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A nasty piece of work that's been hanging around for two years looking for an audience.
Robert Lieberman's Perverted Justice advert spins its wheels with scene after scene impatiently cut like a montage sequence.
A last-minute twist implicating the audience in the bloodlust isn't clever so much as hypocritical.
Lean, nasty, and patently absurd, The Tortured plays like one long scream of agony.
It's bluntly written, poorly shot and edited, and cruel without being clever.
There's an opportunity here for screenwriter Marek Posival and director Robert Lieberman to play up the squeamishness of upper-middle-class torturers who don't fit the profile, but they're too busy tending to horror-thriller clichés.
The New York Times
Veering from ridiculous to revolting, The Tortured would like to be about more than singed nipples and seared skin. And it is: It's also about cracked toes and lanced eardrums.
The movie is so inept - with its flat characters, histrionic acting, dull dialogue ("Killing him is not going to change anything"), a dreadfully overdone musical score and la-la-la flashbacks starring the kid - that its clichés grow slightly funny. But not funny enough to make the endless torture scenes bearable.

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