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Reviews & Ratings for
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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

This could have been awesome, but just wasn't

Author: scifisexstar
26 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Splice identifies a spectrum of complex moral topics and blatantly ignores them for a momentum-free story where each scene is riddled with more predictability than the previous.

A classic line from the film is, "Was this ever about science?" The answer is a resounding no.

The film ends with, "What's the worst that can happen?" The answer is very obviously Splice 2.


Two idiots blessed with unlimited fool's luck masquerade as scientists to create a pair of penile animals for medical purposes by splicing a variety of animal DNA. This is not enough. They feel compelled to drop some human DNA into the mix and create a humanoid penile animal. Hilarity ensues and some of the characters die unspectacularly.

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5 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Outstanding Horror/Sci-Fi Parable About The Ethics Of Cloning And Genetic Engineering

Author: johnstonjames from United States
7 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

a definite horror/sci-fi classic for our recent times. i don't watch a lot of sci-fi channel shows (afraid it might injure the brain), so i'm sure there are lots of hokey movies and shows all the time about cloning and genetics that i don't see. but i doubt any are done with the same care, thoughtfulness and scale that 'Splice' was done with that set this film above and apart from the rest. not to mention an excellent and stylish sensibility from director Vincenzo Natali.

this film has all the elements a fantasy/horror classic should have. it has real moodiness and true cautionary sense of foreboding. in classic horror film style, the genetic monster Dren, is both sympathetic and vulnerable (like the'Frankenstien' monster), but you also can't shake the feeling that something is, and will, go terribly wrong with her.

the film benefits a lot from the excellent creature design of Dren, the cloned, genetic experiment that that big pharmaceutical both exploits and is afraid of. mostly afraid because of the ethical outcry from the greater society if this experiment is found out. Dren's creature design is both far out and even somewhat believable if you want to stretch your sense of speculation.

fear of science, the future, and the unknown have always been the essential components of cautionary sci-fi. and Vincenzo Natali as director and screen writer employs them in true classic form.

with so much sci-fi out there that usually rates a disappointment, this film is a real gem. solidly directed, acted and conceived. and it gives the viewer some real science speculation to ponder, and not things like 'octosharks' or little green and blue aliens. the world of cloning and genetic engineering is already here. we just have to make up our minds what we want to do with it. this film presents some issues as to what the failings might be. practical and ethical.

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5 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Science fiction - the new Gothic horror?

Author: Allentoker from United States
26 June 2010

This is a great new science fiction film from the director of the late 90s classic horror/suspense/sci-fi classic Cube, Splice has undertones of Gothic horror and psychological suspense thriller with the sci-fi overtones. Beautifully thought out story about two genetic research scientists who take their genetic research to the next level and then suffer the dire psychological then physical consequences of their curiosity and their fear and want of a child or a new wife or self gratification for ones own godly power. And that's the moral of the story, I think, is watch out when you try to take control of the power of God, for thou shalt suffer the consequences! The film has great Cronenbergian themes in it, the corruption of science, the perversion of ones own moral fabric and mental being, physical transformation and metamorphosis. All in all a great film for horror and science fiction fans, or, science reality? I haven't been impressed by a horror movie in a long time, probably because I've seen so many of them, and this one really impressed me, so I highly recommend it for anybody who enjoys a great movie.

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5 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Splice is a unique, if flawed, experience.

Author: gigadragon12 from United States
5 June 2010

Splice is the story of two genetic scientists that work for a medical company. They are working on animal drugs as the movie opens up by combining several animal genes into one mixed creation. They present it with good remarks and want to push the genetic material to include human DNA in the hopes of creating super cures for human borne diseases. They're hopeful outlook is not shared by the higher ups, and they are told to not continue their experiments. They do. The result is Dren, the first case of human DNA splicing, and the story heads into a twist of family ethics and creature horror movie.

Splice has several good points to it. First off, the acting by the three main actors is good, not Oscar worthy, but you won't hurting for good emotional scenes. Second, the story is, while a creature movie, quite unique in the testing on human DNA, making a statement about the restrictions of such experimentation. Well, so what, you're saying, that's the Frankenstein story rehashed. Well, the biggest point to make is that this story doesn't take the Frankenstein approach of a monster misunderstood… much. Dren is treated by her creators as a human being and raised practically as a child, the movie takes a much more human standpoint on how something becomes a monster, and thus the statement becomes more human than Science Fiction.

To turn that on its side, this statement of human involvement in the creation of monsters, is exactly what can make the movie sometimes not so great. This movie is classified as a Sci-Fi flick, and not really very appropriately. While Splice starts in the realm of Science Fiction, it drops that pretty quickly once the scientists begin to treat Dren as a person and not an experiment and it becomes a statement of family ethics. While not entirely bad, it can make the movie in general seem pretty deceiving at times. They don't really go into the basis of the creature, what it was combined with, and what little science fiction there is doesn't really fill you up. In general it doesn't stick to its genre, but that doesn't kill it alone, its still good if you disregard that. Where the movie drops the ball is in the minor flaws, subtle actions that, are taken in every Horror movie, where the teenage girl locks the door and runs up the stairs yelling and screaming and stomping so that you know the killer will find her, rather than making intelligent survival choices. Well the same thing happens in Splice, and some decisions catch you off guard and leave you wondering, why would an educated scientist capable of splicing DNA make such a decision? The characters are well developed, every character from the scientists to Dren are all well developed and dynamic. They all undergo changes from the over endearing mother to the less than caring scientist and back and forth and back and forth. These developments are all well portrayed considering the situation. Things get weird around the end of the second act, and that's where things really get awkward in the movie. None of it is completely unforeseen though, and its not going to be knocking Saw off its low horse in the twist department.

