film seemed to be going alright & I was almost about to rate it a possible 6 or 7 if not 8 at a push! But the ending came & this whole film went tits up! It turns out they got the wrong man as there was 2 convicts in the prison van & they got the wrong convict who was done for tax evasion! So this entire film cheated me entirely & everything that went on was for f**k all! Hell they may as well have not thought about the kidnapping at all let alone going through with it! They tortured a semi innocent man while the real git was on the run & got caught by police, it just seemed like the whole film was a waste & a big f**k you to those who got led on! It was such ma badly ended film & ruined what could've been a good revenge horror/thriller!

Don't want to pi$$ on your bonfire but this film get's a 2, reason being was cause the torture was adequate enough, though could've been better being producers of SAW for Christ sake! But other than that, the ending costed my review to them a good chunk of marks!

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Stephen Young30 May 2014
This shambling mess of a film is a true disgrace - to use the torture murder of a 6 year old boy in such a glib, throw-away entertainment driven way is a parlous utter travesty and these film-makers should be lambasted high and low.

These tragedies do happen - to use them for such low brow entertainment is so utterly disrespectful I wonder how the film makers sleep at night.

No exploration of the moral dilemma of inadequate justice, no development of the main characters, no meaningful examination of the impact of this behaviour on the torturers. Plot device garbage that contrives at every turn and then the obligatory 'twist'.

I really enjoy extreme films that are well done but this heap of dung fails at every turn - bad lighting, jump moments, blood letting - is it too much to ask to actually make a film as opposed to a lame excuse in which to appease gore-hounds' desire for unmitigated torture.

For a complex and truthful exploration of this harrowing subject of extreme loss through murder of the innocent, please watch the wonderful French film 7 Days that at least tries to convey some of the emotional struggle, the uselessness, the folly and the inadequacy of revenge in the face of incalculable grief and loss.
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Who's the animal?
Tom19 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The movie grabbed my attention and for that, it at least gets a 5 out of 10. But is it really that good? For fans that love a nice little torture flick, this one does just that. The story flows really well from beginning to end.

So the bad guy kidnaps a couples child and tortures him to death. The grieving couple in return kidnaps the bad guy and tortures him in return. Both the wife and husband agree to do this by the way willingly.

What exactly does this accomplish by the way? I understand you feel a lot of pain grieving for your lost child, but to become a monster yourself and go through the same procedure as what the kidnapper did.....well, you are no better off than the kidnapper. I'm sorry to say.

For pain and torture and for those that enjoy movies like this, you won't be disappointed.
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Torture movie with an unexpected twist.
zitzy200021 October 2010
I won't give away any spoilers here, but this movie was a roller-coaster ride of emotions.

It's about a little boy that was kidnapped/tortured/abused/killed - and then it's the parents time to get justice.

I know everyone would say that if someone killed their child, they would kill them, well it's along that mindset. It's funny, because I was rooting for the parents, didn't feel remorse about what they did to him, because let's face it, if we were ever in a situation like that, who would NOT want to take the law into their own hands and inflict pain and suffering on someone who killed your kid.

The gore was not really too much, not on par with Saw or Hostel, but there are some moments that will make you wince, and feel very uncomfortable. The acting was very good for a straight to DVD movie, and on the whole it was a pretty good movie.
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It is worth the watch!
Mike Morgan24 October 2010
A case of 'Don't judge a book by its cover' I fell for that… It has a similar feel to 'Law Abiding Citizen' if you have seen that.

Basically, it is couple seeking revenge on the man who destroyed their lives. They 'achieve'this in brutal circumstances so be warned.

I would seriously recommend viewing this movie. You might think it isn't cutting it for you but watch until the end, I will predict that 8/10 people will say at the end 'Actually, that was quite good' However, it felt like it was missing something to give it that extra quality… maybe the timing, it was relatively short which may have been the missing part for me.

All in all, a good watch and worth the time.
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WOW.. We need more movies like this!
Kurt Jones23 October 2010
What a movie!! From start to finish this was awesome. You get dragged in and feel as though you share the pain of the parents.Acting was top notch and the story was brilliant. Put me in the parents situation and id of done the same! For all torture movie fans this is definitely a thumbs up..If your more into crappy acting and a little bit of nastiness.... Don't WATCH THIS! Otherwise id recommend this movie to everyone! 10 out of 10 :D I think a second instalment would go down a treat.. Watch it and see if you agree :) There are a lot of movies with this kind of story but often they are told badly, This is not! More movies need to be made like this. But hey, Everyone to they're own so as i said, if you like movies of this genre, The Tortured will not disappoint... Unless you are just lame! :D
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