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Plot Keywords

dna genetics
scientist experiment
abandoned farm farm
creature canuxploitation
new lifeform 2000s
woman gets pants taken off commercialization
patent superhuman strength
rapid aging blurred boundaries
post modern strained relationship
abusive childhood punishment
dysfunctional family uncertain future
uncertainty uncanny
lecture presentation female executive
black comedy parenting
vomit bioethics
scientific irresponsibility scientific creativity
woman mutant ambition
curiosity woman scientist
androgynous relationship male rear nudity
male underwear male nudity
seduction regenerated limb
interspecies sex syringe
stinger prehensile tail
phonograph house cat
covered in blood speech
sex with clothes on leak
genetic engineering cautious
upward camera shot memory
caught in the act knocked out
medical breakthrough head smashed with a rock
hazmat suit half woman half creature
upside down view dead body in a tree
dead body bonfire
predator sucrose
umbilical cord van
strangulation patient
pulled into water climbing on a roof
motherhood record player
recording photograph
specimen amphibian
wings pizza
fast motion scene liquid nitrogen
nitrogen hypodermic needle
breaking glass fire
burial sex change
hormone disease
imprinting childbirth
bird autopsy
underwear bed
arm in a sling convulsion
crashing through a skylight skylight
unfaithfulness infidelity
tylenol illness
apple computer computer
earphones bare butt
killing a cat drink
drinking face slap
death murder
violence flash forward
flashback mirror
tape recorder microphone
reflection in eye subjective camera
doctor man made monster
dancer doll
search flashlight
ovum baldness
mother daughter relationship listening to music
eating food
biotechnology fetus
cell phone laboratory
epilogue pregnancy
looking at self in mirror tiara
protein blood
rabbit montage
animated opening credits pants pulled down
loss of brother loss of boyfriend
impalement sex in barn
sex on floor caught having sex
bare chested male bare breasts
hit on the head killing an animal
extreme close up dancing
dance lesson father daughter dance
childhood home half human
rooftop jumping through a window
reference to ginger rogers reference to fred astaire
loss of loved one boyfriend girlfriend relationship
maternal instinct biochemist
brother brother relationship force feeding
f word headbanger
science experiment secret experiment
illegal science experiment father daughter incest
broken glass mutant human
secret project blood spatter
female scientist ethical dilemma
genetic testing genetic mutant
experiment gone wrong monster
creature feature biochemistry
pharmaceutical company mother son incest
incest rape medical ethics
nerd hit with a rock
apartment maternity revealed
love sex scene
barn news conference
abandoned house abandoned farmhouse
dead cat cat
pregnant from rape infanticide
moral ambiguity hit with a shovel
barbie doll hope chest
tank top gender bender
bald woman shallow grave
dress ripped off spontaneous sex
missionary position cowboy sex position
woman on top incest overtones
sex on couch fully clothed sex
orgasm dry hump
monster rape red dress
blue dress sentience
nudity surrogate parent
accelerated growth human hybrid
female frontal nudity nature run amok
science runs amok human cloning
female nudity rape
chimera cloning
babe scientist one word title

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