Essentially, Dren is a drama with Science Fiction and Horror elements. It focuses on family mechanics and the emotional damage that these things have on things and make them monsters in such a fashion. Psychologically thrilling and terrifying, it would be almost right to call it a thinking persons Sci-Fi. Unfortunately, a few characteristics knock Splice off of that throne, and it stands as something that just barely makes the grade, a few questionable actions and some scenes near the end of the movie all make it hard to swallow, yet still enjoyable. You should see it, but it won't be taking many if any awards.

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7 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

The opening credits are the only good thing about this movie! (Save yourself 1hr 40mins!)

Author: Tyler Durden from United Kingdom
31 March 2011

Close to being one of the worst movies I have ever wasted my time watching! Literally the only good thing about this movie, to which I admit to being genuinely impressed by, was the opening credits! (Although VERY similar to the Fight Club opening credits!) And that's it! I'll say the first 10 minutes looked pretty good, but the other 1 hour 37 minutes just progressively worse until the 'seen it a million times' predictable ending. I can't forgive myself for having known that it was going to just get worse and worse as the ideas and the script became more and more desperate.

What shocks me more than the movie though (especially Adrian Brody's far deteriorated acting ability), is the number of people who review it as a 10 star "Intelligent", "well-acted" movie, "definitely worth watching"?! It just makes me scratch my head in the disappointment and realisation that the general movie-viewing public are so mindlessly satisfied (worryingly so!) with anything that the now completely un-original, money-prioritising, quick-buck-making Hollywood(en) throws at their attentive faces??! And whilst I mention Adrian Brody (who I once considered a VERY credible and capable actor), I think it's safe to assume that he has finally guaranteed the end of his 'serious' acting career with 'that' scene in this movie! Seriously, why do we encourage these movies? This ended up being nothing I haven't seen before in Species 1 and 2, The Fly (1 and 2), Alien Resurrection, and any number of other genetic-body-horror movies. Why do I think this is just going to end up being yet another "1 and 2" crapology?! Remember where you heard it first!

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9 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

Not a Masterpiece but Something Different

Author: Michael_Elliott from Louisville, KY
25 June 2010

Splice (2009)

*** (out of 4)

Interesting, if not totally successful, sci-fi about scientists (Adrien Brody, Sarah Polley) who are working with cloning but decide to take it a step further and add human DNA. This creates some sort of human that the two raise like a child hoping to learn about it but soon things start to spin out of control. This film was marketed as some sort of horror movie like ALIEN but it's pretty far from that. Instead, it's probably best to compare the film to 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY as this here is a thinking movie. I'm certainly not trying to say this is anywhere near the masterpiece of the Kubrick film, as it isn't, but I think a lot of people are seeing the trailer and leaving disappointed that this isn't a blood and guts horror flick. The movie raises a lot of interesting ideas about cloning, human relations and eventually lines that can get crossed whenever you do push the previous limits of right and wrong. This is very much a psychological movie as both scientists, who also just happen to be living together, have their own issues and it's these issues that will eventually test their own limits as this creature begins to take form and grow into an "adult". The film asks a lot of questions but I think part of the problem is that a few of the characters just do too many dumb things. The female scientist bothered me from the start until the end as I found she was simply way too dumb in how naive and silly she would act. The scene where the two pretty much break the law to create this thing was handled as if we were watching a couple high school kids trying to steal some of their dad's beer out of the fridge. The entire sequence had the female scientist just doing too many silly things and I think it would have helped if she at least thought about what could happen as this would have given us a reason to believe she was actually as smart as a scientist would be. After some disappointing performances including Argento's disastrous GIALLO, it was nice seeing Brody back in good form. I thought he was certainly the best actor in the group here as I not only believed him as a scientist but he made me believe everything the character did. Brody had no trouble bringing the human drama to life and he was good enough to make us believe everything we were seeing. Polley is also pretty good in her role even though, as I said, I really hated her character. The two actors really do come off like a real couple, which certainly helped during the various twists at the end. Delphine Chaneac does a good job as the adult-formed creature. I think where the film ultimately fails is that we never do get to learn anything about the creature. It does all sorts of changes throughout the movie and even though our scientists are suppose to be doing research, we just never learn enough about it. The entire parents/daughter thing is an interesting idea and we get a few good moments from it. Sadly, the final ten-minutes turn pure Hollywood with a stupid chase sequence and an even dumber ending. Both of these would have fit into a Hollywood movie but SPLICE spent its entire running time trying to be smart yet tosses that away in the closing moments when it really wasn't needed. I'm not sure if this stuff was forced by a studio but it's certainly feels tacked on. It's easy to see why this movie bombed at the box office and who knows if it will catch on when it hits video. Either way, this is a pretty effective little gem that, for the most part, tries to use a brain instead of gore and violence, which is a rare thing these days. The end result isn't a masterpiece but it remains interesting and worth watching for those wanting something different.

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10 out of 19 people found the following review useful:

Thought provoking horror at its best

Author: Craig McPherson from Montreal, Canada
6 June 2010

In 1997 Canadian Director Vincenzo Natali's psychological thriller Cube became a minor hit for its innovative story about a group of prisoners who awaken in a cube shaped room with hatches on all sides. Depending on the choices, the hatches may lead to freedom, other cubes, or worse. If you haven't seen it, you should as it manages to be both enthralling and thought provoking. Jump ahead to 2010 and Natali's latest project, Splice, further establishes him as a supreme cinematic talent.

Splice tells the story of two Toronto geneticists Clive (Adrien Brody) and Elsa (Sarah Polley) who have built their careers upon creating new genetic hybrids for their pharmaceutical employer, which seeks to patent new medicinal compounds from the organisms. Up to this point their greatest achievement has been two slug-like creatures that seem to be a pair of genetic Fort Knox's in terms of drug producing potential.

Not satisfied with slugs, however, Elsa urges Clive join her in adding human DNA into the mix. The result is Dren (nerd spelled backwards), a curious creature that incorporates the features of human, animal, and fish. Call this an updating of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, for Dren is very much the Modern Prometheus. Played by French actress Delphine Chanéac, Dren is the star of this film. Every bit the monster, she manages to be all at once engaging, sympathetic, unpredictable, and terrifying. Unlike conventional horror flicks in which the creature lurks in the darkness, picking off victims, only to be shown during the final reveal, Dren takes center stage from the moment she's artificially born. Her articulated deer-like legs, scorpion-ish tale, and bird/flying fish wings, while otherworldly, never manage to detract from her human side, which speaks volumes for Chanéac's performance.

Thanks to Chanéac, Polley and Brody, Splice manages to establish a new standard for horror flicks. This heretofore independent Canadian flick (before Guillermo Del Toro signed on and lent his name as a Producer to help with the distribution) has managed to not only elevate the bar in terms of story telling for the horror genre, but shown that compelling and engaging stories can be told within the confines of a so-called "monster movie". Whereas I normally view sequels as mere attempts to cash in on the coat tails of the original, I, for one, look forward to the next installment, for Splice is very much an unfinished story in progress, and we only have Vincenzo Natali to thank for that.

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21 out of 41 people found the following review useful:

Tries too hard and fails

Author: adrenalynn_xo from Toronto, Ontario
5 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Minor spoiler below.

This movie was a novelty in the extensity of pretentious writing and horrendously inaccurate (and borderline impossible) writing. The characters were unrelatable and the situation is unreal. Even to a layman, it's clear that the writer did not even consulted a scientist as the premise and the scientific references were very inaccurate - even if it's suppose to occur in the future (I am a scientific researcher by trade so please message me for details if desired). Please do forgo this movie if you prefer movies that are well written.

The acting was also subpar. While Adrian Brody's performance was somewhat redeemable, Sarah Polley's character actually command the audience to cringe at her every on-screen appearance. With such shoddy directions, it is difficult to tell the writer actually intended this to occur.

Finally, it seems like the writer and director are aware of my previous critiques; because there is really no justification for the gratuitously uncomfortable sexual scenes except that it is the only thing that might create buzz about the film.

As a Canadian, I am embarrassed by this film and if I could give it 1/2 stars, I would.

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25 out of 49 people found the following review useful:

Waste of money

Author: Lisa from United States
4 June 2010

I enjoyed the first half of the movie. Although the main characters made obviously stupid decisions, the movie was decently shot and it made sense.

But honestly, beyond that when the plot finally plunges off the cliff, I just felt like walking out of the cinema if not for the fact that I was in the middle of the row.

This film is one of the worst I have watched in a cinema-setting. It was not scary, not gory but just plain gross. Walked out wishing I've never walked in.

Perhaps some could appreciate the movie but this was certainly not for me.

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27 out of 53 people found the following review useful:

"Frankenstein" Meets "Alien"

Author: zardoz-13 from United States
9 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The special visual effects are nice, but "Splice" should have been put on ice. This predictable but rarely suspenseful mutation melodrama about two involved genetic scientists doesn't cover any new ground. They create a hybrid life form that has the ability to read and draw. The creature is female from the hips up and has chicken legs from the hips down with a particularly nasty tale that conceals a dangerous talon. This independently produced Canadian picture earned its R-rating because the female monster and one of the scientists, Clive (Adrien Brody of "The Thin Red Line"), have sex together. Naturally, everybody dies, but the heroine Elsa (Sarah Polley) survives with a bun in her oven that bodes ill for the future. Executive producer Joel Silver has had a good track record with his horror film releases, but "Splice" has nothing going for it. Despite the special effects, this is not a polished film. At its best, this half-baked horror thriller should have gone straight to video. Cat lovers beware because the creature kills a kitty. Boo!

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